Forums NEW! 17 Day Diet Challenge - Ask Your Questions! At day 17, lost only 3 pounds. Should I stay on Phase 1 for a few more days?

At day 17, lost only 3 pounds. Should I stay on Phase 1 for a few more days?

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Julia_2010_medium Jules53 51 posts

Hello, I have completed the first 17 days and have stuck to the plan (including exercise) to a T, so was disappointed when I weighed in on Friday and had only lost 3 pounds in 15 days.  Ouch.  I am determined to reach my goal weight and will continue, just not sure if I should stay on Phase 1 for a longer period or move into Phase 2.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any advice?

Icon_missing_medium lalalauren 124 posts

I haven’t experienced that, but the whole point of 17 days is to keep your metabolism revved up. So you are probably better to move on to Cycle 2. And hey, three pounds is three pounds. Better than gaining three pounds, right? Good luck. Hang in there.

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4594 posts

I agree with lalalauren….probably better to move to cycle 2, then 3, then if you havent reached your goal, try cycle 1 again, then 2, then 3…this is what is recommended.  Also, is your thyroid ok?  When my meds are off, I cant lose weight because my thyroid levels are off.  Thyroid regulates metabolism.


Icon_missing_medium boonesar 17 posts

I agree with mellissaw72 have your thyroid checked. I only use brand only thyroid meds too. 

Julia_2010_medium Jules53 51 posts

Thanks for your responses, ladies.  Had blood work done not that long ago and my thyroid was fine.  I haven’t switched to cycle 2 yet, but perhaps I will tomorrow.  Thanks for the encouragement.  I won’t give up, I am determined and have a mental picture of myself at my goal weight which I most definitely will reach!  All the best to you as well!

Icon_missing_medium slecie 7 posts

I am experiencing the same thing. I have only lost three pounds in 10 days and i walked 13 miles on the treadmill this week which i never did before. I am frustrated to find out what I am doing wrong. I have been using hot sauce as a condiment and sparingly because I thought it was okay but I look this morning and it has lots of sodium content. Also, I have been using a seasoning on my chicken but sparingly and I think its all water weight connected. I am going to back off on those for the next seven days and see what happens. Monitor your sodium intake and drink all the water you can. I agree with the others… go on to cycle 2 and 3 and back to 1 for another 17 and keep going. Keep me posted and motivated to continue because I am so ready to throw in the towel and have that cheeseburger and lord how i miss pancakes (lol). Stay tuff and I will too.

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4594 posts

slecie…with all the exercise, you might be building muscle, which weighs more than fat…..you may be losing inches though…..do your clothes fit better?  Sometimes weight loss can be measured without a scale.


Julia_2010_medium Jules53 51 posts

Hi Slecie, I think the pounds will drop off in a chunk for us, so we just have to keep going.  I will weigh in tomorrow and let you know how I do.  I am starting Phase 2 today.  I only use herbs on my chicken and I fill my 64oz jug with water every morning.  I do not include my lemon water or my herbal tea in 8 glasses so am definitely over the 8 glasses daily, with no added salt.  

We will do this, the only mistake we can make is giving up!!!  Onward and upward, girlfriend!

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Forums NEW! 17 Day Diet Challenge - Ask Your Questions! At day 17, lost only 3 pounds. Should I stay on Phase 1 for a few more days?



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