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Dsc04750_medium Lilliana 9 posts

I tape your progarmme every day and then I watch it in the evening when I am going through my taped programme. I saw this week’s but do not remember the one where you turn your fat bellin into a flat belly. Can you suggest where I can go to on the internet and get that episode again, please, I would like to view it and see what advice you have given.


Pic_of_me_medium UMMommy2010 3 posts

Please tell me how to lose this big belly of mine… I had 4 children and I’m having a hard time losing the belly and my doctor recommended to me that I should lose weight in order to keep my body in good health

Tina1_medium TinaB 1 post

Please tell me how to lose my big belly I have had 3 girls and several surgery’s and can’t seem to get rid of it at all and I need to lose it so I can do so much more with my kids. I am an asthmatic so it does get a bit hard at times for me. I just want to be health again for myself and my girls.


Icon_missing_medium mommyoffour 2 posts

I’m starting the HCG diet next week. I can’t wait until I start and lose weight. I have 4 children and have struggled with my weight ever since I became a mom. So after 18yrs of having weight issues, I’m taking charge, I’m so excited…

Icon_missing_medium fburke 1 post

I did not get to tape this program and really want the information. Can it be email to me. thank you

Doc_thumb_medium TheDoctorsBo... 918 posts

To request a transcript of any show, go to the top of your page, run your cursor over EPISODES and click on TRANSCRIPTS. A new page will open and from there you chose which show you would like. You will be taken to a new page with a drop down menu to the far left where you will be given the option for a DVD shipped, a transcript shipped or a transcript downloaded. 

Img0034 deb803 1 post

I hope I remember to for sure watch about the Belly Fat. I try to watch everyday, but some times I don’t get to watch.  I need to get rid of mine. 

Adoni_and_mommy_by_the_red_lion_medium A_J_08_10 5 posts

I WILL make sure that I am able to watch this episode 2mara. I usually watch when it comes on @ 1:37pm here in FL.

Icon_missing_medium seniorhelpso 1 post

I am concerned with health issues, especially as it pertains to seniors. I watch your program regularly to keep current on these issues and topics, and have considered your information to be for the most part useful and fairly well balanced.

At the request of someone close to me I browsed your website this morning seeking additional information on a brief mention of Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD) on your Feb. 1, 2011 broadcast.

Out of curiosity I followed the heading link ‘1 Tip of a Flat Belly’. This leads to a page with the heading ‘News 7 brief – Health: Acai Berry Diet- It Really Works’.

This web page appears to be an editorial news piece in an expositional style. If the reader looks much more closely they will discover in the very top line of the heading bar that this is an ‘advertorial’, in other words advertising that is disguised as if it were news.
While I understand that there may be truth to the message, I am disappointed at the use of this deceptive practice of advertisers acting as if their sales pitch is somehow ‘News’.

I would also expect that The Doctors would show more integrity to the truth to allow the use of this deceptive practice on your website. I am sure that your readers and viewers will click through on this ADVERTISEMENT many times today, and that it will create revenue both for you and your advertiser. I wonder how many of your readers, who trust you for information, will be sold by this ‘News’.

Dsc04750_medium Lilliana 9 posts

I cn assue you that this must be an advertisemen. I drink and drank Acai berries, even Acai and pomogranates juices and they are healthy for you, but they do not make you lose weight that is all bull****. In all fairness, I do not think that the doctors have anything to do with the ad. However, I could be wrong.

Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1472 posts

You can find information from today’s show on the SHOW SYNOPSIS page.  To get there go up to EPISODES, choose TODAY’S SHOW.  On that page next to the Video box you will see SHOW SYNOPSIS along with other links related to the show.  


For older shows choose THIS WEEK, or ARCHIVES from the drop down menu.

Picture_43_medium AAthanas 10 posts

I watched this episode to hear any new info – but found it to be sadly lacking in USEFUL CONTENT. When you remove the commercials, the lead-ins, the hype, the repetitive re-introductions of coming segments, and the cutesy fluff chit-chat among the doctors, there is only about 5 minutes devoted to actual content on the subject matter. Today’s “cutting edge” suggestions boiled down to “park further and walk” and “do 30 minutes of walking a day.” These are useful tidbits, but they’ve been gone over countless times in the print and television media regarding weight loss for about 35+ years now. They do not represent any up-to-the-minute “how to’s” as implied in the previews for this episode about belly fat. (BTW, the section about a baby’s bellyache should have been part of a different episode, as it was “off topic” but I guess they needed to give Dr. Sears “props.”)

For the sake of all your viewers who were left “hungry” for DATA, here are some things I’ve learned about belly fat riddance that they can ACTUALLY “take home”:

Belly fat and the omentum is about an overburdened liver; therefore, taking Milk Thistle every morning on an empty stomach will go a long way to unburden the liver, allowing it to metabolize belly fat.

Some people feel it really helps to work out a little bit in the morning before putting anything in one’s mouth. The theory is that fat only is burned this way, rather than what you ate for breakfast. You may still need to work out more later in the day, but doing some exercise on an empty stomach in the morning can cause quicker evidence of weight loss and increase motivation.

Almost all prescriptions and OTC products burden the liver. Try to reduce the burden on the liver by re-examining the need for current prescriptions and OTC drugs. Examine the true need for every prescription you are on and discuss with your doctor if it’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that you be taking it, and don’t grab for OTC pain killers willy nilly. Do your homework to see if there is a natural alternative or herb for your symptoms rather than a quick prescription. Consider going to a naturopath to get to “the bottom of” the real causes for symptoms and addressing those instead.

Try going caffeine free. Coffee, tea, colas and chocolate contain caffeine, which is the enemy of a flat tummy. Caffeine raises cortisol, which causes your body to store belly fat. To counteract the high cortisol you may ALREADY have, try magnolia bark extract (can be bought as a single ingredient tincture). Magnolia bark extract is also one of the main ingredients in a product like Relora or Cortislim. If you must have coffee, try Sanka or a similar substitute. Better yet, turn to HERBAL teas (HERBAL TEAS are NOT black tea, white tea, green tea or Earl Grey tea). Yerba Matte, cinnamon/apple, or chamomile are examples of herbal teas.

BTW, most, green tea contains fluoride (UNLESS it’s been purposefully removed — which will be readily mentioned on the package – otherwise, it’s got fluoride in it…). Fluoride will slow just about anyone’s thyroid and can cause hypothyroidism. You may want to also switch to fluoride-free toothpaste.

Do not drink tap water, it contains fluoride (and a lot of other bad stuff). Distilled water (ordered from Sparkletts or Arrowhead) is best, but you’ll need to supplement with good minerals. They will both deliver distilled water in 5 gallon jugs to your home for slightly more cost than the spring water. Mineral Drops is one product available for that; there are others too.

Soy is found in many “health food bars” or “nutrition bars” and snacks today. However, soy has fallen out of favor for people trying to lose weight who don’t want their thyroid to be slowed down by it. But many food companies have warehouses of soy-containing products they need to unload, so the commercials continue about “the benefits of soy.” Certainly, if you are hypothyroid, don’t eat soy. Many obese women over 35 are hypothyroid and have not been officially diagnosed, or their doctor claims their tests results were “within normal ranges,” yet they have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Fluoride in city water is one reason; soy in practically everything is another.

Sugar and refined carbs are also the enemy of a flat tummy. If you are “hooked” on sugar and refined carbs, try taking “GTF chromium” for a few weeks to help reduce cravings. After the sugar/refined carb monkey is off your back, avoid re-introducing those items back into your diet, as they will again have an addictive effect on you. [For several years now, “Chromium Picolinate” has been considered less helpful than “GTF Chromium,” according to most naturopathic doctors.] Sugar and refined carbs also tend to create an overgrowth of yeast in the body, which also leads to belly fat. Research all about Candida Overgrowth and look for info on an anti-candida eating plan. Consider taking an anti-candida supplement along with that. Excess yeast in your system can cause something called leaky gut syndrome, which means toxins in your colon are resorbed through the now-permeable walls of your colon back into your bloodstream, which the body sees as a threat, and increases cortisol and therefore belly fat.

Taking a good liquid multi and extra B Complex can help reduce cravings for bad carbs.

Many women over 35 have begun to lose progesterone and estrogen. Try a high quality progesterone topical cream that is a single ingredient (not a bunch of other ingredients that you don’t know what they will do to you), and make sure it’s “U.S.P.” grade. Then throw in some Licorice Root Extract, Peony Root Extract and/or Vitex (aka Chaste Tree Berry) for your “estrogen.” The further you are past 35, the more of both the progesterone and the estrogen replacers you will need. If you get breast pain, reduce the amount of the estrogen replacers and increase the progesterone. If you are under excess stress, increase your progesterone: stress eats up progesterone. You never want your estrogen to be higher than your progesterone, or you will develop Estrogen Dominance, which most overweight women already have and don’t know it. It comes from losing both hormones, but losing the progesterone more markedly than the estrogen: thus even though they may be low on both, they are still Estrogen Dominant. If you have the money, see a naturopath to get NATURAL (not synthetic) bioidentical HRT (i.e., “BHRT”). Just make sure for the estrogen you are not given Estradiol, but rather Estriol.

Some naturopaths like to also prescribe testosterone as part of their BHRT protocol, after testing to see if you are also low on that. If you start taking testosterone and start developing adult acne, you need to reduce testosterone intake. Some women have great difficulty losing weight b/c they have PCOS. They are usually told they have excess testosterone, but it may ALSO be that they simply are extremely LOW on both progesterone and estrogen, making their testosterone SEEM high, causing PCOS symptoms. In that case, they would benefit from increasing progesterone and (good) estrogen replacers (or natural BHRT estrogen, i.e. Estriol), WITHOUT supplementing with testosterone. Over time, they could try supplementing with testosterone slowly, but if adult acne appears, they should back off.

Now imagine you are over 35, losing progesterone markedly, and also losing some estrogen, but you are constantly being exposed to something called “xenoestrogens” which are BAD ESTROGENS. Now you will REALLY be Estrogen Dominant! Google the list of symptoms of Estrogen Dominance and I swear most of you will be looking in a “symptom mirror.”

Fat stores containing so-called “bad estrogens” has a lot to do with breast cancer AND belly fat. THESE ARE DIFFERENT ESTROGENS THAN YOU WOULD GET WITH BIOIDENTICAL HRT OR TAKING LICORICE EXTRACT, PEONY ROOT AND/OR VITEX (CHASTE TREE BERRY). The bad estrogens are also called “xenoestrogens.” They come from microwaving food in plastic trays, drinking hot drinks from Styrofoam cups, many beauty products, being exposed to petroleum-based fumes, pesticides on produce (wash first) and all around our environment. They are sometimes unavoidable. To reduce bad estrogens trapped in your fat stores (where they –OMG — create MORE FAT of all things…), eat cruciferous veggies. Cruciferous veggies target and remove xenoestrogens from fat stores. However, if you are hypothyroid, cruciferous veggies will cancel the effects of your thyroid medications and maybe even go beyond that (especially if eaten RAW). In that case, try a product called DIM and/or Indole-3-Carbinol (some people take BOTH). They will give the benefits of eating cruciferous veggies, WITHOUT the downside of negating hypothyroid medications. Now you can get rid of the bad estrogens, reintroduce needed falling progesterone, reintroduce a little bit of the GOOD estrogens, and thereby balance your hormones. Breast pain indicates too much estrogen (even good estrogen excess will produce breast pain so back off); adult acne indicates too much testosterone.

Another great product for re-balancing hormones is MACA POWDER. The taste can be a turn-off, but mixing it with juice, or milk and a little cocoa powder can help you stomach it.

Stress causes us to use up our minerals in our body. This situation causes our body to “uptake” heavy metals from our environment, such as lead and mercury. Heavy metal toxicity is more rampant that many people realize, and it causes difficulty losing weight and belly fat. That is because the body sees the heavy metal toxicity as an invader and goes into “fight or flight” mode, or high cortisol levels, which has been shown to increase belly fat. There are many heavy metal detox products on the market. Some people believe taking EDTA is the best way to go; others like products that do not contain EDTA. Be sure to remember to use your Mineral Drops during and after a course of heavy metal detoxifying, as these products remove the good minerals along with the heavy metals. Products containing EDTA (I think SourceNaturals has a straight EDTA product) will make you sleepy, but you will awaken with more vibrancy and less belly fat.

Some people, even those who have never been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, are STILL very sensitive to gluten. Consider removing gluten from your diet to see if that helps with belly fat.

I have discovered that the pre-made salads at Fresh & Easy (especially the Harvest Apple Chicken Cranberry Salad) are much fresher, have higher quality ingredients, and are more generous in portion to fast food salads or those at other grocery outlets, AND they are cheaper. I am creating my own “Jenny Craig” at home by buying several such salads at a time for a no brainer food decision. I also pre-soft boil jumbo eggs to grab for quick high quality protein, along with string cheese. High fiber Wassa Crackers are great dipped in homemade salsa. Amy’s Vegetable Soup is gluten-free and very satisfying; I buy it by the CASE with free shipping on Amazon! Navel oranges are a good snack high in Vitamin C with lots of fiber. Trader Joe’s carries some healthy Indian frozen entrees, like Trader Joe’s brand Tikka Masala. Between all these items, I have ready-to-go choices that make sense for me.

BTW, I went on Jenny Craig 3 years ago and GAINED 10 pounds. After Googling my situation, I learned several other people had the same experience because they were also hypothyroid and sensitive to the excessive SOY in most of their entrees. NutriSystem has less soy in their entrees (or they did in 2007), but their food LACKED so much nutrition that my hair started falling out (which sort of goes against their NAME) – plus their food was AWFUL. I wouldn’t waste my money on either of these programs.

However, some fresher, healthier companies are out there now giving them both a run for their money, if you want to spend the money, those are probably not a bad option.

I am doing basically the same thing with my salads, soup, wassa and salza, oranges, string cheese, Indian entrees and soft-boiled eggs.

We were lied to for decades about the dangers of eggs; now they are admitting that eggs are fine and that high cholesterol is REALLY caused by sugar and refined carbs. Although I am not a Stage One Adkins Diet proponent (hormones in beef and dairy along with muscle loss on zero carbs), Dr. Adkins was totally right about eggs being okay and cholesterol problems actually being caused by sugar and refined carbs. POINT: You can’t always believe what mainstream media tells you. In the case of The Doctors, you can’t always go solely on what they cover in any given show – often important content is left unspoken. I find that Dr. Oz is a little more forthcoming and that may be because he is less reliant on advertisers.

2530726328_77b4caf6b5_medium statesiteshoney 1 post

i bought the “Lean Belly Prescription” as a valentine gift to my self and i am excited to get it.  i have been over wieght for far to long.  after my husband died 3 yrs ago i really packed on pounds and i cant seem to lose it as fast as  put it on.  so here is to a new healthier me for my kids cuz they need me!!!!  



Dsc04750_medium Lilliana 9 posts

You know, it behoves me sometimes to see so many obese women and man on the TV, I feel very sorry for them because I know that they do not love themselves at all. To let yourself go like that is very insecure. I am not skinny, or thin even, but I do not consider myself fat either. However, just like a lot of people I do have a problem with my tummy. I had cancer 2 years ago, or rather 3 almost and they had to give mer a mastactomy to my left breast and I had reconstructive survery called Tram and man it was painful, but I wanted to kill two birds with one stone, I wanted to get rid of the rummy and have a boob at the same time. It worked and boy I loved the flatness of my tummy for about 9 months and then it started to expand a bit, not much, I still wear size 10/12 depending on the make, but it was lovely and wish I could have stayed that way. My appetite really decreased and I still do not eat much, in that I came to the conclusion that when you get to a certain age, weight does not drop off to easily so I keep trying. I do not execise as much as I should and that is my downfall in the winter as it is too cold ouside, but when spring comes then I start my walking. However, I do walk as much as I can in my daily routine, if I have to go to the hospital or the Diatebes centre, I park on nearby streets and walk to the bildings and I walk about 10 to 15 minutes each way, which is good, not to take into consideration the fact that I do other walking. I wish I could find a way where I can lose the weight and it does not come back. Any advice.

Icon_missing_medium mommyoffour 2 posts

Lilliana, your comment about obese people not loving themselves isn’t a fair comment. There are alot of us who have health issues like thyroid disease that makes losing weight almost impossible. It is a constant battle everyday to look as good on the outside as I do on the inside. I love myself, just my body doesn’t love me.

Dsc04750_medium Lilliana 9 posts

Mommy of four, I understand how the comment felt, but I was not referring to people that have health issues, I too have a thyroid problem, I believe I have an under-active one and I just had a whole bunch of tests that were ordered to me by my doctor, and I was telling her that no matter what I do, I eat very little, do not drink pop, or soda, do not take sugar, althouhg I do fall off the wagon and eat some baked goods with my coffee and then feel bad afterwards, but hey life is too short and I only get one crack at it and live each day as if it is my last day. Believe me, I was referring to people that are obese and keep eating all kinds of food that makes them more fatter, they obviously do not love themselves, you know my motto is love yourself before you can love others, You know life is not a bad of roses and everyone has some kind of problem, and I think talking to someone a friend or even sending e-mails to each other for help. I would love to help you if you will let me. You and I know that there are many people that eat 2-3 hamburgers the big one that does not fit into your mouth and french fries, etc, however, if you are trying, you will get my admiration. Would like to discuss this problem with me. My sone is so oberse and he willl not listen to me when I tell him that he is a walking time bomb. He is only 40 and he takes Lipidor or Crestal at a higher dosage than I do, he has diabetes, which I have been telling him that he will get cause it is heridatry from my family, all my family, paternal and maternal died of a diabetes-caused ailment, he does not listen and we always have fights, he thinks I am critiing him, but I do not want to bury my son, I want him to bury me, that would be a very hard slap to take. Keep loving yourself and you will succeed. Portion size is very important. I take Llipitor so I cannot drink or eat grapefruit, but if you can eat grapefruit, I was on a grapefruit diet and I lost a lot of weight with it. I had either a small glass of juice or bought the fruit itself, have you tried that. If you drink pop or sodas, stop them and I can guarantee you that you will lose a few pounds a month. Anyway, dear, if you want to discuss the issue, call on me.

Take care

Picture_43_medium AAthanas 10 posts


I’m so sorry to hear about your bout of breast cancer, but applaud your overcoming it.

Perhaps I can shed a little light on your particular situation.

But first, let me push back a little on your statement that obese women have let themselves go and do not like themselves. There are a lot of prescriptions people must be on that make them gain weight without changing anything they are doing, and there are also endocrinological and glandular conditions that are becoming more rampant in our polluted environment (certain COMMON pollutants are hormone disruptors) which cause weight gain without doing anything different, and many other circumstances too lengthy to outline here can affect weight, especially in women.

As you mention, you are neither obese nor skinny, but are still struggling YOURSELF with belly fat. You have tried many methods and none seem to work, which you chalk up to aging (which may play a role, or not, depending on your situation). It would be so unfair (and inaccurate) for anyone to say that you have “let yourself go” or that you “don’t like yourself” simply because of having some belly fat. From the perspective of an 18 year old rail thin athlete/model, in her mind, you would be considered “totally out of control overweight and out of shape.” She could believe you have let yourself go/don’t like yourself — and that would be wrong. And when you look at a woman who is more overweight than YOU by comparison, it is equally wrong/unfair for you to say that she has let herself go/doesn’t like herself — especially not grasping fully all the factors that may be in play regarding her. It’s simply a matter of DEGRES: various medical and environmental conditions, and how long those influences have been affecting that person can determine the result. The more overlapping conditions and environmental exposures/sensitivities a woman has, and the longer they have been affecting her without solution, the more the increase in the accumulation of fat over time, but it does not mean that she has let herself go or dislikes herself. She may dislike her body — but despite what the media tells us, that is totally distinct from her SELF).

IF any obese women erroneously “does not like herself,” it has only to do with how she is perceived, looked at and TREATED by individuals and society, which evidently erroneously believes that her body is her SELF. Individuals and society look only at the Earth Vehicle and decide they are going to purposefully mistreat that person on that basis, assuming that a person’s BODY IS the person. Then the person erroneously internalizes that hostility upon themselves — it does not originate WITHIN. We are all born with a normal amount of self-esteem… This is all the function of the misbelief that we are taught in society that we ARE our bodies, not our spirits inside. Once a woman learns that her body is simply her Earth Vehicle, not who she is, and that her spirit inside is SEPARTE from her body and IS the real her, she can stop being vulnerable to erroneous (based on lies) self-esteem issues with regard to her body image. She would still be wise to work on her health, which will, in turn, improve her outer appearance. But her self-esteem will not be affected by her appearance EITHER WAY.

Age DOES affect belly fat, mostly because we lose progesterone, estrogen and testosterone (listed in the order of degree from greatest loss to least loss). I don’t know if you are on HRT (the old-fashioned kind that is synthetic and includes the use of Progestin (which is NOT the same thing as progesterone). I don’t know if you have ever tried natural bio-identical HRT and been tested for all your P,E & T levels by a doctor or naturopathic physician. If you are not on any kind of HRT and have never taken any either, you could look into that. If you prefer to try a more “herbal” approach, you could simply add Licorice Root Extract and U.S.P.-grade natural progesterone cream (topical) to see if that makes your belly fat elimination work better. Those are both available online without a prescription. You may experience some other helpful effects than just the reduction of belly fat with those.

It makes sense that if someone has accumulated belly fat that getting a tummy tuck may only be a temporary fix — because the conditions that led to the belly fat STILL EXIST. For someone of your heritage (I’m guessing Irish or Scottish or some Celtic background), it is very common to have Celiac Disease (undiagnosed perhaps) or at least a strong sensitivity to gluten. Whether you actually have Celiac Disease or are simply sensitive to gluten, you might try going STRICTLY gluten free for a few weeks so see if that helps.

BTW, smoking and alcohol are going to work against belly fat reduction efforts. But I doubt either of these is an issue with you, because you couldn’t possibly honestly believe there is going to be anything effective against belly fat if you are using either tobacco or alcohol.

The other issue is the liver. Google everything you can about liver detoxification and cleansing and get some Milk Thistle (cheap). Try taking it on an empty stomach every morning with water before breakfast. There are ALSO other herbs and nutritional steps you can take that directly support the liver — all of which can be found on the internet with some study. The longer we live, the more likely our liver is fatty and/or toxic and unable to do its job of processing fat. In fact, the liver itself TURNS into fat, therefore is unable to process fat. Milk Thistle turned my fatty liver (NAFLD) into a normal liver on ultrasound in 2 months!

Of course, a good colon cleanse can really help unburden the liver and jumpstart a weight loss effort and make efforts work BETTER. I like CleanSmart by Renew Life (widely available). SOME of what you might be seeing is simply buildup of waste in your colon, protruding your stomach out.

An Anti-Candida Diet is also a good thing to look into, and there are Anti-Candida supplements you can take. Renew Life makes something called CandiGone. Candida is actually a microscopic PARASITE of yeast overgrowth that plays havoc with your digestive system.

Sometimes we have sluggish digestion, which can be helped by taking organic apple cider vinegar (Google that too). If digestion is not optimal (which can also be a lack of enough fiber), belly fat will be a problem. If you are sensitive to gluten, and need more fiber, that can be a Catch 22, b/c most fiber is found in gluten-rich foods. But there are exceptions such as leafy greens as well as fiber supplements that are gluten-free (like from peas).

Also, avoid anything with soy isoflavones, or soy, or soy lecithin in it. Which today, is almost all prepackaged food. Read labels. Better yet, don’t eat anything that comes WITH a label on it…!

GOOGLE ALL THIS: Estrogen Dominance, Natural Progesterone Cream (USP Grade), Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Fiber Supplements, Anti-Candida Diet, CandiGone, Renew Life, the dangers of SOY, Hypothyroidism, Past Use of Birth Control Pills, Past or Current Use of SYNTHETIC HRT, Natural Bio-Identical HRT, Liver Detox/Supportand belly fat, the Omentum and Estrogen Dominance, Low Estrogen AND Simultaneous Estrogen Dominance (how does that happen?!), XENOESTROGENS in the environment, MICROWAVING IN PLASTIC, Hot Liquids in STYROFOAM, Styrine ingestion and weight gain and breast cancer, Milk Thistle, Menopause, Depression, Depressive Inertia (don’t want to get up and exercise), Caffeine and Adrenal Insufficiency, High Cortisol, Relora, Cortislim, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), CleanSmart by Renew Life, Fluoride Free Toothpastes, the benefits of Distilled Water versus tap/bottled water, Oral Chelation (EDTA), Heavy Metal Toxicity, Environmental Uptake of Heavy Metals Due to Mineral Imbalances and STRESS.

As a breast cancer survivor, you especially need to get your hormones tested and in balance, and you need to study the condition of ESTROGEN DOMINANCE AND XENOESTROGENS in our environment. These are often culprits at the root of female cancers, especially breast cancer. You have won your battle for now, but you need to understand WHY it occurred and ADDRESS that so it doesn’t occur again. ALSO, note that breast cancer and belly fat go hand in hand in terms of what can cause BOTH OF THEM: XENOESTROGENS. GOOGLE A PRODUCT CALLEDDIM,” AND R U S H ONLINE TO BUY SOME. THIS WILL NIP FUTURE CANCER POTENTIAL IN THE BUD. I USE NATURE’S WAY BRAND, BUT THERE ARE SEVERAL ONLINE. GOOGLE: BREAST CANCER, ESTROGEN DOMINANCE, XENOESTROGENS AND DIM. THEN BUY SOME DIM! DIM HELPS METABOLIZE OUT OF YOUR BODY THE ACCUMULATED XENOESTROGENS STORED IN YOUR FAT STORES. YOU ALSO NEED SOME PROGESTERONE CREAM (OTC ONLINE) OR LOZENGES (NATUROPATH) SOON. I also recommend cruciferous veggies (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale), UNLESS you think you might be hypothyroid (slow).

Xenoestrogens sit in your fat stores and create more fat ALL ON THEIR OWN and make women susceptible to breast and uterine and ovarian cancer, and make MEN susceptible to prostate cancer. Some xenoestrogens are in the air we breathe, but many we introduce into our bodies unknowingly by ourselves.

Most women who are either (1) over 35 or (2) overweight at all (or both) ARE Estrogen Dominant. That’s because progesterone has fallen, AND because they have accumulated xenoestrogens in their bodies (from the environment and other sources). Exercise (particiularly aerobic), taking DIM and eating cruciferous veggies reduces the xenoestrogens in the fat stores. The xenoestrogens lead to obesity, depression, Estrogen Dominance with all of ITS symptoms (long list), female cancers, OTHER cancers AND belly fat.

“The Race for the Cure” would do better to post “broccoli stands” along the marathon route! Then it could be called “The Race and Chomp for the Cure.”

Everything points Back to the Garden! God is like “Hello people, I think I was trying to help y’all avoid all this!” Now The Doctors and Dr. Oz all think they are GENIUSES because they advocate exactly what God already had Adam & Eve doing in The Garden…

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Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

Have any of you thought about trying The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno ?

There is a lot of info and tips on the messageboards here, but if you buy the book you can get things in detail.  It is sold almost anywhere now.


Dsc04750_medium Lilliana 9 posts

I have to look for at at Costco, but can’t remember seeing it, I would love to buy it, as I am on some medications that I think have put on the 6 lbs, I had lost, I am so mad, as I am going to Europe in end of June and would like to have a reasonable pleasing figure. Have you trid the 17 day Diet yourself? By the way, I am from Canada

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

Yes, I have tried the 17DD.  I lost about 25-30 pounds.  I’m down to a realistic weight now.  Not a size 0, but average to keep my body working.  I think I re-set my set-point when I went from my lowest weight to my highest weight, then back down again.  I need to weigh more to feel like I did when I was thinner.  I do admit though, on the 17 DD, I did “cheat” at times, like add honey to lemon water, used sugarless gum.


Dsc04750_medium Lilliana 9 posts

I saw the programme when the Dr. was a guest and now they have those groups going on it, they are quite larger than I am, but I would really look for it and see if I can get it and use it. Is it hard to follow, do you cut down on almost nothing. Congratulations on losing 25-30pounds that is what I want to lose really, I would be very happy with that. Thanks very much and keep it up.


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There a lot of limits but  a variety of food.  Especially when you see the recupe thread!


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On the show today, it was said that BELLY FAT IS THE EASIEST FAT TO LOOSE!  HOW?? There are so many products (pills) out here that promise to melt belly fat but I don’t want to take them because I don’t know what is happeneing to my organs, cells, muscles, etc.


What is the best way to loose belly fat? I don’t drink or smoke. I want to start a new exercise regime. I get disappointed when I don’t see quick results. I know that there are low impact exercises that burn belly fat but I don’t know what they are.

PLUS: I don’t want my breasts to get smaller.

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AAthanas, you rock!  Thanks for the info. You are right about the episode not being very informative! I thought that it was just me not getting anything much from the Belly fat episode.

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