Hearing loss and stroke

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This is the first time I have watched the show and was very interested on the topic of hearing loss is possibly linked as a premature sign of a stroke. I would love to learn more about this study. It’s a little late for our family but it could benefit others. I took care of my father for 10 years. Last year, Dad had a obvious loss in hearing, to the point where we were arguing about him getting a hearing aid because he couldn’t hear me or his granddaughters! It turned into a daily arguement. On December 8th, 6:24am, my father had a massive stroke, I held him while I called 911. On January 9th, I lost my Dad and my best friend. If this link between hearing and strokes is even possible, there should definitely be more studies, maybe we can prevent families from being torn apart from strokes!

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Doctors: I too have suffered from hearing loss – my left eighth nerve has been diagnosed as “dead”. The frustration is that no medical professional can explain “as to why”? I have had an ENT find that no sounds are audible on the left side, the Neurosurgeon has indicated that it appears that I did not suffer from any trauma nor a stroke – he confirms that the eighth nerve is dead, never to return again. My MRI indicates some gliosis and some lack of blood flow to the right side of my brain. An ultra sound of my coratid indicates some plaque but not enough to have caused blood flow interruptions to my brain. I am at my wits end – no one can seem to tell my why. Sudden hearing loss can and does occur – the reasons are unknown and I am told of the ones that lose hearing in one ear – there is the chance 5% of those to lose it in their other ear. Now with your comments that this could be the onset of a possible stroke concerns me even more. WHAT TO DO?

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I wish I knew. Maybe go to a different doctor? Maybe get in contact with one of the doctors on the show and see if they can recommend someone? Everyday they are advancing in the medical industry and learning more and more about the human body. It is truly amazing I and honestly believe that EVERY part of our body is linked. Cause and Effect, just like the butterfly effect. I hope that you get positive answers and that you NEVER experience a stroke!

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2 years ago, my ear popped, I lost my hearing in that ear ever since. The Dr.s at Mayo (after several test, MRI) said it was because a viral infection in the cochlea. good news is that if it happens in one ear, normally won’t happen in the other. (that is all the good news) also, it has happened that the hearing has come back, but not to count on it (!!) this is the first i heard about the stroke. I was told that it happens to about 15000 people a year.

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In May 2008 after a nearly all night vigil trying to keep my mother alive after a fall at her nursing home I went to bed and woke up at 5:30 am having a dizzy spell. That afternoon at 3pm, I answered the phone only to realize I was completely deaf in my right ear. No doctor could answer why or what would happen next, I was the local anomaly. I called my family physician and had him look at both MRI’s and CT scans (2 each). Even the radiologists had not seen what had happened to me – my cochlea had bled. They figured I would have an acoustic neroma so were surprised to see the bleed. My physician contacted another specialist who had doctored his daughter for a brain injury. Apparently I had a stroke that was very rare. I don’t fit the profile – drug abuse, leukemia, and radiation exposure – so it’s anybody’s guess. I was told I would never get my hearing back, but have gotten some by using Lipo Flavanoids Plus, a Nettie Pot, and the Mozart Syndrome. Acupuncture helped but I could no longer afford to continue.

Question is, was it really a stroke or was it radiation exposure from the 2500+ minutes per month spent on the cell phone for my business. I understand that Realtors, Physicians, and Contractors are the top three who have acoustic neromas could this be a new issue for us?

I lost all my hearing in 1994 from meningitis and got back 100 per cent when I was told I would never hear again and hope that will be the case here. If you have any ideas on this stroke it would be interesting to hear.

A side note and benefit to my attempt to help my hearing is rather odd. The Nettie Pot has cured my bladder issues. I thought it was menopause causing me to have to be up and down all night. Come to find out I am not the only person who started sleeping through the night after using the Nettie Pot – for those not familiar with the Nettie pot, it’s a sinus rinse.

My latest doctor appointment was interesting because I think he is the most wonderful Doctor I have ever had the pleasure to know and very knowledgeable. But he had never heard of Lipo Flavanoids Plus (it gets rid of the ringing and helps bring some hearing back) and after talking about the Nettie Pot curing the up and down all night he’s going to recommend it to patients he’s worked with for years who seem not to find a cure to the aggravating issue. Neither of us knows why, but it does work.

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