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What happened to the show?

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Although I would like to ask a question concerning my health, I relinquish that question in order to ask…WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SHOW?  I don’t want to hear these women argue and I don’t want an expert when I need a doctor.  (please stop interrupting…to get your point across, it is disrespectful)  Once again…what happened?  No doctor on the show would go to an expert for their health concerns, except maybe weight loss and that’s not a tip of the iceburg when it comes to health.  I don’t think I would go to a doctor who does not listen…but argues when their thinking is disagreeable.  I use to love this show.  I recorded it everyday in order to see it.  Now, I think I am close to passing.  Dr. Lisa has to validate being a doctor by constantly saying her field (OB/GYN), could it be that she knows that when individuals need professional help for their health, an expert may not be the best option.  I like Jillian on the Biggest loser and even as a guest, but not as a member of the Doctors.  What message are we sending, hype and acceptance is more important than facts and knowledge from skilled professionals who have gone through the necessary requirements to assist individuals with health concerns.  Once again, what happened?  I would like a response from the show?

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Forums September 15, 2011 - In Depth: Sex in America What happened to the show?



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