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Afro_centric_woman_medium lshabazz 241 posts

Good afternoon Dr’s,

I work with my doctor checking my blood pressure, thyroid and cholestrol levels.  Montoring my weight to improve my cardiac care.  I limit my diet to mostly lean cuts of meat. Lamb, chicken and turkey.  No PORK AND LIMITED BEEF… 

I am adding exercise to the plan.  God Willing and than sticking to that routine.  No less than 3 times a wk for 45 mins. to an hour.. Evenually upping the routine to include stregthening (yoga) and callistenics. Increase the time graually 15 mins when it seems to no longer be a challenge.  Holding my self accounable on portion sizes on my food plan. 

Can’t wait to hear your feed back.  Thanks for your time  *•.¸♥ *•.


94_statue_of_liberty_medium jimhassel 24 posts

Hi lshabazz,

You are doing lot’s of thing to remain healthy. As you mention that you are incresing your time gradually is most important part. Lot’s of time we can see that people start these thing in a big rate that harm the body . It should increased according to the body. If you are feeling good then we should increase the time. 

Icon_missing_medium bethelaughter 2 posts

Hi Doctors,

I consciously make time to laugh for at least 15 minutes every day to reap the incredible health benefits. I balance my activity with various meditations like the Inner Smile – smiling to my heart, and practice qigong and taiji to connect with stillness. I have enjoyed a low-fat lacto-ovo vegetarian diet for decades.

I share laughter and joy with others and am so grateful for my happy health.

Gratitude goes out to all of you!



Icon_missing_medium John222 4 posts

Staying healthy and fit is not as complicated as we think it. If you do the things that suirts your skills and interest you will definately feel happy even if you spend a lot of time upon them. In my opinion social activities are best to be happy and healthy. We should meet our friends and should hava a chat with them whenever we have time .

Afro_centric_woman_medium lshabazz 241 posts

Great post John222.  Have a good day  ♥.¸♥. ♥.¸♥.

Profile_medium nicolmiller 6 posts

Morning walk is very good for our health, we need fresh air. Try to do regular exercise, if you have no time, just do at least 10 minutes workout every morning you feel active all the day. Thanks for great post.

Me_medium LikeNumber5 1 post

Hello, I am posting this here, because it seems where there is most activity right now.  My topic is a little different.  It is about sit-ups.  To me, my question, can be answered even with common sense, and good reasoning, but if their more depth, than ofcourse that is good.  I was doing sit ups the other time, and two guys, mainly one of them, the other just went along, kept telling me that I need to move my buttox closer to the heels of my feet.  I knew that I was headed maybe towards a train-wreck so to speak.  My energy was draining as quickly as I knew the result would be.  So along the way, I scooted my buttox back to a distance that I would be confortable with, and it is what allowed me to do more sit ups than I would have otherwise done.  Here is the catch, I am 6’foot tall.  That guy’s height is about 5’7 more or less.  Frankly, I think that what they were telling me was flat-out wrong, because every person measures differently.  Sit-ups are one exercise, you do want to rest properly and perform correctly.  The more gulity you are of doing these things, the less sit-ups you will be able to make, and the more you might end up hurting.  I realize that with exercise you will be sore, but that was more soreness than I think I should have undergone.  I don’t think you need to be really intelligent to know these things, like age is another factor that mostly comes into play.  The energy between a 26 year old and a 40 year old will not be the same.  Though, this is another story.  What do you all think?

Icon_missing_medium Kiefer456 7 posts

To stay healthy and fit you should.

Go for early morning walk.

Do regular exercise.

Eat healthier foods.

Eat more fruit and raw fresh vegetables.

Participate in some sports.

Avoid using tobacco cigarettes, and consuming.

and take proper sleep.



Icon_missing_medium TashanaAlexis 1 post

Hi All:

I turned 40 this year and in my effort to stay healthy, I started doing a Beachbody fitness program, TurboFire along with drinking a Shakeology meal replacement shake daily.  My body transformation goals are coming to pass.  I became a coach because I saw such great results myself and I’m now a product of the product.  Good luck everyone with your fitness  goals!!!

Icon_missing_medium Caldwell555 6 posts

To be healthy and fit you should always take healthy and balanced diet and along with healthy diet you should also do some exercises regularly or play some sports.

Morning walk is also a good tool to keep your selp healthy and active.



Dscf0273_1_medium SuzieQNutter 21 posts

I don’t do sit ups per se.  We do pre roll ups and roll ups.  With the pre roll up as you get stronger your feet can come more towards your buttocks.  When you first start you won’t be able to get up unless your feet are further away.

Icon_missing_medium Alexander1 6 posts

No doubt this is a healthy routine,this can keep you fit forever if you followed it for a long time.

Keep doing that focus on your diet and exercise plan.That will give the kind of physic you want.All the best

Icon_missing_medium mike hussey 3 posts

Almost everybody has heard about the heart-healthy and other myriad benefits derived from eating essential omega-3 fatty acids. Lesser known are the omega-9’s. Though they are not essential because our bodies make them naturally, eating foods, specifically monounsaturated oils like olive oil may extend your life. A study in Neurology suggests that high olive oil consumption plays a protective role by reducing the risk of stroke in older subjects. “Inflammation is the root cause of every degenerative disease and omega-9 oils are extremely anti-inflammatory. They do a great job penetrating the cells and getting cells and neurotransmitters to communicate with the brain faster,”  

Barb19a_medium barb52049 1 post

Hi Doctors,

The #1 thing I have done to stay healthy is…9 months ago I quit smoking!!!  YAY ME!!!  :)  The other things I do is I see my doctor every six months for blood work to keep up with my cholesterol, thyroids, blood sugar, and other things he likes to keep up with.  Also, I have high blood pressure and I take medication twice a day for it.  I keep check on it regularly.  I have two herniated discs in my back so I can’t  exercise very much.  I try to walk around the house as much as I can.  I also have Chronic Kidney Disease so I am ordered by the doctor to drink lots of water.  It’s hard for me to drink six glasses every day but I drink at least three or four 16.9 fl.oz. bottles.  I guess that equals to more than six, doesn’t it?  Thanks for such an interesting show.  I record it every day and watch it.  I learn something new every day.  :-)


Steph_medium plazadental 6 posts

It is very important for you to renew your lifestyle and dietary habits as a preventive measure as a precaution. Exercise is believed to be the most vital aspect of staying healthy and you must therefore set aside few minutes of your time each day for exercise. Proper nutrition is another must to be on top of your health tips to follow.

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