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Baked Potato Chips - Cycle 2

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Dress2_medium casteels4wv 12 posts

1 medium potato
season all (or whatever seasonings you prefer)
pam spray (omega 3 i think is what i used 0 calories )

Slice the potato as thin as you can get them (i used a vegetable slicer)
spray a light dusting over aluminum foil.

Spread your potatoes in a single layer.Sprinkle seasonings on them.

Bake @ 325 for 30-45 min until crispy.

I just made these last night put them in a lock and lock container and had them for lunch. They were awesome..much better than Lays Baked Chips (well since I cant have them of course they were better..lol)

Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1472 posts

What cycle is this for?   

Dress2_medium casteels4wv 12 posts

This is Cycle 2 . I havent read to see what all you can have on Cycle 3 or 4 yet ( I dont like to get to ahead of my self ) although you may be able to have this as well on the other cycles just def not Cycle 1…

Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1472 posts

Thank you.  In the future, please add the cycle to the title of your recipe. I will add it to this one for you. 

Dress2_medium casteels4wv 12 posts

Thank You still New to this I wasnt sure where to add it In the future I will pay more attention !

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