What the heck happened to the show????

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Icon_missing_medium danuff 2 posts

I’ve been an advid watcher of The Doctors since the very beginning.  I’ve always enjoyed the show for their informational topics.  

But I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with this season (2011-2012).  The shows are too “Dr. Philish”, not focused on medical topics, not medically focused, and the addition of Miss Michaels is NOT a positive.  She is not a medical doctor, she is very opinnated, and irrtating.  Her, as a guest is fine, but not an everyday member of a panel that is supposed to focus on medical information and not random opinions.

PLEASE get back to the old format before you lose anymore ratings.


Dan Uff

Icon_missing_medium wwanne 2 posts

I agree with Dan, I’m gone until Ms Michaels moves on and the focus changes.  Not only are the shows too Dr. Philish there is all this crossover stuff, meeting back stage, passing off guests or topics, etc.  Get over this silly love-fest and get back to the programs.

Icon_missing_medium ljamick05 9 posts

Not gonna watch.


Icon_missing_medium eatright123 3 posts

I agree that the new format does not work. I think you should stay with what works….. and that means the original panel.

Icon_missing_medium ljamick05 9 posts

Today, Jillian was more subdued and did not "host’ the show, nor did she give her version of medical advice.  I’m hoping the powers that be on the show listened to everyone and things are getting more like previous successful seasons.  I am watching closely and will continue watching for now, at least.  Revert to earlier format of this season and I’m outta there.  So much good information to be gained from this show and I’m hoping things continue to improve and Jillian is only a guest.  Hey, the name of the show is THE DOCTORS and she is not a doctor, afterall!

Icon_missing_medium danuff 2 posts

I think the producers are reading these boards and realizing that we, the viewers, are NOT happy with the new show’s format nor where the show is (was) headed.  Glad to see the show changed back to its old format today.  Will continue to watch and see what happens.

Still not a happy viewer, though.

185_medium Piperfan73 1 post

I love seeing Jillian on the show. Yes, she is brutally honest, but she shows how much cares about each person. She asks questions that I also think about. I would love to meet her in person! I will continue to watch the show daily!

Icon_missing_medium popo7994 9 posts

Nice to see that there are other people that think Jillian is an asset to the show……….My brother Pat ( The guy that chews) Has been almost 6 weeks without chew….Jillian ROCKS!! Thank you Jillian for helping my brother…….GO BRO, Love YA!!!!

Icon_missing_medium ljamick05 9 posts

Popo7994 – so proud of your brother.  I had Stage III throat cancer (hereditary) and had to go through radical neck resection & radiation – would not wish that on anyone elsel

Icon_missing_medium ljamick05 9 posts

This is the type of show Jillian should not do – she is not a doctor!


Icon_missing_medium samsiam 2 posts

I am so happy for your brother. Praise God! I agree with the others with Jillian not being an asset to The Doctors. She has proven herself for being an awesome health and fitness trainer but she is not a doctor. These sessions dealing with addictions, I personally feel Dr Wendy Walsh would be even more effective.

If anyone from the program is monitoring this forum….Please go back to Jillian being an occasional guest dealing with health and fitness.

100_0500_medium paisa2011 1 post

Todays episode seemed too much like a reality show.  Didn’t like it.  

Icon_missing_medium newtondak 43 posts

The real “Wake-up Call” should be to the producers – you are losing viewers with this format – people are offended with Jillian and the way she treats people.


Icon_missing_medium JennyJones43 2 posts

I agree with everyone else…the show seems “gimmicky”…I prefer the factual format, not all the yelling and arguing.  Jillian and the other new lady doctor yell too much and you really never get to hear the medical information that we previously tuned in for.  You can tell this show is being influenced by “Dr. Phil”, because it’s turning into a confrontational carbon copy.  Stop trying to make the show “exciting”.  It’s not.  It’s irritating and all the new people aren’t good daytime talk show hosts.  I’ve been turning the channel too.  There’s enough of this garbage elsewhere on TV.  Your show used to be very instructional and informational…now it’s just more of the same.  Please go back to the old format!

Icon_missing_medium bkemmer 1 post

I am very disapointed in the show, i used to watch daily but now i do not.  It seems like i am watching “The biggest Loser” which i do not watch.  I think watching her yell and scream at everyone is nonsense.  I will not watch again until it gets back to the old show ways.  Used to watch faithfully.

Icon_missing_medium jreese 1 post

I loved the show untill Jillian took over.  She is too loud and pushy.  It isn’t even close to being the same show.  I will not be watching it this season. I will return to watching it when it has real Dr.s discussing the topics that every ordinary person has questions about.  I only signed into this site to express my feelings about NOT liking the new “host” Jillian.  She should call Dr. Phil and get her own show that she can yell at people on.  I really miss the old format. I honestly enjoy the original team and loved watching the show when it was just them. 

Icon_missing_medium WaterTigress 1 post

I signed up specifically to voice my opinion on the new format. As an avid watcher, who is overweight, and in general likes being inspired, I find Jillian’s attitude offensive and anything but inspiring. I actually enjoyed her occasional stints on The Doctors; however, she is so combative as a general contributor that I have gone from a daily viewer, to essentially deciding to change the channel after no more than five minutes. I am also a nontraditonal student, who as a mother of two who is 36 years old, is going back to college to become a doctor. I was just invited to join the National Honor Society at our school, for which you must have completed several credits with a minimum 3.5 gpa. I am only saying this, because even though I am working on my weight, the reason I do not like the new format and Jillian’s contribution to it is not because I lack will power and drive. 


266745_medium cafelover 1 post

I am in the minority here on this one show….I am addicted to smoking and it is an addiction.  I believe that people do need that push that Jillian did….I am sorry no one can understand this. 


I do not know if she is a regular on the show or not…I’ve watched in the past and she was not….she is not a doctor thus wondering myself….BUT as stated, for me, this show was good….I wish I had her pushing me/yelling/whatever it takes to quit…I shall do it on my own for me….I also liked the part where the vomiting was explained….


Thanks for hearing one side…I understand what you all are saying.

Icon_missing_medium princesstiki 1 post

I also signed up to voice my opinion.  I and many of my friends have been avid viewers since the show started, but can’t stand watching the Jillinan Michaels show now.  I have learned so much over the last couple of years and have changed my lifestyle.  I now can not stomach watching now that she is running the show.  The doctors even look like they do not enjoy being there anymore.  The show needs to go back to the old format without Jillian as a host or they will not have a show too much longer.  I will be back as a viewer when she is gone.

Icon_missing_medium sugarplum64 1 post

The show was awesome up until this new season.  Jillian is in no way a medical doctor and will never be one and she should not be on the show as a regular!!  she seems to do nothing but yell her head off and it is stupid the way they have turned it into just another  junk talk/reality show.  It used to be a good enjoyable show to watch and now it is crap.


Icon_missing_medium ottlane 5 posts

I thought I would watch again today, but have absolutely no interest in this new format. Loved this show in the past..they got great ratings, now? I think the show is heading in the wrong direction and I am sure the ratings are dropping significantly….sad….

Icon_missing_medium leatrice 1 post

The show has taken a downturn since Jillian Michaels has been added to the cast.  I will no longer watch it and predict the show will hot have a long life on tv.

Icon_missing_medium kakow 7 posts

Jillian is so controversial.   I miss the original panel.   They had great chemistry.  

Icon_missing_medium Kaypros 1 post

Having Jillian host this show has been a huge boon to Dr. Oz, as the entire continent has switched over to the only sane medical show left.


Icon_missing_medium debra c 5 posts

Personally, I think the show needed a change. I was getting bored hearing about the same topics everytime I put the show on. I have to wonder why is Jillian Michaels on as a regular…she is NOT a doctor?! Not only is she not a doctor but she is so obnoxious and takes over the whole show. She also has too many opions about topics she knows nothing about.

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