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I recovered from dental mercury poisoning - you can too

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Laura_borderland_medium Laura Henze ... 1 post

I also regained my health by addressing dental mercury poisoning.  Between March 2011 and March 2012 I became increasingly ill, and saw a dozen specialists who could not diagnose what was wrong.  After six months, I basically gave up hope.  Then one of my doctors heard a presentation that symptoms like mine could be caused by dental amalgam mercury poisoning.  I had an elevated mercury level.  

Working with a biologic dentist and my doctor I was able to get healthy again.  Not only did I lose my escalating acute symptoms, I lost my fibromyalgia of 20 years, and am regaining my short term memory and sense of well being. In addition to removal of amalgam fillings, I followed a detox protocol and was treated with antibiotics for some hidden dental infections that regular dentists were not aware of.

Mercury is especially dangerous to people with certain gene types, who do not clear it well.  That is why some people experience symptoms and others do not.  At younger ages, boys of certain gene types are impacted by mercury. As we age, it becomes an equal opportunity toxin for those of us with genetic susceptibility.

The ADA, FDA and major disease associations are sticking their heads in the sand on this.  There are thousands and thousands of people across America who have figured it out and are getting healthy again.  Dental amalgam has been banned in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and its use is restricted in other countries.  The FDA requires serious warnings from manufacturers to dentists – but no warnings to patients.  

To find a biologic dentist, go to  For more information, go to and 

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Mercury has ruined my life.  I’ve been ill for 20 years as well, with what they call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (with Immune Dysfunction) and Fibromyalgia.  It’s gotten increasingly worse, and my entire body has been affected.  It’s attacked my nervous system causing non-stop, horrific nerve pain, as well as leading to seizures, convulsions, MS, etc.  There’s even Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction, including Central Sleep Apnea, where the brain doesn’t tell the lungs to breathe while one is sleeping.  It’s deadly, but unfortunately it’s a slow, torturous death.  After testing high in mercury and researching it, I discovered that even Anorexia is a symptom of mercury toxicity, and I battled Anorexia as well, prior to becoming more physically ill.

I tried to have the fillings (and bad root canal) removed, but insurance won’t cover it; they say it’s “cosmetic” if one wants to take the toxins out and put safe materials in their mouth.  Since I can’t afford to have it done myself, I’m forced to live…exist in a nightmare.  Another thing they don’t tell you is that mercury can expand.  A filling I had did just that and cracked the tooth off in pieces, leaving the amalgam directly exposed.  Then there was infection, so I had to have what was left of the tooth removed, but could not afford to have it removed the correct way (i.e. following specific protocol to ensure “safe” removal of mercury), so a dentist just yanked it out without any protection, and there were metal pieces left in the hole where the tooth was.  That’s when I began having the seizures, nerve pain, etc..  I’ve been practically house-bound for the past 6 years with minimal assistance or support.  It gets to the point where one can pray to just die already.

However, the FDA and ADA know all too well that it is toxic.  The mercury is shipped to dentist’s offices as hazardous material.  But it’s all about making money.  Actually dentists have not even been allowed to say mercury amalgam could possibly be toxic.  They just have to put it in people’s mouths unless the person specifically asks for the safer material (and of course is able to pay for it).  And any holistic dentist who says anything about the dangers can be removed from the ADA and not allowed to practice dentistry.

When getting a quote for how much it would cost for the entire process of mercury removal and replacement, the holistic dentist did an electrical reading around each tooth.  The teeth with amalgams had electrical charges, and the root canal’s charge was really high.  I actually have picked up radio and old tv stations in the ear close to that root canal.  I saw “Myth Busters” test if this was possible, as Carol Burnette said she’d also picked up signals in her ear.  They created a test for how mercury amalgam would be, and determined it was not possible.  However, they did not consider the mercury being in the body for 20 years and the fact that mercury is released as a vapor when one chews or clenches their teeth.  Plus saliva is a conductor.  All they would have to do is put a small microphone in my ear to hear it. :)

It’s bad enough that the FDA actually rushes pharmaceutical drugs through the approval process (the consequences of which can be seen in numerous commercials about class action lawsuits due to deaths and damages related to the drugs/products).  But some people just have genetic predisposition to be sensitive to certain things (especially when those things are already TOXIC).  Given so many variables, there are numerous reasons to question any study, let alone the FDA.  It took them 10 years to put a black box warning on antidepressants.  And don’t get me started on that one!  :)

Please pay close attention to what you put in your body or subject your body to.   I was shocked to discover there is Arsenic in drinking water and the fluoride in toothpaste can be toxic.  If I could have one wish it would be that no one would ever have to go through what I have.

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I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1981 after many years of unexplained health issues.After 3 hospitalizations, 8 different medications including oral and intravenous chemotherapy for MS, slurred speech, loss of vision for 1 month and dying I discovered my amalgams contained 50% mercury. My DDS’s NEVER told me.

I had my 16 amalgams removed contrary to the American Dental Association’s reccommendation of SAFETY, the Food and Drug Administration of SAFETY, and the Multiple SclerosisSociety of SAFETY. ALL SYMPTOMS GRADUALLY BEGAN TO DISAPPEAR TWO WEEKS AFTER ALL AMALGAMS WERE REMOVED. NO MEDICATION, NO RELAPSES, NO HOSPITALIZATIONS FOR MS SINCE 1989. Unfortunately, because I waited so long for thr proper treatment and diagnosis I’m in a wheelchair since 1987.


Linda Brocato
Consumers for Dental Choice, Washington, D.C. 

Marie_pose_40_k_medium MarieFlowers 1 post

I was poisoned in 2001 when my traditional dentist drilled into my silver filling and exposed me to mercury vapor. He did not use any of the precautions that Stacy Case’s holistic dentist used since my dentists had only received traditional training from his dental school, whose curriculum is dictated by the American Dental Association. 

Nine days after my dentist drilled into the filling I woke up that morning with my brain “on fire.” My brain was vibrating inside my skull as if it were trying to jump out. I later spoke to a neurologist who had also been poisoned from his dental fillings and asked him to explain what had happened to me. He summed it up best saying I had been “brain poisoned.”   

I found an Integrative health doctor who belonged to the American College for the Advancement in Medicine. This is the same organization that Stacy Case’s doctor belonged to. Some of the ACAM doctors are very knowledgeable about mercury toxicity and some are not. Some are very aggressive testing you for mercury using strong mercury chelators with mercury fillings still in your mouth. This can be very dangerous. Others use less aggressive approaches, and help you prepare for amalgam removal and subsequent detoxification. Doctors will attempt to help you recover from mercury damage caused throughout the body—-low thyroid, loss of enzymes, mineral deficiencies, loss of glutathione, digestive issues, issues with hormones, memory and focus problems, mood disorders, etc.    

My doctor treated me for mercury toxicity based on my symptoms, knowing I had just been to the dentist and had been exposed to mercury vapor. He did this even though my mercury scores were not high on that particular test. 

I later went to an Integrative health neurologist who said I had MS but to use natural methods to keep down the inflammation. So that is what I am doing. He told me the MS drugs were not that effective. 

I had my fillings safely removed by a holistic biological dentist and starting using an oral chelator along with many natural anti inflammatories, anti oxidants and minerals. Many of my symptoms cleared up immediately after amalgam removal, while others slowly went away. I improved tremendously with an oral chelator or detox agent.

I still have some neurological issues but I do not use MS drugs and I do not see a neurologist. I continue to see my Integrative health MD who works with me. 

I would hate to think the condition I would be in today if I had not removed my fillings eleven years ago. If you have MS, I encourage you to study this issue, and to know what all your options are. Just removing the fillings may not stop you from having MS, but as you learn to repair the damage that mercury has caused to your body, you will have a better chance of living a normal life. You will be getting rid of a source of toxicity that is a contributing factor to MS by taking out the number one source of mercury exposure in most people who have these fillings in their mouths. You will also need to avoid vaccines that contain mercury and also additives like aluminum in them, as well as fish with high levels of mercury.

My protocols for detoxification may not have been as successful as Stacy Case’s were, or her being young may be the reason why is doing so well. She had fillings in her mouth for a shorter period of time than I did, since I was 51 when I was poisoned and had had a total of 11 fillings at one time. 

You cannot believe what the American Dental Association, the FDA or the MS Society tells you concerning dental mercury. The MS Society has money to collect to keep the organization going, and the ADA doesn’t want to lose face for their promotion of dental mercury for over 170 years and open themselves up to lawsuits. The FDA is in bed with the FDA and FDA is corrupt to the core, especially in the dental branch of the FDA that is stacked with ADA pro amalgam dentists.    

Many of us have testified at FDA hearings concerning dental mercury and neurological diseases. The FDA makes promises but they don’t keep them. It is wonderful that the female doctor on The Doctors advised women in another program to never have amalgam fillings removed when they were pregnant. The FDA won’t even bother to tell the public that information. When an Advisory Panel member to the FDA questioned ADA officials about their policy about amalgam removal or placement during pregnancy during the 2006 FDA hearings, the ADA spokesman said they had no policy about pregnant women and amalgam fillings.  

So do you really think the ADA is concerned about mercury exposure to the fetus in the womb of a pregnant woman? 


It is ridiculous to hear statements from board certified neurologist Dr. Barbara Giesser in the “Dangerous Toxins” segment agree with the FDA and say, “You have to have mercury vapor from about 500 amalgam surfaces or a couple of a hundred fillings to release the amount of mercury that would end up being toxic. We have no data to suggest that dental amalgam might have caused MS or that their removal will help MS.”

She is only quoting Dr. Ed Hewlett of the ADA who stated in news reports in 2006, “There is a misguided fear out there. In order to have even the earliest signs of a problematic effect with mercury fillings, a person would have to have 500 silver fillings in their mouth, all at the same time.”…

Does this even sound reasonable that one could safely have 499 mercury surfaces in their mouths at the same time, but not 500? 

So the ADA quotes the MS Society and the MS Society quotes the ADA whose journal is not even a peer reviewed medical journal, but only a trade journal. Then they all quote the FDA. Why won’t they look at the science that has been presented at Congressional hearings, FDA hearings and the NIH concerning mercury in other products?

My answer about these organizations is “None is as blind as he who will not see.” 

“Seek and ye shall find” and the reverse is “do not seek and ye won’t find.”


The MS Society, the ADA and FDA refuse to look at the data while millions world-wide are being poisoned every day. 

If you are considering having your fillings removed you may contact the non profit patients’ support group DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions at 651-644-4572. It is imperative that one do his homework before attempting to do a dental revision involving mercury. Improper amalgam removal could result in one having worse symptoms of MS.

You can view many videos of the Fox network reporter who was featured on The Doctors on January 3,2013, on the segment “Dangerous Toxins” on her website. Stacy Case documents her journey with mercury poisoning and MS:  


Check out testimonies of those poisoned at 2010 FDA hearings:


Other resources:   (See interviews with bio chemist Boyd Haley)  (largest holistic dental association in the world)  (My personal story of being poisoned.)  (Website of film producer Randall Moore whose documentary “You Put What in My Mouth?” is to be released in 2013.)




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My 30 yr migraines finally cured along with many other ailments when I exchanged my 30 yr old silvery amalgam fillings (8 plus few “buckle” dots) for non-allergenic white composite.

Been diagnosed with ailments for 30 yrs: migraines, hypoglycemia, Reynaud’s syndrome (blue nails), insomnia. Don’t like strong meds and gravitated toward healthy eating, reducing toxins, etc. The last 10 yrs during perimenopause the symptoms just continued to increase. By chance and due to my fillings, I was given a heavy metal challenge by my doctor (DMPS). My mercury level was extremely high. I made appt with a Biologic Dentist who would use special procedures to exchange the fillings with minimal further exposure. No suggestions were made about health benefits by either practioner. After seeing my results, I just wanted it out, hoping for future benefits in the long run.  I had entered the office with a migraine, brain fog, some nausea, typical being the beginning of my cycle. After 2 hours of work and driving home with a swollen mouth after having half my fillings exchanged, I realized that I did not have any headache, no brain fog, my thinking was clear. Days went by, then months and no symptoms at all.

Gone were my debilitating migraines, hypoglycemia which had been a daily battle, brain fog, insomnia, blue nails with the slightest chill, extreme sensitivies to smells of perfume, chemicals, detergents, silent distracting hearing disturbances, slow digestion, stiff ankles upon rest, heavy painful menses, teeth grinding, overactive salivary glands “spraying it vs. saying it”, weak thighs that had me considering an elevated toilet before age 50, skin blotches faded and more.

I had the 2nd half of my fillings replaced. All was fine for over 8 months. I had begun DMPS treatments to remove the mercury, but stopped after just a few because the lab tests verified my levels had dropped 80%. I was switched to Chemet tablet therapy but stopped early because of my first migraine since first filling removal.  I have slowly gotten better but have found I need to avoid supplements like D3 made with fish liver oil and Glucosamine made with shells. With both I had a recurrence of headaches, insomnia, immediate dizziness with the fish liver oil. I am not yet back to those glorious 8 months and am scheduling another DMPS treatment to see my mercury levels and work to remove residual metals, working to again be truly free of symptoms.

I also have 2 children whom I nursed; both have some learning and neurological issues. Many of the mothers I’ve met along the way with children having similar struggles also have had migraine issues. Upon contacting them after my initial recovery, I found that nearly all of them had many long-term amalgam fillings as well.

I am very thankful that I fell into the proper testing, diagnosis and practitioners. I mourn the time I lost for myself and my family who were impacted by my health issues, but cherish every pain-free, clear headed day and wish that all who suffer find relief.

After_amalgam_removal_2002_medium FreyaKoss 3 posts

In 1998 I was struck with double vision seven days after having an old “silver” amalgam filling removed and replaced with a new one.  Within weeks I developed drooping eyelids, loss of equilibrium, swollen mandibular glands, worsening eyelight, ataxia and other neurological symptoms. A neurologist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Lupus was also considered, When my eyelids drooped, I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, by another neuro-opthalmologist.  
These diagnosis were based on my blood work which indicated a 10,000 ANA (autoimmune) titer, elevated liver enzymes and an inflammatory rheumatoid factor, yet an MRi of my brain did not yet  show lesions as commonly seen in cases of MS.
As  the the doctors professed that there was no known cause or cure for MS, one neurolgist actaully admitted that he had heard of the possible link between MS and mercury fillings. 
I began my own Internet research and wrote to experts and patients throughout the world in an effort to regain my health. The only resolve I was offered by the first neurologist was pregnizone, a steroid to suppress the symptoms, who also advised me that I would undoubedly be sick for the rest of my life. 
I discovered that I had been acutely mercury poisoned during the dental treatment seven days prior to the onset of couble vision.  I also learned that the toxic mercury in these fillings is released 24/7 and is absorbed into every organ in the body including the brain.
It was shocking to learn that diseases such as MS, Lupus, Myasthenia Gravis , Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS  and Sjogren’s have been  linked to mercury poisoning from silver amalgam dental fillings.
I also learned from the research of Patrick Storetebecker, a Swedish neurologist, that the route for transport from the upper teeth to the brain amounts to less than 10 centimeters, and that neurotoxins from the oral cavity can cause neurological symptoms such as ptosis or drooping eyelids, sclerosis, epilepsy, and myasthenia gravis.  
I had my amalgam fillings removed slowly and safely by Blanche Grube,DMD,  an IAOMT (  mercury-free dentist, and within a few weeks the muscle pain in my neck and shoulders which I had had for years disappeared, splothy leg rashes also faded,  and I slowly regained my equilibrium. It took 3 1/2 ytears for my eyelids to return to normal and the double vision slowly improved, but I still have slight diplopia and occational ptosis (drooping lids).  
I encourage anyone who has been diagnosed with MS or a similar neurological disease to consider the possibility that their mercury “silver” dental filings may have triggered and/or been a contributing factor in their disease.  It’s not an easy road, as most traditional physicians dont’ consider mercury toxicity as a possible cause of these diseases. It’s essential to do your own homework….to locate a doctor who understands the sympotms and diagnosis of mercury toxicity and how to treat it. It’s also crucial to have your fillings removed by an experienced mercury-free dentist. A list of these dentists can be found at “find a dentist.” 
For more information about my case (search the Internet:  “Freya Koss”, mercury fillings").The following websites have scientific references and video interviews with experts in the field and consumers who have recovered from various diseases after amalgam removal.,, www.mercury   and many other informative URLS
Freya Koss
President, Pennsylvania Coalition for Mercuryh-Free Dentistry
After_amalgam_removal_2002_medium FreyaKoss 3 posts

  I am posting this comment for Birgit Calhoun, a dental mercury injured consumer. She was unable to post her comment.    

The nature of the segment showed no conviction behind it. Even though you chose the right people to present their cases, they did not emphasize how really toxic mercury can be not just regarding MS but also regarding depression, mental illness and other neurological diseases.  I am glad Dr. Boyd Haley was used as an expert, but the mercury vapor trail shown was not nearly as clear and dramatic as in IAOMT’s “”">Smoking Teeth – Poison Gas"

The host doctors’ input appeared more neutral than was desirable. There is no room for neutrality when it comes to mercury poisoning. When presenting a subject matter like mercury poisoning, “The Doctors” need to be much more educated and knowledgeable when producing a program that involves the insidious nature of mercury, otherwise they are misinforming the public rather than helping them.  I was very ill as were my children. Please read my website on Dental Amalgam and Mercury which contains the  translation of German scientist Alfred Stock’s “The Dangerous of Mercury Vapor”. Stock believed Amalgam Mercury Filling to be a  “Crime to Humanity”. My website: 

Mercury can cause symptoms that have been characterized as “the mad hatters syndrome”, seen in  workers in the felt making industry using mercury beads. Mercury in amalgam fillings has been shown to cause erithism or erithism mercurialis, a psychiatric condition associated with mercury poisoning.

If the “The Doctors” promotes their program to HELP consumers with health problems……, then I strongly suggest that they produce another show related to the hazards of dental mercury fillings, but this time they should diligently do their own research and not invite organizations and doctors who are invested in  suppressing the scientific evidence of amalgam’s harm. The public should also have been informed of the FDA’s failure to reclassify dental amalgam and of the scientific evidence of the health dangers of amalgam posted on the website.

Birgit Calhoun, mercury injured consumer and mother of two children who were also harmed

Librarian, Stanford University

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I have had amalgam fillings since childhood.  I remember before I had amalgam fillings I was a normal kid with lots of energy, but after I got my amalgam fillings I started to get overcome with this unnatural fatigue which I had for the last 20 years.  I always remeber being tired when I would wake up for school in the morning and was constantly falling asleep in class.  It felt as if a 1000 small weights were hanging from my body just holding me down.  I was constantly sweating from the smallest amount of physical activity.  Also I was very nervous and had anxiety for no reason.  I could barely talk or get any ideas out, that is why i had no friends except for 1.

I never went to the doctors before because I just couldn’t even muster up the energy or fight the unnatural anxiety that I got to even do that.  Also I thought that maybe it was all in my head.  After college the only energy I had was going to work and coming home and resting the rest of the day, and when I was at work my day consisted of fighting fatigue and the constant feeling of falling asleep.

When I was 28 I decided that I cannot live the rest of my life like this there has to be something wrong with me so I started to see various doctors and specialist.  I had various blood and urine tests performed, I had an mri done, I saw a neurologist, I even had a biopsy on my muscle tissue to see if I had a musuclar disorder.  Everything came back normal and every time I felt let down.  Then I read something about amalgam fillings causing a lot of the symptoms that I had.  So I though that this was the cure for me.  I found a mercury free dentist that makes sure that I am not exposed to the mercury when they are removing it and thought I would get better.  I did feel better the first 2 weeks but then I started feeling somewhat like I did when I had the mercury fillings.  It has been maybe 4 months and I feel similar to when I had the fillings.  Although my digestion problems have improved since.  I  am not sure if I need to wait longer to see an improvement or is there something else I am supposed to do.

Icon_missing_medium lorrb 4 posts

rmirzage, relapses can come from many sources including foods, water, supplements, new exposures, or even chelation treatment.  I have also had some and worked through them. Some of what I’ve found between web info from others who have walked our path as well as my own experiences:

- Eat a very healthy diet daily.  Eat as “clean” as you can (omit most to all sodas, highly processed foods);  lots of broccoli, GARLIC, onions, sauerkraut/kimchi, berries, sweet potatoes, beets, etc.  Avoid most any seafood; unfortunately, too much of it is tainted with heavy metals and what is deemed “safe” when eaten has too often been deemed “highly contaminated” in hindsight.  Drink a lot of water or unsweetened green tea.  We have long had a filter, we use Multipure under our counter; when I am feeling pretty bad or undergoing chelation, I buy and drink distilled water. It has no minerals in it and the toxins can be more readily flushed out.

- Take broken cell Chlorella, which comes in tablet or loose form (I like loose to know it’s best absorbed).  It’s function seems to be to latch onto heavy metals and escort them from the body so it is not reabsorbed and recycled in the intestines.

- I have had huge issues with some supplements.  My new MSM/Glucosamine supplement caused me dizziness and headaches again; turns out that if Glucosamine is not labeled “shellfish-free”, it is made from shells and can be a heavy metal source.  I went back to my “shellfish free” one and recovered.  Another bad one for me was a D3 supplement made from fish liver oil, which is common. I again went back to a fish-free source supplement.  I do take one fish oil supplement that has been fine, Spectrum brand labeled tested to be mercury,  Calcium can also be a danger point.  I’ve had good luck with Country Life Target Min Cal/Mag 1000/500.  I now stay away from any other seafood-based supplement.

- Chelation can help or hurt. I had done very well with a DMPS intravenious chelation with no issues. DMPS was also how my extremely high mercury levels were finally confirmed and got me on the path to healing.  After my levels had been brought down to merely “elevated”, doctor switched me to Chemet tablet chelation for the lead and mercury in my system.  It was a huge number of pills to take and the effect turned out to be way too much for me.  It was a 3-day course of tablets and I had a terrible migraine by Day 2. I first cut back on the number on Day 2 and then did not take my Day 3 dose.  I was nearly back to feeling as I had before I had my fillings replaced. I have never gotten back to the blissful pain-free months I had after my first half fillings replaced, but I am finally very close after 2 years of hard work and stumbles with these other exposures I’ve mentioned.  It is important to get mercury and lead out, but it must be done warily.  I believe I will try Chemet again, but with a smaller number of tablets at a time and probably with support like Chlorella.  There were warnings online from others who had gone through this but my good experience with DMPS caught me with my guard down.

- Other toxic exposures have also affected me negatively for various periods.  Breathing in marker fumes, asphalt, glues, paints, generators can all hurt and are not always avoidable.  Avoid exposures if at all possible. Limit them. If you are affected, again work on clearing out the system.

- I have also found other supplements that help with inflammation — what ultimately seems to be the issue as a result of the neurological assault the metals caused.  Be sure they are pure herbs; read labels.  Feverfew, Vit C have proved quite helpful for inflammation.  Milk Thistle is excellent for supporting/cleaning the liver so that it can work better at filtering toxins out.  Also in recent months have been very impressed with the support that Cordyceps Mycelium provided; it is listed as an adaptagen and I noticed an improvement in how muscles/joints felt within 48 hours.

I hope this helps some. There really aren’t good protocols for getting through this. Even the doctors are finding their way.  We have to share what works and doesn’t with each other and them to move better healing forward.  Best wishes.


Goldg_medium CarriJ 2 posts

My mercury poisoning started at a young age.  My mother took me to an evil dentist who drilled most of my baby teeth and destroyed them.  And when the adult teeth started to come in, he managed to destroy four of them with root canals before my mother wizened up and realized he was just milking her for money.  All the rest of the very expensive work he did fell out when the baby teeth came out and they had all been full of mercury.  But the four adult teeth he root canaled, he stuffed with mercury. 

Within a few years time, once into my teens, I started to get terrible pain in my head and face from the root canals.  I didn’t have luck with trying to get help.  I had one dentist who lied to me and said if he drilled the tooth next to the one that was hurting, it would relieve the pressure on the bad tooth.  He destroyed two perfectly good teeth doing that and I ended up with yet another root canal filled with mercury. 

Then, I found a dentist who listened to me, but only pulled two of the old root canals.  He actually said to me that he had never seen so much mercury jammed down by the roots of teeth in his entire practice.  Unfortuantely, he left the three bottom ones in.  And by this time, I had two more mercury fillings.  And I was starting to get fibromyalgia and was just so sick.  Light hurt my eyes.  

By the time I was in college, I started to get severe earaches.  It was nerve pain, and my glands would swell up in my neck.  I thought I was having ear infections.  So I would go to my doctor and get antibiotics, and sometimes it would stop the pain and other times it just kept coming back.  Finally, my doctor said he didn’t think the pain was coming from my ears, he told me to go to the dentist.

So I went to the dentist, and I had heard about mercury at that time.  I begged the dentist to take all the mercury out of my mouth.  And unfortunately, the dental clinic I went to was not a good one.  The dentist was mean to me and said he didn’t remove mercury at his practice.  And that I couldn’t possibly be having a problem from it. And he just retreated one of the old root canals.

So the mercury and root canals remained.  I continued to get severe earaches and was put on many antibiotics by my doctor.  I ended up getting encephalitis that year and almost dying.  And I was diagnosed with CFIDS/ME.  And I had it so severe, I was bedridden for the first two years and remained housebound for many, many years, which I still am this day.

Over the years, I did try to get help about the teeth, but each time, the dentists would just say they didn’t see a problem on the xrays, no matter how much pain I was in, and threw antibiotics at me. 

I only recently found out I had chronic dental infections under every single rootcanal.  It took for it to get so bad that it went into my jawbone and cheek for a dentist to listen to me.  I had them all pulled out.  I only have one remaining filling and it’s a white filling in a tooth that was not root canaled.

I,too, believe my metal fillings were picking up some kind of frequency.  I’ve had terrible sound sensitivity since I was a teenager. 

I’m still on antibiotics to clear a resistant infection in my jaw from the rootcanals.  I don’t know how much having them all pulled will help me yet.  But I believe the chronic dental infections have been a huge part of my having CFIDS/ME and being so very disabled all these years. 

I never gave informed consent, neither did my mother, to having these root canals in the first place.  We were told root canals were perfectly safe and that you never had pain or problems in the root canaled tooth ever again.  We were NOT told of mercury poisoning or that root canals are NOT safe and you can get chronic infections from them.  I think it’s one of the biggest coverups I’ve ever seen.  And it’s a contributor and possible cause of CFIDS/ME and Fibromyagia and who knows how many other conditions.  The dental industry is a life destroyer. 

Icon_missing_medium lorrb 4 posts

Not all White fillings are created equal.  I understand there are a huge number (200?) of possible ingredients that can be combined.  Some can be a problem themselves.  My Biologic Dentist offered to test me for compatibility with the ingredients he usually uses.  However, he said he has been doing this for well over 10 yrs and has found success using a combination of ingredients that kept coming up as no issue for those who do have the tests.  I decided to save the extra testing fees and went with his usual concoction and had immediate relief…literally on the drive home was an entirely different, pain and fog-free drive.   Simply be aware that not all all the same.

Goldg_medium CarriJ 2 posts

I honestly don’t trust any of it now.  I think it’s all toxic.  None of it is natural.  If this last filled tooth acts up on me, I’m having it pulled rather than go through any more.  It’s the only one left with any dental work.  And I’d rather have none. 

I wish I had known how dangerous this stuff was years ago.  I had only heard some stuff about mercury back then, but no one would listen to me.

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Root canals do have their own issues, whether packed with mercury or not.  Bacteria locked in the area seems to form its own toxins.  There are also issues, some the same, with implants, which bore directly into bone.  Touchy, touchy issue.  I am quite fortunate to have had only fillings and no deep ones.  My husband has had multiple root canals in his life and has had to face these harder choices.  He has had a rear tooth absess and he decided to have it pulled rather than get into root canal or replacement issues; fortunately the location made it a workable solution.  He is currently living with the other root canals and will for the forseeable future; there don’t seem to be good options for them.  His symptoms were only similar to mine but he has also had significant and noticable improvement.  Both of us had such aches and stiffness that subsided; we had become so aged before our time.

Most of us have had long years of medical professionals, even “enlightened” ones, not seeing the connection between the many issues we have and our fillings.  My doc of 20+ years had asked how many fillings I had a decade ago but did not pursue.  At the time, his thinking was that they could very well be an issue but that the process of removal and replacement could be even more damaging.  However, it was also he who gave me an option of the DMPS IV challenge suspecting mercury that got this process rolling in 2010.

IF one gets to the right practioner — who then properly uses best known practices of mouth barriers, charcoal & high dose Vit C (a anti-inflammatory) and vapor-sucking machines AND truly hypoallergenic replacement fillings, there can be the dramatic recovery I had.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, however, it is a fragile recovery requiring continued vigilance of what I am exposed to and what I do about it.  I feel extremely  and thankful lucky that I finally found the right help.

Keep working at it, giving your body every opportunity to expel the metal(s) from your body.  Medical professionals are not being taught about this except, it seems, that these fillings are erroneously  “safe”.   Between some medical professionals and boards like this one, we can share what works and doesn’t and move forward.  The solutions will not come to us, not at this time.  I deeply hope for your recovery.

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To me: The bottom line is if amalgam fillings made from mostly mercury were safe to put in your mouth they would have just called them mercury fillings. It even sounds cooler. My brother died of ALS in 09. While I was brushing his teeth I noticed all the metal he had in there and thought that can’t be right. I had no idea that there was WHAT in them.  MERCURY ! Are you kidding that can’t be right. When I was in school we I took geology we were given a depth a pressure and a temperatur and two molecular structures. We had to draw the new structure. Everything melds together.  And jsut becasue it’s rock doesn’t mean it can’t vaporize.  It’s just a joke.  It’s so rediculas TO ME : I think it nothing short of crimes against humanity.  Suppressed knowledge has ruined far far too much and it’s time we get it together.

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Dental cavity fillings are a very popular dental treatment. But a lot of people have no knowledge about mercury amalgam which is used to fill the cavity. They don’t know about the toxicity it possess.  A big share of people who does mercury amalgam fillings have one or other side effects like nausea, fatigue, allergies etc. But people don’t have any idea, that it is due to the fillings. Most of the dentists who does this also may not know how bad the fillings are. Some may know, but they deliberately keep it out of the customers.  Mercury affects each people differently. For some it may not cause any visible issues, but on some it will cause severe poisoning issues. Now a days holistic dentists does mercury amalgam removal treatments. They use white composite fillings instead of mercury amalgam. Those composites are toxicless and won’t cause health issues to the patient.

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