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Lean Granola - Cycle 2

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Bad_day_medium beyreis 7 posts

In the activate cycle one of their suggested breakfasts is Lean granola mixed with yogurt. “Lean Granola” is italicized implying that there is a recipe for it somewhere but I can’t find it. If anyone knows a recipe can they post it here or let me know where to locate it? I know if I choose a granola on my own it will probably be packed with non-sanctioned stuff.
Thank you!

100_0077_medium httpgal 22 posts

try this: http://www.trails.com/how_1335_make-lean-granol…

Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1472 posts

What cycle would this recipe fall under? 

Bee_tattoo_01_medium tink321 2 posts

That is in Cycle 2 – I couldn’t figure that out either so I bought Bear Naked Fit triple berry. It has 2g fat and 4g sugar. That was the lowest I could find. It also has all ingredients I can pronounce and no high fructose corn syrup or trans fat.

Icon_missing_medium Cdekel 1 post

Hi everyone! I actually emailed the contact from the 17 day diet website and here is their response:

Thank you for your question. Lean granola is not a
recipe. It is a kind of granola that you must buy or prepare. We recommend
Kashi Go Lean Granola or any other lean granola that you can find in organic
grocery stores or larger local grocery stores.  You will find most of the ingredients needed there.

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