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Icon_missing_medium LVessella 3 posts

Both my sister and I itch like crazy when we go to bed.  We mainly itch our arms and upper back……Help please!!!!

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

Is it something in the shhets that is irritating your skin?


Icon_missing_medium SharonD221 1 post

The docters missed one significant cause of an intensive itchy spot on the back.  I had a similar maddening itch on my back, just like the lady’s mother.  It went on for years.  I eventually learned from one of my healthcare providers that it was likely caused by a irritated nerve that branched off from my the shoulder blade or spine.  One treatment was to apply a little OTC Capsaicin topical cream (it burns slightly — made from chili peppers) — the irritating burn of the cream helps calm the insane tickling itch of the nerve.  The itch eventually disappeared as I took physical therapy to help reduce my neck and upper bank tighness and pain.  Most docs have never heard of this cause, but I believe it is very common. My mom had a similar itch on her ankle and it was treated (in the 1950s) with exposure to x-rays (!).


Icon_missing_medium LVessella 3 posts

Thank you SharonD221 and that really makes sense to me.  That is what I had finally come up with after reading all the info out there on the web about the same subject.  I have tried everything between pills, creams, and the only thing that helped me was ice.  I was just saying to my husband the other day that I think I remember going to the chiropractor a long time ago and I recall after being treated I thought my itching went away….so that’s why I think it makes sense.  My dr. suggested nerve issue but it would cost alot of money for nerve studies.  He then suggested a medicine that people take for seizures because a patient used it and she has severe skin rashes and it helped her.  I don’t want to take that medicine.


















Icon_missing_medium dgiard 1 post

I had itching every night in areas on my back and scalp.  I took glutens out of my diet for two weeks for other reasons and noticed that the itch went away.  The first time I added pasta and bread back into my diet, the itch came back!  Since I have kept “white flour” out of my diet, I have not had the nightly itching.  Could be an allergy to some food….even something you have been eating all your life or have never had a problem with before.     

Icon_missing_medium LVessella 3 posts

I have changed my diet believe it or not and I have not had the itching.  I hope it continues.  That was a really great post.  Thanks so much.



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