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Icon_missing_medium eben56 1 post

I liked the Doctors because it was a great way to get info from an intelligent, thoughtful group of doctors. However, now they yell at each other and their guests. I can’t stand the constant yelling and interrupting of each other and their guests. 

Icon_missing_medium wwwceli 2 posts

I agree with you on that eben56! Even when the Doctors are talking about a topic amoungst themselves…they seem to be arguing rather than discussing…

Icon_missing_medium dilisim 1 post

I never missed an episode of the doctors even after I asked them a question about lipin planus and didn’t get a reply, but ever since Julian Michaels joined the show, it has been nothing but arguing and contraversal.  Now they are even hostile to guests.  I do not like the show anymore.

Icon_missing_medium DW123 3 posts

I also thought they gave great info and tips but with Jillian and the constant interruptions and bickering, what do they impart anymore?  Nothing – it’s just a bunch of people trying to be heard over the others.  The show no longer offers complete dialogues because no one can finish anything before an argument breaks out.  I’m finished with this show.  If I see trailers in the future stating they have gone back to their original format, I will start watching again.

Icon_missing_medium shellybee46 1 post

I so agree if Lisa and Jillian would be quiet till the guest  made her point it would have been better got nothing out of interview because you could not hear the lady Stop being inconsiderate

Icon_missing_medium SuperGma7 5 posts

I agree.  This new format is terrible.  I love this show before, now not so much.

Icon_missing_medium Whit123 2 posts

I wanted to hear more about the water births, since more and more women are opting for this.  Instead all I heard was Lisa and Jillian constantly interrupting her.  


Icon_missing_medium totallyagree 1 post

I agree with dr. lisa on the water birth thing. when i had my first born i was a healthy 20 year old woman who had prenatal care from the start. my dr. told me i was having a “text book pregnancy” and everything was doing awesome. When i went to deliver my son, i didn’t dialate past 3 cm. so the decision was made to have a c-section. When my son was finally born he had multiple birth defects which included 2 holes in his heart, reflux and paralized vocal cords. If i would have chosen to do a home birth, my son would not be here today. 7 years later i decided to try again. This time i chose to have a c-section because of what happened the first time. My second son was born totally healthy but when the dr’s delivered him they realized the unbilical cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times. If i would have chosen to have him naturally at home he probably would not have made it either. Some woman just aren’t lucky enough to have a “natural” birth and i wouldn’t want to comprimise my childs health just so i can be at home. Sometimes you have no way of knowing how it is going to end up.

Icon_missing_medium Amyski 1 post

As a registered nurse I love watching the doctors when I am able.  I think that there is a lot of great advice given in an easy to understand way.  I haven’t watched in a while and I heard Jillian Michaels had joined the show so I tuned in today as I have a great respect for her work.  I was highly disappointed.  Airing disappointment in a poorly written book was one thing but why wasn’t it discussed how to approach children with obesity problems?  Why not give parents and viewers better tools than this book live on the show? Jillian had very negative comments on raw and vegan diets. Having done extensive research on vegetarian and vegan diets myself I have determined that they are a very healthy way to go, while there can be deficiencies if you don’t educate yourself on proper nutrition, deficiencies can also occur on a diet with meats included (ie eating a pound of steak and a potato for dinner isn’t exactly healthy).  Again I think that the professional thing to state would be to make sure that research is done, and that viewers consult their physicians, or seek expert advice if they are going to switch to a vegan/raw/veg diet from a traditional diet that includes meat.  I stopped watching after the water birth debate.  I’m sure that argument has women across America scared to give birth period. The way that was handled probably had that poor woman who came on for advice feeling even more confused about her options.  I’m not in OB but I do know with any medical advice given it is important to present pros and cons in a NON THREATENING way and let the patient make their decision.  Very disappointed in todays show.

Icon_missing_medium SuperGma7 5 posts

Totallyagree:  I am sorry you had the problems with your first born that you did.  Things like this are always frightening.  However, a child like yours being delivered at home would not have been an automatic death sentance.  The highly trained professionals in attendance would have transported you to the hospital as soon as a problem was realized, and you still would have probably have ended up with the c-section.  Also, babies die in hosptials too.  Research shows they have actually a greater chance of doing so because of all the unneccessary interventions done by doctors to make deliveries more convenient to their time schedules or help them avoid lawsuits.  

In addition, the cord around a baby’s neck cannot strangle them, and the doctors know this, but they use it as way to make women feel justified by what they recommended they do.  See the following.

Dr. Stuart J. Fischbein, MD FACOG, BAC wrote a wonderful article going further into details about this phenomenon. Please read and enjoy!

Dispelling a Myth About the Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord around the fetus’ neck cannot strangle your baby! There, I said it. Now, let’s discuss the logic behind this truth. Nature has devised a system to nourish the developing baby inside the womb of all mammals. The placenta and umbilical cord are an amazing creation of both form and function. The placenta acts as a factory for hormones to support the pregnancy, a filter that among a myriad of tasks acts to bring in good things and remove waste and provides a reserve of blood and oxygen to support the baby through labor. The umbilical cord is the conduit by which nutrients such as sugar and oxygen help feed the baby via its two veins while through its one artery passes the waste by-products of growth.

Understanding how a baby gets its oxygen allows us to understand why a baby cannot strangle or “choke” on its cord. In order to choke, one must be using its trachea to breath air. Clearly, there is no air in the uterus, the baby does not breathe through its throat and, therefore, cannot choke. When an ultrasound reveals the cord around the neck it is a normal human response to anthropormorphasize the intrauterine baby to our extrauterine experience. But this is not the case and there is no reason to have fear. So, let’s dispel once and for all the rumor that a cord around the neck (nuchal cord) is more dangerous than any other situation. About 35-40% of normal term babies are born with the cord around the neck at least once. It can also be wrapped around the body or legs or even at times have a true knot. None of which are usually significant as the cord is designed to deal with this.

Cord compression can occur anytime during pregnancy. The cord is well equipped to handle temporary squeezing as the 3 vessels are cushioned by a matrix called Wharton’s jelly and the surrounding amniotic fluid. In labor, sometimes after the bag of waters breaks and fluid leaks out, the cord can be repeatedly compressed with contractions. This is not uncommon and is not, by itself, a sign of distress. Your practitioner or nurse can listen to or interpret the fetal heart rate pattern to know whether any intervention is necessary. And the compression of the cord almost never is an emergency or a cause for the tragic death of a baby inside the womb. When that tragedy occurs we all want to know why and often, mistakenly, we are told it was a “cord accident”. Compared to the number of times I have heard this mentioned by patients or news stories the real truth is that this is a very rare event.

Please be reassured that your baby will not strangle on its cord because it is not breathing through its neck like you and I. If you hear someone repeat this rumor you would be doing a great service to pregnant women everywhere by logically explaining to them the reasons why.

Imag1110_medium atlmomof2 9 posts

totally agree: it is a terrible thing when complications aris with babies being born, im sorry that happened to you. I will say im not ready for a home birth myself but i know that many birthing centers are a good middle ground to deal with complications should they arise and also allowing moms to have a more peaceful environment.


on a different note, I think more women should pick their OB/GYNS carefully and also consider a practice either with midwives or just midwives. America has a long way to grow in our medical care, lets look at Europe and maybe gain some insight into natural birth and what birthing should be like even when things go wrong. Having a baby is not a condition, like many Drs. view it, our bodies are amazing and shouldnt be ignored.

Having been a baby born with complications, im grateful for the Drs that were there to help me and my mother, but i still strongly believe there needs to be a shift in how babies are born in America. its not a BUSINESS!!!!

Normal_soccer_20ball_medium emalkire 42 posts

There is no respect on the show any more. Let the person talking finish talking before interrupting. So Jillian doesn’t believe in raw food and vegan diets that’s her view and that’s fine but there are other ways of doing things and we have the right to hear about them and make our own choices but we also need the information available but we can;t get it if the only info we get is one persons opinion. If I wanted to live a dictatorship life I would move back home with my mother.


M_m_medium Thinline 1 post

Although a doula can be a great advocate for home birth/waterbirth, they should have had a midwife (or at least a certified nurse midwife) there for an opinion as well. All we heard was an OB rant from Lisa instilling even more fear into mothers who simply want a low intervention birth. From my personal experience OBs are trained surgeons and are usually looking for a problem instead of letting a woman’s body do what it needs to do.And that starts even before the baby is born. Pregnant women are subjected to too many unecessary tests while the fear is implanted that not only is something wrong with the way their body works during pregnancy so why would they trust their body when it comes to delivery? Lisa said “we want you to have the birth you want” really? If you have a baby in a hospital it is very hard to get your voice heard, unless you have a doula or a family member willing to advocate your birth wishes.  I agree with a previous poster who said that free standing birthing centers are a good middle ground for a family that wants a birth with low interventions. 

Imag1110_medium atlmomof2 9 posts

thinline: i love what you posted. there really should have been a midwife on the show too. a moms voice is hushed in a typical hospital setting, doulas, midwives and family bring a level of support that is vital to a mom

Icon_missing_medium Eve Mahar 22 posts

hi, I just joined today (for Jillian!) but I wanted to say- I agree with some of you, the hosts of the show (and gusts at times) talk over each other too much. We can’t understand or follow what anyone is saying. Sorry but you need to TAKE TURNS, not interrupt, and not talk over each other, or you will lose your audience. I don’t enjoy watching 5 adults try to talk over each other. It’s stressful. And please, let Jillian speak! I feel like she’s being drowned out by loud men (as much as I enjoy hearing what they have to say too).

Icon_missing_medium sweeney22 1 post

With the shows name being called The Doctors, I would then expect all parties hosting the show to be actual Doctors. The old format was more educational and more enjoyable to watch. I try to catch your show daily but as I watch today and heard all the yelling, the information your show usually provides had seemed to fall threw the cracks of bickering. And then when I saw the guest come on to discuss water deliveries….OMG! I felt so sorry for that woman, she held her composer very well, but she basically was attacked by Dr. Lisa. I turned the channel – all the yelling and arguing is not enjoyable to watch so I hope you return to your original format and only have Julian on as a guest (once a year).

Icon_missing_medium julie78 1 post

I agree everyone is yelling all the time ect…..

Me_jenni_medium empressofq 3 posts

I agree totally iwth not wanting to watch the show anymore! All fighting and yelling! Travis can’t even keep it under control anymore.  Used to love it but won’t watch anymore unless Jillian is gone!!!!! Don’t need the added stress in my life! One of my problems is anxiety, chronic pain, depression and stress!  Won’t be tuning in anymore to make my blood pressure boil!!!!!!!!!!!! I never post on these things either!!!!!


Icon_missing_medium Goldielox43 1 post

I’m sick of Jillian being included in discussions where she has no expertise. She is a fitness expert period and should not weigh in on subjects she has no expertise on including today’s segment on underwater births or previous subjects such as addiction.


Icon_missing_medium millst 1 post

The Doctor’s isn’t informative or interesting anymore. They have become just like all the other daytime shows going for controversey and sensationalism just to get better ratings. It isn’t working!

Icon_missing_medium Kenton 1 post

I used to watch the Doctors show every day without fail.  Since Julian Michaels has joined the show, I think the quality has deteriorated.  Her input is argumentative, abrasive, and frankly quite annoying.  Her comments dilute the former informative nature of the show.  If they return to the original format, providing intelligent, thoughtful, helpful information, I may start watching again.  But for now, I don’t like this show.

0020_coxdebbspersoftredo_medium cccox1 4 posts

Today’s show’s been mild compared to those days when Dr. Wendy is on there AND Jillian….Like so many of you, I used to watch faithfully.  Made sure I arranged errand schedules around being home for the show…now, there’s so much yelling over each other (and their guests) that it does nothing but raise my anxiety levels.  It’s EXACTLY why I watch QVC or the cooking channels on Sunday mornings instead of trying to glean something factual out of the round table political shows.  Nothing but yelling and total disregard for each other’s right to opinions.


Until about 3 weeks ago, you could count on The Doctors to make you aware of what’s out there on the leading edge of technology.  Giving us ideas that we could go forward with to learn more about.  Recently I learn nothing … except I DO find myself chanlel surfing and running errands instead of watching.


What about today’s show when they “allowed”: the author to “participate” and then never let him make a comment??  While I don’t agree with the book’s approach, I don’t think their total lack of respect for a guest is justifiable.  If all they wanted was to argue among themselves and slam the book, they should never have bothered the author.  Wouldn’t it have been wornderful if they’d spent more time on the subject and actually offered some constructive suggestions about how the message could have been relayed to children…in a much healthier (emotionally) way? After all, who ever yelled that it’s the parents who need the message is right….kids that age can’t make the healthy choices without their parents providing the food items for them….just as, conversely, the kids wouldn’t be as obese if the parents weren’t making the poor food choices available to them at thome.  THE PARENTS ARE CRITICAL TO A PRE-TEEN’S SUCCESSFUL LIFE STYLE ADJUSTMENT.

Chrysanthemum_medium Shepheard 5 posts

I am so glad to read these posts.  I thought it was just me and the solar flares that hit us today.  My hubby happened to be home while the Doctors was on and I told him I am disgusted with the direction of the show since Jillian joined.  She’s far too combative to be an asset to this show.  It was good when it was informative.  Now I no longer want to watch.

Icon_missing_medium Eve Mahar 22 posts

While I posted earlier about all the talking over each other, I’m disturbed to see so many people blaming Jillian. I’ve been watching the past 2 weeks, and I don’t see Jillian as the problem at all- in fact, usually the others seem to drown her out and interrupt her. That’s my impression, anyway. I love Jillian and she is the only reason I am now watching the Doctors. I think she adds something very important to the show, and I hope to see a lot more of her on there, especially one on one with people trying to  help them change their lives.

0020_coxdebbspersoftredo_medium cccox1 4 posts

I’ve seen the drastic change in dymics among them since both Jillian and Wendy came on board.  I always like Jillian on BL…her style worked well there as she WAS the pivot person in her team’s success.  She keeps the same persona here….forgetting that the others carried the show very successfully before the format changes.  It’s absolutely horrible when both the two new players are on in the same show…..feel like they’re duking it out to see who’s “going to be sent home” if ratings don’t prove out.  Her own show didn’t pan out…now she seems to be having problems working as an EQUAL member of a team.  While I’ve really liked her on BL, I can’t blindly ignore what’s going on now.  You have to ask yourself “what’s changed” since the new format?  If you think that it worked well before, but not now, objectivity has to highlight the two changes (1) Jillian and (2) Dr. Wendy.  Go back and watch earlier versions with both….you’ll see nothing but what could be construed as :“staking their territories”.


I’m disgusted with it.


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