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Is squash permitted on cylce one?

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Photo_avatarj_medium coloa 8 posts

Hi there,

I’m wondering if I can eat squash during the 17 day diet. I would eat spaghetti squash but I don’t know if I can.

Thanks for your help

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

Yes.  Squash is more of a starchy vegetable, allowed on C2.


Photo_avatarj_medium coloa 8 posts

Thanks for the info Melissa

Icon_missing_medium debrockman 2 posts

I have personally decided to make some small revisions to cycle 1 approved fruits and vegetables. My rationale is this. First, Dr. Moreno is not a dietician and there are some weird things about what he calls low sugar fruits and vegetables. I have been an Atkins afficionado for years. I have always been able to eat summer squash and zucchini and peppers on Atkins. I have also been able to have peppers. I have had cantaloupe and watermelon. They are all low carb. They are also high fiber. The fact that grapes and peaches ARE on the list, when cantaloupe and watermelon are not….uh, that’s just not right. So I am EXCLUDING peaches/oranges and grapes and adding watermelon and cantaloupe. I am including summer squach, zucchini and peppers.

The thing is this. I have eaten those foods on Atkins and have lost a ton of weight, while at the SAME time, eating avocadoes, mayo, cheese, steaks, etc. Even WITH the addition and substitution of these fruits and veggies, we will be reducing carbs and calories SIGNIFICANTLY more than even Adkins allows. It’s fine. What’s most important is that we find something that isn’t so boring we can’t stick with it through all the necessary cycles we need to get on track.

What I LOVE about this diet is the very realistic plan for maintenance. MUCH easier to figure out than Adkins weird plan of adding things back til you start gaining weight. This is very doable for most working people.

Icon_missing_medium nataliebea 20 posts

debrockman – I totally agree with you! I was surprised about the grapes, too. And in cycle 2 he has the power cookie, which has dried cherries in it, but then cherries aren’t allowed until Cycle 3 – but in the footnote about fruit in Cycle three he says to stick to lower sugar fruits and all the cycle 1 fruits are listed PLUS cherries! I googled “low-sugar fruits” and cherries are NOT low sugar, and neither are red grapes. I think this was a little mistake in the book. I was very rigid the first two cycles and tried to ONLY eat/drink what it said – then I realized that you DO have to tweak it slightly, as long as you’re sticking to the basic idea. Obviously Cycle 1 is very low carb – but healthy too (as in no mayo, bacon, steak, cheeses – as they’re allowed on Atkins) and then you’re slowly adding stuff in via Cycle 2-3. But let’s face it, there are a world of foods/drinks that would be allowed but can’t be listed as the book would be as big as a dictionary!
And I agree with you too that I love the maintenance plan!
I just went off Cycle 3 – my goal was to lose 18 pounds total and I’ve lost 13 so I’m feeling very good about this diet. I need to get a little more serious and get the last 5 pounds off, but I’ve given myself a little break for a week – then I’m going back to cycle 2.

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