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Picture_3_medium pmiller1972 2 posts

When I heard what was said about the symptoms of Celiac disease, it rang true to me that many of the symptoms discussed are what my mom has been struggling with for years and finding no comfort for.  I became concerned about the illness and actually had the glutaminase blood test to see if I also might have the illness.  Have not heard anything back about the test as of yet but my mom always thinks it is just simple indigestion and doesn’t want to get tested.  What other things can you tell me about Celiac disease that could really help me to get her to be checked out for it?  She is 76 and I am concerned about her health.  Also, she gets these rashes on the shin portion of her legs which we thought was an allergy but was wondering if this is connected to the Celiac disease.

Normal_soccer_20ball_medium emalkire 42 posts

Sounds like your Mom has Dermatitis Herpetiformis the Skin Manifestation of Celiac Disease. Yes you can have both skin and gastric symptoms. She can have a skin biopsy to confirm that and she won’t need the blood tests. It’s hard to get people to see that their illness can be something more serious than it is. Maybe once you get your test results back she will want to get tested. If you do have Celiac and start a gluten free diet once your Mom sees how much better you are on the diet she may try it and find for herself she feels better she’ll get tested.

Picture_3_medium pmiller1972 2 posts

That is what I thought as well that it could be Dermatitis Herpetiformis and I really need to relay this information to her general practitioner so that he can get her seen by a GI doctor and also a dermatologist if need be.  I told her that because of the problems digesting gluten she could become worse and end up in the hospital but she is stubborn and afraid to go to the doctor with this issue.  She feels that she is always bloated in her upper abdomen and at times can have bouts of diarrhea which can come up out of nowhere.  She always says that she is in a lot of pain in her abdomen and it causes her problems sleeping.  She even goes without eating at times because she does not want to irritate her stomach.  I also noticed she is getting cramps which go from the hamstrings and down to the Achilles tendon and down to the feet.

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I am 65 now and have been told I had ibs years ago. About a month ago I started having indigestion and a lot of bloating, gas, and nausea and constipation. I’ve been taking probiotics and psyllium husk and a stomach formula from the health food store. The constipation is better but still have the other symptoms. Is celiac disease something you can get later in life or are you born with it? Getting worried. thnx may

Normal_soccer_20ball_medium emalkire 42 posts

may, it’s genetic. So you need the genes for it and a trigger somekind of stressor like childbirth, stress, illness, anything that stresses the body. You can be born with it active or it can become active at any other time in your life. More and more older people are being diagnosed with it each month. Sounds like you may benefit a gluten free diet. You can do a challenge for a week and see if your symptoms ease up and then go to your doctor and ask to be tested or ask now for the blood tests – celiac panel it’s called. But you must be eating gluten for the tests to come out accurately so it would be better to ask for the tests first.

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