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Icon_missing_medium LisaMaria 2 posts

Does Famale Ejaculation really exist or is it just urine? Can all women achieve this?

Dsc00253b_medium girlsaidwhat 13 posts

Ok, I’m not a doctor…

but I /am/ a squirter!

Yes, it does exist. It’s not a myth, or if it is, I’ve been “mything” all over my guy for years now. ::laughing!::  I’ve found that not all women seem capable of this, though, but I believe many women who don’t experience it could be trained to. Don’t give up!

Blowing_kisses_medium Shers_Passion 11 posts

Female Ejaculation does take place when the G-Spot of the women is triggered and she achieves G-Spot orgasm.  For each woman, it is different to the amount of fluid released during orgasm. Some feel a rush of fluid, some only feel more lubricated.  The ejaculate comes from the same place urine does but it is a colorless odorless fluid.  Think of it similar to the male ejaculate.  They cannot urinate and ejaculate at the same time, and neither can you.

Finding the G-spot is not that hard to do.  It takes relaxtion and concentration but all women can achieve this type of orgasm.





Img_0575_medium ImmaBMW 1 post

Yes, it does exist…I didn’t learn this until I was about 24 years old as this never happened to me while I was with my ex-fiance in my early 20s.  My husband and I will sometimes put a towel down to make for easier clean up.  I have found that the female ejaculation does not occur with/during clitoral stimulation but only when having an orgasm via the G-Spot.  I have actually watched it squirt out before and there is no way that it can be mistaken for urine…It is clear, not yellow tinted and urine has an unmistakable odor; female ejaculation does not have an odor.

Icon_missing_medium LisaMaria 2 posts


thank you soooo much for your replys!

Pict1121_medium borderlinehardy 12 posts

Well if I hadn’t read these ladies accounts I would have said myth. It would be interesting to hear the Doctors address this. I would agree that the vagina can produce liberal amounts of lubrication when a woman is aroused but I myself have never experienced an “ejaculation”. Are you ladies saying that you have fluids squirting out and away from the vagina during orgasm???

Blowing_kisses_medium Shers_Passion 11 posts

G-Spot orgasm causes ejaculation.  Yes, some “squirt” for lack of a better word and some soak the bed, some have enough to reaborb into their very porous vagina that it doesnt seem like a lot.  It can be anywhere up to a quart of fluid, but that is not with the majority. 

G-Spot stimulation feels very much like the need to urinate….thats when most women will stop and go to the bathroom, with poor results.  If there is a pressure that feel like you need to urinate when you are haveing your Gspot stimulated, make your partner go harder and faster, that sensation of needing to void your bladder will quickly carry to unbelieveable sensation.

There are many ways you can find your G-Spot.  A toy that has a curve on it, your finger is a hooked come hither.  It is located on the vaginal wall the one by your belly button….its between and inch 1/2 to 3 inches on the inside vaginal wall.  Using a toy you can insert it into the vagina with the bend facing upward,move the tyback and forth “Think 10-2” and in and out, once she feels the pressure of needing to urinate, do what you are doing harder and faster.  This will stimulate the g-spot and cause an AMAZING orgasm.  Yes there are positions that men can get into to stimulate the Gspot as well. 

I find it better if she knows where it is, she knows how better to direct him.

Icon_missing_medium CoolGurl1 2 posts

Wow, female ejaculation is something i want to experience. However, when I’m masturbating, mostly clitoris stimulation, to try to “squirt” the urge of peeing overcomes me and I’m rushing to the bathroom. Also, I would sometimes do as Shers_Passion have said, go harder and faster and I still rush to the bathroom. My question is, are you sure that what comes out it 100% clear because when I go to the bathroom and pee, sometimes its really pee and other times its mostly clear with a slight tint of yellow?

Blowing_kisses_medium Shers_Passion 11 posts

Not all women “ejaculate” the same way.  Some can ejaculate a lot , such as the squirting sensation you mentioned.  Most women have increased wetness due to their g-spot orgasm but may not experience that.  Know that you can not orgasm and urinate at the same time. There is a valve that will shut off to allow the ejaculate through and block the urinate.

Pharmacygirl, I suggest you follow your bodies lead.  Make sure to urinate before you try to stimulate your g-spot, this way if 15 minutes later you feel the need…you will know its G-spot orgasm time. Believe me, the sensation you will experience is over the top. Don’t tense up or fight it, you will only make it more difficult. 



Dsc00253b_medium girlsaidwhat 13 posts


You actually /want/ /to/ /feel/ that amazing urge to pee. That’s supposed to happen!!!!! 

The problem is…instead of stopping and running to the bathroom, let go, relax, and give over to it. You know what? Who cares even if you did pee on yourself?  Masturbate while standing in the bathtub if it helps you to get past this and not care what comes out. The thing is…you /have/ /to/ /go/ /WITH/ that “need to pee” feeling. That’s your body telling you it’s about to squirt!  There are a lot of women that go through this, though. I’ve heard of women stopping in the middle of really great sex to go and pee.

We’ve all been taught to be afraid of our own bodies and to abhor bodily fluids. Do it in the bathtub, as many times as it takes to convince yourself! 

Icon_missing_medium CoolGurl1 2 posts

Thank you two so much I will definately take your advice.

Bang1-1_medium mmbby 1 post

i’ve read most of the posts and i am one of the women who doesnt know how/doesnt squirt. heck, i cant even seem to have an orgasm. i understand that women ejaculate in different ways but i want to actually know when i am just get really wet and i figure " I ejaculated". some say it will happen when a guy knows what he’s doing but honestly i believe its me…..any advice?

Dsc00253b_medium girlsaidwhat 13 posts

I am a huge advocate of women’s pleasure…
and admire your desire to experience the deepest levels of what is possible in this way.

I’ve helped many women/friends who couldn’t orgasm before to do so…usually in person, but if you’d like to send me a private message here, I’ll help if I can.

Icon_missing_medium doctorbax 14 posts

so this can’t be achieved through clitoral stimulation alone?

Icon_missing_medium lmletp 8 posts

I have the exact problem as mmbby! Can anyone please help me? girlsaidwhat can you maybe help me? thanks!

Blowing_kisses_medium Shers_Passion 11 posts

Female ejaculation can not be triggered by Clitoral Stimulation but womens bodys to produce their own personal lubricant when sexually stimulated, the “wet” feeling women generally achieve when sexually excited. 

Not all women have the ability to “squirt” or ejaculate large quantities of ejaculate either. Everyone is different in this regard.

Mommy_and_roman_medium kerbear 1 post

I was never one who was able to have an orgasm easily while having sex. I just figured thats how I was….until being with my fiance. I was so suprised when this happened for the first time. I felt like I was going to orgasm but all of a sudden I had all of this “fluid” coming out. It felt amazing but I was somewhat embarassed because both my fiance and the bed were soked. I mean really really soked. But he was completely turned on by it and now wants me to do it everytime. I was in my early thirties the first time this happened so my advice is to just keep trying different positions. My best position for this is being on top.

Good Luck and Good Lovins!

Icon_missing_medium lmletp 8 posts

So clitoral stimulation canot produce ejacualtion? Or an orgasm? What should I do to get that result?

Dsc00253b_medium girlsaidwhat 13 posts

It’s possible for some women to ejaculate with clitoral stimulation alone, but unlikely for others who have never ejaculated at all.

Clitoral stimulation along with internal/g spot stimulation would be more likely to work with someone who is new to ejaculating. With that said, women can have different kinds of orgasms…and clitoral orgasms can indeed be achieved with clitoral stimulation, with or without ejaculate. It’s just not likely to produce /ejaculation/ through clitoral stimulation alone if you’ve never ejaculated before. Once you start learning to ejaculate, though, the pleasure starts wiring through you differently and anything is possible.

Icon_missing_medium lmletp 8 posts

I have done my research and taken in what it said, but I still cannot seem to produce an orgasm through internal and/or external stimulation. What should I do now?

Aquila_medium RAXSx 1 post

further to this topic, my partner feels she needs to urinate often during certain positions and G-spot stimulation is this likely to be female ejaculation? it has put strain on our sex life because we have to stop and she goes off to the toilet, usually with no luck. When we stop the feeling goes away, maybe its time to lay the towels down?

Icon_missing_medium lmletp 8 posts

Yes. You want to feel that need to pee feeling. That’s good. And when she stops to go to the bathroom, don’t let her. Make her go before so she knows she won’t have to during the process.

Dsc00253b_medium girlsaidwhat 13 posts

That feeling that she’s feeling…that’s exactly what happens right before ejaculation.

The same thing used to happen to me, before I learned to let go and ejaculate.

She’s feeling that… pressure in her gspot, and confusing the two. She won’t pee!  But don’t let her get up. In fact, I’d suggest you ask her to just go ahead and “pee” all over you. Tell her it’s what you want. If she feels like it’s what you really want and she has permission, she may not worry so much about what comes out when she finally lets go. And yes, put down the towels!  

Have fun, and let us know how it goes.



Icon_missing_medium lmletp 8 posts

Alright. I give up. I think I’m just broken. I can’t do it. Nothing I try is working. And I have tried everything. Does anyone have any ideas….please

Icon_missing_medium timingisright 2 posts

I would like to know, how can you “squirt” if he is inside you at the g-spot? This confuses me.

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