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My teeth are rotting

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Icon_missing_medium Galadrial 2 posts

My teeth are rotting fast.  By the time I get to the dentist, it’s almost to late.  I’ve had root canals done but that doesn’t fix my issues (and considering that my MS affects my right side, I don’t get numb.  Having a root canal done without being numb definitely tests your resolve.  Lol).  They’re pretty much pointless…what tooth is left, still rots, it doesn’t matter.  I’ve chatted with others with MS and they seem to have the same problems.  One point I feel as if I should mention is that I’m “only” 45.  I have teeth in the front that are rotting (which oh yay, makes you feel like trailer trash.  No offense intended), I’ve broken MANY teeth.  Now, I get to eat soft foods, drink beverages at room temperature.  It’s great fun.  :P  Another “wonderful” point is that I only have Medicare coverage, which means NO dental coverage.  I can’t afford to have any dental work done.  How is someone supposed to afford dentures with no dental coverage and on Social Security Disability???  MS kind of keeps you at home (it’s lonely), having rotting teeth makes sure you stay there.  

Me-_doing_chair_massages_medium Nicole T 1 post

I have major issues with my teeth as well.  Ever since I was a kid, I was never in the “no cavity” club.  My teeth have been nothing but problems- physically, emotionally, & financially.  I do not have insurance & my husband has been layed off several times.  I’ve had root canals & crowns, but nothing seems to last for very long.  I am desperate to find HELP, so I can have a great smile & not be in pain!!!


Imagescamhn9cj_medium GreenFish 101 posts

Have either of you tried:

Biotene dry mouth products?  Works for my dry mouth.

Cutting out sugar from your diet?  I just did recently, and my teeth are in much better shape, I don’t feel any plaque developing all day long, you know, when you move your tongue over you teeth.

Good luck!

Icon_missing_medium Galadrial 2 posts

My issue isn’t with sugar, but I do agree that that’s a good idea.  My teeth issues are because of my Multiple Sclerosis.  

Imagescamhn9cj_medium GreenFish 101 posts

Galadrial, I’m so sorry  that you have MS, I don’t know of the pain and suffering that you are going through!  I do know that Montel Williams has MS and has been through many ups and downs (I’ve seen him on Dr. Oz).  I don’t have dental coverage either, so just to keep my teeth in the best shape so I don’t get any cavities, etc, I try to brush twice a day and floss once a day (whoever invented those little toothpick flossers is my hero!).  I find that ANY type of medication dries out my mouth, so I use Biotene toothpaste, mouthwash, mouth spray, because dry mouth can cause cavities, etc.  Anyway, I hope somehow you get the dentures that you need, some stroke of luck happens and you get your teeth fixed soon!!! 

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Forums August 20, 2012 - Gross Anatomy My teeth are rotting



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