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Walking on Treadmill - Hip pain??

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Sunshine1_medium trishgarlitz 167 posts

I’ve been walking on the treadmill every day for my exercise. I’ve certainly not been overdoing it: 20-30 mins at 3% incline at 3 mph. But for the last several nights I have been experiencing pain in my hips at night. It’s really difficult to sleep on either side because I wake up every few minutes b/c of the pain and have to change positions. And I’m even sleeping with a 4-inch memory foam topper on my mattress. Has anyone else experienced this? Do I need to change my workout routine? Would appreciate any feedback!

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

This happened to me awhile back, separate from the diet…I ended up having a stress fracture.  Because I didnt rest it enough it broke apart, and now I have a hip replacement.  NOT saying you do, just in my experience that is what it was.  Also, maybe could be bursitis?


Icon_missing_medium relaxed 3 posts

I too had alot of hip pain from walking on the treadmill and so I stopped wlking for a few days but that didn’t solve my problem. I went to see a massage therapist and she said that my muscles in my thighs were so very thight that it was causing me pain. She massaged them and they feel alot better today and told me to strech them alot more. I always do stretch after my excersice to prevent muscle pain or cramps. This stretch that she told me to do is go to a wall put one hand against the wall and use the other to pull your heel to your bum and hold you will feel a stretch and hold it and repeat. Hope it works for you

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Forums NEW! 17 Day Diet Challenge - Ask Your Questions! Walking on Treadmill - Hip pain??



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