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Foreskin restoration - non-surgical methods

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The Doctors recently talked about surgical foreskin restoration for circumcised men to undo some of the damage from their circumcision. They did not mention non-surgical foreskin restoration, which allows many men to easily and inexpensively undo some of their circumcision damage.

Infant circumcision removes the foreskin, which protects the penis, contains erogenous tissue, and provides a gliding action during sex. Oftentimes, the doctor removes too much of the foreskin, resulting in tight erections, skin bridges, and other problems when the infant becomes an adult. Non-surgical foreskin restoration allows the remaining shaft skin to be expanded to form a skin tube that acts like a foreskin. I am restoring my foreskin by manual tugging a few times a day, a few minutes at a time. Within months my sexual pleasure increased many fold. I now have whole body orgasms. As I restore my foreskin, we stopped needing to use lube and my wife no longer gets sore from sex.

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Do I detect a change in the Doctors’ attitude toward circumcision?  After ridiculing intact men in a former episode, it seems that they are finally doing their homework and finding that many men are sufficiently upset by having been circumcised without their consent, that foreskin restoration is getting to be a common goal.  Now, they need to check non-surgical restoration to understand what their unethical behavior in performing neonatal circumcision is forcing men to go through.  Also, before accepting conclusions bloated by media reports, it would improve their knowledge of the subject to read the original reports, the validity of the observations and of the statistics, and the basis for the authors’ conclusions.

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Forums June 23, 2011 - Why Do Men … Foreskin restoration - non-surgical methods



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