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Icon_missing_medium betramp 3 posts

Hi Friends….

I am working in aprivate company . After return to my home taking rest getting pain in my legs, have you any excercise for it?

94_statue_of_liberty_medium jimhassel 24 posts


If you have pain in your legs it mean there is need of excercise. Best way is to walk for few minutes and when u get warm then sit with your legs straight in front of you. Lean forward reaching toward your toes. Holding each stretch for at least 10 seconds will allow you to get the best results. 


Icon_missing_medium Kiefer456 7 posts

Fist walk for few minutes and than do jogging.

Jogging is the best exercise to make your legs stronger and healthy.

Also massage your legs using olive oil, it is good to remove the muscles pain in legs.


Dscf0273_1_medium SuzieQNutter 21 posts

You can also do exercises for your legs while lying on a mat.

Lying on the mat bring one knee up to your chest.  Relax it there in the hit socket.  Straighten leg so it is pointing up.  Leg circles means that you do a half circle pulling up towards your ches on the straight bit. Do 5 then reverse and do 5 the other way.

Bring your knee up to your chest.  Hands clasped behind the knee this time.  The other leg straight out and stretch your heels.  Pull pull your knee, swap, pul pul, swap, pull pull  You can swap to your leg being straight up and switch that is called scissors.  Go back to the first exercise except this time hands behind your head and touch your elbow to the opposite knee.  eyes way back, this will exercise your stomach mucles at the same time.

Other leg exercises are done lying on your side.  They are a real work out and you will feel your legs getting stronger if you do them.  You can get DVD’s, the exercises I have given to you are from Jennifer Kries called Total Toning and is Pilates, Yoga and Ballet combined.

Fatcat_medium FatCatz 1 post

Do some stretching exercises, abduction and adduction exercises fro the legs. As well as massage your legs to relief pain.

Uossc_site_6 my1doc199 5 posts

Morning walk is beneficial for legs. It is the best exercise for health and legs also.

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