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Chicken Parmesan Variation: Cycle 1 +

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Icon_missing_medium mamabosa 60 posts

I lbs chicken cut into chunks/strips

2 eggs beaten or 4 egg whites beatin with 4 tbsp water

1/4 to 1/2 cup Fat Free Parmesan Cheese + 1tsp garlic powder + salt and pepper to taste (in ziplock bag)

2 TBSP Olive Oil

Dredge chicken in egg, and place in ziplock.  Shake to coat chicken generously with seasonings

Cook in 2 tbsp olive oil until cooked through.

Top with Low carb, low sugar, or sugar free marinara sauce.

Icon_missing_medium annie130 34 posts

Sounds Good!

Jacki_for_17_day_diet_forum_medium jrd1942 22 posts

Does sound good. :-) I have made something like this in the past. Although I put some mozzarella cheese on top of the marinara sauce. Melted in oven. I can do without the cheese though. Losing weight, you know. :-)

Icon_missing_medium devilgirl9500 1 post

Is this ok for cycle 1??


P1020909_medium wonderwoman623 36 posts

Hmmmm….sounds good. Wondering about baking the chicken? Will try in a day or so and let you know. thanks!!

Icon_missing_medium amyjoco 23 posts

Excellent recipe!  I will certainly add this to my favs!  Thank

Icon_missing_medium lalalauren 124 posts

Has anyone tried baking this yet?

P1020909_medium wonderwoman623 36 posts

Baking? YES!! That’s what I did. I don’t know how it is sauteed in oil, but baking it worked great!! And for a twist, add some Paprika. Going to have again tomorrow night….mmmmmmmm.

Icon_missing_medium Tracy825 1 post

I’m so confused I thought there was no cheese I. Cycle 1

Icon_missing_medium amyjoco 23 posts

If you read the condiments portion of cycle one it says fat free parm cheese.  It is hard to find, I have found lowfat but not fat free.  I’ve been on 17dd since feb 10 and have lost 26.4 pounds.  I have been quite faithful to the program so I felt ok with this recipe.  It is excellent.  You will enjoy it I think.

Icon_missing_medium mooleen 1 post

Where do you find fat free or reduced fat Parm Cheese?


Icon_missing_medium simjs 96 posts

I love this! I use a slight variation — I use 1/2 cup parm and 1 Tbsp garlic powder (but then again I love garlic) and I bake it, covered with foil for 30 minutes.  Baking it covered for only 30 minutes results in a very moist chicken breast.

I use this as my snack food during the week — I make up 2 chicken breasts parmesan, then cut into chicken strips and store in an airtight container.  Good for topping on a salad (chicken salad instead of the Salad Nicoise) or for just grabbing one or two of the strips when I get hungry.

Bsb_part_1_003_medium Tara627 5 posts

I actually made my own variation of chicken parm 2 nights ago! I seasoned my chicken with garlic powder and fat free italian dressing then grilled it, used 1 cup of my homemade marinara/gravy and topeed it with fat free parmesan cheese and baked it in the oven for 20 minutes. I must say it was delicious!!

Dawndanny3_medium dawnhensley 4 posts

This is devine! I baked mine….also, after coating the chicken with the mixture, I topped it with fresh chopped parsley, basil and mushrooms…then put it in the oven….even my picky daughter loved it. Thank you for sharing!

Icon_missing_medium jenaub 21 posts

Made this today – soooo yummy:) My whole family loved it.

Sarah_medium slicebabe 3 posts

I used to make a ritz cracker chicken that is very similar, you coat the chicken in yogurt and then dip it in the ritz crackers and parm cheese. You could do the same thing here, just leave out the crackers. I think the yogurt makes the chicken super moist.

Icon_missing_medium moviegirl 2 posts

After u dip the chicken in yogurt and parm…do u saute it or bake it?

Icon_missing_medium amyjoco 23 posts

I don’t think ritz crackers are on the diet

Sarah_medium slicebabe 3 posts

Moviegirl: I bake it covered in tin foil. I’ll have to check my recipe and let you know the exact ingredients and timing but  my husband raved about the ritz chicken.

Amyjoco: That’s why I said to make it all the same but leave out the crackers. ;)

Icon_missing_medium moviegirl 2 posts

slicebabe: thanks very much….i’m going to try this….sounds really yummy!

i can figure out the other ingredients….the yogurt/parm is a great idea


Me_003_medium Keitagirl 3 posts

This is my second day on the 17 day diet and I am finding lots of great recipes that sound delicious for cycle 1 that might make this whole thing much more satisfying. I was just wondering if I am baking this chicken, what is the oven temp? 350 degrees for 30min?

Icon_missing_medium simjs 96 posts

Keitagirl: I always bake my chicken breasts at 350 for 30 minutes.  Here in California and with my oven, they come out moist and not dry at all.  Hope this helps!

Me_003_medium Keitagirl 3 posts

Thank you. I made this last night and it was delicious. I put it over chopped steamed broccoli, mushrooms and red peppers and topped it with the marinara sauce recipe that I found. Even my husband liked it :-)  Beginning day 3 and I’m already down 5 pounds, this is so exciting!

Icon_missing_medium koozikoo 1 post

I just made this tonight and even tho I messed up it still came out good.  I accidently mixed the egg mixture (I used 1) with the parm and dumped it out into the pan.  It browned nicely and then flipped it over.  I added some marinara sauce and a bit of parm on top. I made up one ckn breast and was stuffed.  Couldnt eat the veggies I made.  Will make again, except w/out the entire egg.  Thanks for this recipe as I’m just completing C1, day 2. 

Green_sea_turtle_medium ratmom 2 posts

if i bake this,  do i cover with the marinara sauce before going in the oven?

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