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Img_1486_medium mawma7 3 posts

I literally HATE The Doctors having Jillian Michaels on their show. She has the filithest mouth of anyone I know, esp. for a woman… I skip the show a lot now just because I don’t want to hear her mouth spouting filth… Get rid of her please??

April_2010_hedy_medium hedpig 412 posts

LOL>LOL> wow you have voiced what so many others have as well…woohoo

we have threads ALREADY  about our feelings for  jillian … did you post on the YAY OR NAY thread?

or even the one from sept 12 where we are all commenting on the thread ‘huge mistake’?

please go post there..

also ask friends to join those posts with their pos or neg comments..

TWEET the doctors..they are on the right side of this page..

post on facebook…

thanks…we need to get the show to listen to us..



Icon_missing_medium tacoyum 1 post

Jillian Michaels does not belong on “The Doctors” – she is not a doctor!  I also was highly offended by her foul language. Using language such as this shows her lack of  language skills.  She is a detriment to the show.  Travis, remove her after this series of addicts in the house is over.

Icon_missing_medium rugby11 1 post

Couldn’t agree more with the previous posts. I think “The Doctors” is a better show without Jillian Michael’s. 

She really doesn’t add to the value of the show… I truly feel the show’s was best in the very original format, the four doctors, less all the hype and product advertising that gets subliminally snuck in on every show!

Just go back to what grew the show’s popularity in the beginning and stop trying to reinvent the wheel.


Img_1486_medium mawma7 3 posts

Hedpig, no, I haven’t posted on this subject before, all I know is this…. I didn’t watch the weight loss show BECAUSE of Jillian Michaels… her mouth is so filthy, I don’t do that and I hate to hear it on my TV also. I just turn to something else. Having her on the show is a big mistake and I hope The Doctor’s realize that very soon.

Icon_missing_medium JMarieL 5 posts

I’ll repeat what I wrote in another thread:

What a disappointment. I LOVED The Doctors in previous years, but usually tuned out whenever Jillian was on. Now to have her on so much – it’s just not the same. The original four are all kind, gentle, knowledgeable, considerate – I always learned so much from each and every show. Jillian is harsh, abrasive, loud – a totally different energy that just doesn’t fit. They ruined a very good thing. I may have to switch to Dr. OZ!

Icon_missing_medium popo7994 9 posts

I love Jillian, her new series Wake Up Call has helped my brother (the guy that chews) sooooooo much, he has 3 weeks under his belt without chewing…..just what my brother needed…..A WAKE UP CALL!!!


Icon_missing_medium MARJEANNE 18 posts

Just wanted to add to my other thoughts by bringing it to the attention of the cast that Jillian is in the middle of the picture shown here. Looks like she is the star of the show while the real stars are pushed back. Who makes these decisions. Fight back cast members. I love Lisa and if anyone should be front and center , it should be her.

Icon_missing_medium debs51 1 post

I would like to say congratulations to Dr. Stork and Dr. Sears on their engagements. My husband and I LOVED your show until now. We have been thoroughly disappointed in the changes that you have made. We don’t like Jillian or Dr. Walsh. The other day there was so much screaming and yelling, you didn’t know who was saying what. Sometimes change is good but in this case, it’s BAD. You’ve ruined one of our favorite shows and one that we actually looked forward to watching every night. I can see that others have the same opinion so maybe you can change it back to just the original four and special guests. It’s not too late to fix this before your audience tunes in to another show.




Zoeywithlittleman_medium rickris 1 post

I cannot take much more of Jillian Michaels. They have turned this wonderful show into a yelling match like THE VIEW. And WHY does JM take front & center of Dr. Lisa in the promo picture? It was much better when JM was a guest host, I could turn it off. PLEASE re-think her contributions and value to the audience. She may be knowledgeable, but she is not a doctor, and her aggressive in your face approach is NOT conducive to The Doctors episodes of the past. 

Blossom_medium ParisLawson 4 posts

Jillian’s loud mouth was perfect for the biggest loser, but falls flat on the Doctors. I feel like she has taken the show away from the other doctors. They can’t get a word in becuase she’s always yelling at someone.

I’ve started watching Ellen and won’t be back until Jillian is gone. To the person who thought adding her was a good idea…she’s fine in small doses (as a guest once in a while) but she’s too much for every day.

She should have just gotten her own show instead of taking this one over.

Icon_missing_medium miloandotis 1 post

Jillian Michals has completely ruined the Doctors.  If you do not get rid of her I think your fan base will drop.  It is a real shame.

April_2010_hedy_medium hedpig 412 posts


so many have already left.

others have removed the show from their recording devices..

i think it is terrible. and just do not understand what is going on.

even dr phil is going down the tubes.

i quit watching him as well…

when he does regular people again.i might tune in. but i could care less about  ‘rating getting’ guests.

that is what i think  jillian was going to be for this show..a ratings draw

perhaps they thought her huge fan base from her tapes etc would join in..


Icon_missing_medium megzmom 5 posts

I have watched the doctors since they first started, and I am done with the show now.. I can’t stand Jillian Michaels, they made a huge mistake hiring her for the show.

Fxcam_1299308012892_4_medium avdawson 3 posts

I generally don’t mind Jillian too much, but the thing I really can’t stand is when The Doctors are talking about feminine issues, and Jillian gets all flustered and embarrassed and tries to hurry and change the subject. “The Doctors” is supposed to be a show where they openly talk about things, no matter how embarrassing they might be. Watching Jillian squirm around and make horrified faces while Lisa talks about menstrual cycles makes me feel like i should be embarrassed about what my body does. 

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