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Whats a substitute for Okra?

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Picture_941_medium escapefromoz 9 posts

Hey guys, I need your collective thoughts… I cannot find Okra in my town!! I want to make the chicken soup for tomorrow …. do I NEED the okra or should I just put more cabbage in to substitute?

Me_medium lois820 5 posts

YOu don;t have to use okra, I put green beans in mine. Any veg that is allowed is good in the soup.

Older_is_good_medium kcazes 171 posts

Okra isn’t a common item in Canada. I used beans in my soup too. The last time I made it, I just threw in all the vegetables that were starting to wilt in the fridge: broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, mushrooms along with the broth and the chicken, and it was great! Oh, and I put a can of tomatoes.

Imagescahu34fy_medium MamawZ 4 posts

I also used green beans and it was great.  M=Not really sure if I like Okra or not.

Honor_flight_075_medium nana2010 26 posts

thanks. never thought about beans. I just left the okra out as it was completey moldy at the store. LOL

Smilingsheba_medium dahornoh 8 posts

I hate okara but love mushrooms. I added portabella and increase the chicken broth. Everyone loves it!


Susan_photo_2009_medium artistSD 7 posts

I used Zucchini instead of Okra, but I like that Portabella mushroom idea. I think I’ll try that next time or maybe add both!

Smilingsheba_medium dahornoh 8 posts

I think I will add the zuchini as well. One of the great things about this soup is that you can really customize it.

By the way, I am an artist too.

Blog_pict_use_this_copy_medium Angela17 16 posts

I love the soup. I skipped the okra, too, and added green beans. I used lots of cabbage and i even made my own homemade stock (for added flavor).  Any cleansing veggie would work. I made two pots simulteously and added in egg noodles for rest of the family.

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