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Icon_missing_medium cindy218 3 posts

On page 29 it lists negative waters. Coffee, tea and diet soda have an asterick. And says *coffee and tea are allowed but do not count toward your 8 glasses of water. Is diet soda allowed?

Icon_missing_medium youngdianne 2 posts

That confused me also.

N1027803182_1841626_6555_medium amberleighe 47 posts

It confused me as well, but I am staying clear of them. As hard as it is… I love my carbonated drinks. 

Icon_missing_medium cindy218 3 posts

I am going to try to stay away from diet soda too. That will be my biggest challenge.

Camera_1072_medium ascrib 65 posts

I was addicted to diet sodas before starting the diet I was drinking 100+ ounces a day. Tomorrow will one week without one and it was easier than I never imaged. You can do it, if I can give them up anyone can.

Icon_missing_medium youngdianne 2 posts

I’m addicted to diet coke—badly!!!!!  I’m starting the diet tomorrow (just got my book yesterday) and will give up diet coke cold turkey.  Meanwhile, I’m having my last 7-Eleven big gulp before I go to bed!!!!!!!!! :-)

Icon_missing_medium fronamay 7 posts

I too was confused about the diet soda, the wat it reads with the * would lead me to believe that it is a negative w1ater, but if you HAVE to have it limit it to very little. So far I have been able to stay away from them. I am also an addict for soda!! Good luck everyone

Img_0691_medium shlabubba 7 posts

I’m not a soda drinker, but maybe La Croix flavored fizzy water would be ok and give you a “fizzy” fix.  The La Croix flavors are really good.  I’m not sure if it counts as regular water, but it seems like it is ok – no sugar, calories etc.

Icon_missing_medium Ready 15 posts

I had one small glass of tonic water with lime. It was quite good but I have decided to stay with lemon water and green tea for the first 17 days. I will eventually change to cold, herbal, camomille tea flavored with a small amount of stevia which is really good. I was a diet pepsi lover but have given it up as I have read how detrimental soda is to the body. I am afraid if have “just one,” that I will slip permanently. I think it is a matter of lifestyle change and a huge committment that will be worthwhile during and after the 17-Day Diet.

Icon_missing_medium Ksarasera 49 posts

I’m a diet coke addict (embarrassed to say that I probably drink 6-9 a day). Anyway, the caffeine and other stuff make it a negative water. You can drink them all you want, but you stil have to drink 8 glasses of plain water. Just not enough time in the day for all that fluid. So, I have the lemon water on my way to work. I get to work and immediately have a diet coke with my breakfast. Then the green tea, which has 1/2 the caffeine of diet coke. I start getting a caffeine withdrawal headache at around 3:00, so I have another diet coke. I’m only having them when I start getting the headache. So, I’m down to about 3-4 a day. I’m getting there.

Icon_missing_medium annie130 34 posts

I am a diet coke addict too.  Well until I started this.  I had to go through with withdrawal, but took excederin to help with the caffeine.  it has caffeine in it, so my withdrawal was almost headache free.  I have not had diet coke in 10 days.  I know that it just is not good for me.  I like the green tea cold with lots of ice.  I am shocked that I am okay with out pop.  I really didn’t know I could do this.

Meandray_medium LiveStrong4me 38 posts

I, too, am addicted to Diet Coke. After 2 days off of them I started getting that headache… So I bought a 16oz and take a sip when the headache really get’s bad. I only took 3 sips today. I will be off of them in 3 days. I did it before for 8 months and I will do it again!!!!

Icon_missing_medium Corey1949 19 posts

I liked my carbonated drinks, too, especially diet Wild Cherry Pepsi but found that I can do without by substituting the plain 11 oz. Perrier or 8 oz. Pelligrino which is just carbonated water and goes toward the 64 ozs. daily. The hot lemon water is another story…have to add a packet of Truvia to get it down!

Icon_missing_medium marylizabeth 1 post

on page 101 of the book..my new bible…dr. moreno explains about diet soda

Icon_missing_medium HungryDieter 1 post

I also like a soda.  I found Diet Rite Pure Zero- It has no sodium, no caffine, no sugar, no carbs, no calories.  It does not have an after taste.  It does have splenda.  But if I need my soda fix it the best alternative I have found. I just make my self drink a glass of water after I have on.

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