Showering at night

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Icon_missing_medium LaDonna64 1 post

This is why I have signed in. I think people need to think about why they should take a shower or bath at night. When you get up in the morning you get dressed and go to work. How many people do you come in contact with on your way to work? How many at work? How many at lunch? How many in the bathroom, How many have been in there to use the bathroom? Now if you work with the public how many? When you get off you go to ball games, dinner ,or movies.  You leave and go home and set in you chair or the couch. You then and change into your bed clothes. Now you get in bed and sleep. The next day you get up and shower or take a bath. You are off again doing the same thing. Now night 2 you get in bed and you have just taken a part of every person you came in contact with to bed again,Day 3 the same thing only now 3 day then 4 and then 5 and 6 and 7 and on this day you change your beading I hope you spray the bed. Can you see where I am going. My Father was a clean man who knew what he was talking about. I am older now but I don’t sleep unless I have had a bath. When I got married my husband took his bath in the morning. I told him he was not getting in my bed unless he took a bath. After 20 years he understands now why. We live in a busy world. We have to work everyday to keep sickness down. We teach our children when they are young. Please people think about it. You can always jump in the shower in the morning also.

Thank you LaDonna

Marys-2_medium geekygranny 8 posts

Another reason to shower or bath at night (especially baths with epsom salts) It relaxes you and helps kill pain in your body so you sleep better.  This is a big deal for fibromyalgia victims.  Baths with epsom salts help kill pain and relax the body.  

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4592 posts

IMO I would be careful with epsom salt and if you are on BP meds.  For me, it relaxes my heart almost instantly and I had to get right out (tried it twice).


Icon_missing_medium intentionseeker 1 post

LaDonna is absolutely right in her assessment regarding bathing/showering at night as the most hygienic option. In fact, in terms of public health as important as (perhaps more than) medically recommended handwashing practices.

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