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Anyone know what the best lube is for very sensitive women?

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Doughboy_icon_medium ThisIsMe 26 posts

I’m looking for a lubricant
that would be good for me and my husband.  I am very easily irritated so I would
love a more natural one that doesn’t irritate.

Anyone have any
Thanks a lot!

Blowing_kisses_medium Shers_Passion 11 posts

For women that are very sensitive you never want to use anything that has an oil base (oil based is not a vagina friendly thing), you certainly do not want to use a silicone lube, this type of lubricant clogs pores and builds up in the vaginal wall because it does not break down.

The best kind of lube is water based/water soluble.  It absorbs naturally and all it takes is a bit of water to bring the slickness back once your body absorbs some of it.  Ultra Glide by Passion Parties (The company The Doctors had on Tuesday) is wonderful for the sensitive ladies out there.  This lube is also known as Slippery Stuff  and comes in a liquid and a gel form. The only difference in the 2 is the consistancy.

Read all lubricants ingredients….water should be the first thing in there.  If its not, you sensitive ladies might not take kindly to it.


Doughboy_icon_medium ThisIsMe 26 posts

Great, thanks so much for the advise!  It’s very appreciated! :)

I was wondering, have you heard of “Hydra Smooth Feminine Moisturizer & Lubricant?”

You can view it and the ingredients here:…

This looks like it might be a good one, what do you think?

I will have to check into the two you mentioned as well!

Thank you again so much! :)

Blowing_kisses_medium Shers_Passion 11 posts

This is my opinion for women that use lubricants and are very sensitive~ get the one with the least chemical agents in them.

Any edible or coloured lubricants will most likely cause irritation.

The Lubricant you mentioned is also touted as a moisturizer,  than means there are other ingredients in there that would not be had they chosen to just be a lubricant.  It contains a active collegen ingredient and a few other ingridents I read up on am not completely sure of the reason they would need to be there, I know much more about lubricant than moisturizers.  It does how ever have Aloe in it so that seems it would be healing.

You are very welcome!



Passion_parties_medium cbizzell13 5 posts

I would suggest a water based lube with very little chemicals in it. I am sensitive too

I know one of the products I sell & use has: water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulous, Sodium Benzoate, Carbomer, PG-45M, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine, Tetrasodium EDTA, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, and Diazolidinyl Urea.
Another only has: Deionized water, Polyoxyethylene, Methylparaben, and Sodium-carbomer.
Now all those ingredients don’t make much sense to me, but I use the second one a lot because it does not have as many ingredients in it and it does not irritate my skin as much as the other one. It also seems to last longer.
Hope this helps you

Pict1121_medium borderlinehardy 12 posts

I agree that water based is the way to go. There are so many choices out there you really need to read the ingredients. I like Astroglide. It’s water based, unscented, and very slippery. I find only a drop or two is needed. It is available at any pharmacy here (Canada) and probably most other places as well. Beware of flavored ones – I have had problems with these and when you look at the ingredients they usually have sugar in some form. (My common sense says putting sugar in the vagina could trigger a yeast infection if you are prone to them like me). I watch out for menthol as well. For me there is a very fine line between claimed effects of warming or tingling and burning.

Pict1121_medium borderlinehardy 12 posts

Just checked my bottle and wanted to add they have a website Made in the USA. You usually find it where the condoms are in pharmacies and grocery stores.

Passion_parties_medium cbizzell13 5 posts

I don’t ever put anything with sugar near my vagina…
Anything with petroleum, sugar, and menthol can cause a woman to have numerous of problems. Yeast infections, rashes, dry skin and so many other problems. I sell enhancement products and always warn women on some of the products we sell, like nipple nibblers and fireworks, that they can’t put them on there vagina. Some of the women at the parties I host are so naive to this they look at me with a blank stare and ask why? Often times they have yeast infections or other problems and don’t realize that it is because of the products they are using…I feel like women are not educated on how to properly take care of there bodies, but that is why I do sex education and enhancement parties…

Icon_missing_medium alisad7 2 posts

I’m a little sensitive my self, i started using this stuff called “JUST LIKE ME” it is really really good, and i’ve never had an issue using it. Here is a site.

Doughboy_icon_medium ThisIsMe 26 posts

Thanks so much ladies for all
the help! :)
I checked into the “Just Like
Me” but found it contains some stuff that doesn’t sound good at all for us
sensitive ladies. (like flavor, sugar, and even saccharin)
Here is a list of their
Water, glycerin, sorbital,
hydroxyethhylcellulose, flavor, methylparaben, potassium sorbate, disodium EDTA,
and sodium saccharin.
Also I wanted to tell you that
I tried the Hydra Smooth Feminine Moisturizer and Lubricant and LOVE
I have used it twice now and
had no pain with intercourse, no irritation, and it felt so natural! 
My husband really enjoyed it
too.  We’re SOLD on this stuff!
I highly recommend it to any
other sensitive women! :)

Sparklinwhite_medium CWGRLQT 1 post

You should look into Pre’ made by the makers of Pre~Seed Iritation is generally caused by the ion conc or Ph that is not like your body’s natural fluids. this product has been shown in indapendent studies to be non-irritating. Couldn’t Hurt no pun intended!

Icon_missing_medium oldmangruff 2 posts

try joe lube i like it better then astroglide just as slick and last longer you can find it at walgreens.

Icon_missing_medium SandiP 1 post

Is anyone familiar with either Replens or Women’s Health Formula – personal lubricating gel? Thanks

Icon_missing_medium Cindyleigh 2 posts

Having sensitive/allergy prone skin, I find lubricants a lot easier to find, than condoms. I am allergic to Latex, and react wherever it touches my skin. I have had allergic reactions to condoms, which sucks because I am single. I have also reacted to dental dams at the dentist. It would be nice to find a brand of non-latex condoms that weren’t like rubber glove, their are so many options for non-latex in other areas, but I have yet to find a decent brand on non-latex condoms.

Icon_missing_medium oldmangruff 2 posts

cindyleigh try lambskin condoms they are not made of latex go to google type in lambskin you should find what you need.

Icon_missing_medium Cindyleigh 2 posts

Unfortunately oldmangruff, lambskin does not have a very good track record for protection from either STD’s or pregnancy. Plus I am also allergic to anything related to sheep as well. I am allergic to wool, and can not use products that contain lanolin, because I react. The one and only time I ate lamb ended up with a trip to the emergency department. With all the advancements I hope something comes out soon. Currently the products available are made out of nitrile, which is like wearing rubber kitchen gloves, not appealing for me or my partners. I think money should be spent developing these types of products, rather than pretty cases to carry them in. Latex is no longer a rare allergy.

Blue_hills_medium RayleneW 1 post

University of Pittsburgh May 2010 study finds Pre’ Lubricant as being the safest water soluble lubricant on tissues, other lubricants were found to damage the sensitive tissues involved in intimacy which may increase STD transmission. You can view the abstract here:…

Icon_missing_medium Alexisa 1 post

Im an all natural and enviroment freak (hippie) for uber sensitive and all natural, I go with Honey Lube (the water based one not oil of course)  - i think the bottle is cute, others think creepy. Go glass for enviro!


Icon_missing_medium SuzanneC 1 post

I have found the best lubricant to be Astroglide Natural.   Firstly its 100% Natural so no chance of chemicals etc causing thrush etc, and also it last longer and works more effectively that the other lubes.  

Wanda_medium Mademoiselle 1 post

I have been looking for a good lube my self for a very long time. And finally I found the perfect one for me and for my husband. The best lubricant on any method of sex is Sta – Hard Desensitizing Lubricant of Adam and Eve. It has great lubrication properties which gives soothing long lasting lubrication. I bought it online at adameve[dot]com. Some of them are even 50 (percent) off, free Shipping and DVDs and other goodies. I used the code HARD10 at the checkout to get the discount. I highly recommend this lube for anyone who’s looking for a great lubricant! Low price, but really high satisfaction. 

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