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Icon_missing_medium docbrown 1 post

Hello -

How you would adjust this diet plan if you were on blood thinners such as warfarin?

Older_is_good_medium kcazes 171 posts

I am on warfarin, and rather than adjust the diet, I have blood tests frequently and I worked with my doctor to adjust the medication!  I eat oily fish such as salmon or tuna only every second day, and enjoy green leafies once a day. There’s lots of options for low to moderate vitamin K foods on the diet, so I choose those more often.  My INR has remained quite stable since early January when I began the diet.  If you want to adjust the diet, though, limit the green vegetables and salmon.  Eat white fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, and orange veg like carrots or tomatoes.

Icon_missing_medium moodystephanie 3 posts

I am on a blood thinner and do eat green leafy vegetables. I just try to keep the amounts consistant so my INR will not be affected.

Sof_medium softailgirl 125 posts

Doesnt green tea effect blood thinners meds?? I read it somewhere..my BF is starting this diet with me tomorrow and he is on warfarin also

Older_is_good_medium kcazes 171 posts

Yes, green tea is also high in vitamin K, so it will thicken the blood the same way green leafies does.  As long as each day is pretty much the same, 3 cups of green tea and some veg, the warfarin can be adjusted so his INR stays pretty much the same. There are veg choices that are less problematic than green vegetables, but I’m sure your BF has a list.

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