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I have posted a BLOG with an alphabetical listing of links to many the Cycle 1 Recipes from our Recipe board.  This is NOT a complete list as recipes are being added daily.    This will allow some searchability and help with locating recipes.  You can reach the blog HERE or by going to my profile page.



Honor_flight_075_medium nana2010 26 posts

I have never received support like this from any other diet that I have been on and it’s all free. Thank you. Great idea and so helpful.

Sof_medium softailgirl 125 posts

Awesome..so much easier to find..Thank you so much!!

Icon_missing_medium ywcharity 11 posts

Thank you!  

Icon_missing_medium PaulaM67 24 posts

Makes my life so much easier! Thank you!!

Icon_missing_medium vkynj 21 posts

Thanks so much!!! Makes it so much easier -

Icon_missing_medium tapddot 2 posts

This is very helpful. Thanks!!

Dscn0865_medium dixie1804 5 posts

Ask and you will receive! Thanks so much!

Icon_missing_medium PETIE0106 1 post

Thank you so much for these recipes! I truly look forward to cooking them! I appreciate all the support there is out here for people who want to be healthy.

Dscn0865_medium dixie1804 5 posts

5 pounds down on day 9!!!


Dsc05200_medium Keri1122 3 posts

Great idea!! thanks :) C1D7 for me& down 6 1/2 lbs!!!! I agree that I have never been on a diet with so much support from others like myself!!

Icon_missing_medium Leslie74 16 posts

Thank you, I check it out everday. Can’t wait for cycle 2 list.

Icon_missing_medium G26pt2 1 post

Where do I find the fat free parm cheese?

Sof_medium softailgirl 125 posts

the only place I found it here in upstate NY is Wegmans, I used 1/3 less fat free parm untill I did find it though..and still lost weight

Icon_missing_medium hacty9 4 posts

I just started Cycle 2 – I cant wait for the recipe list! :) makes my life so much easier :)

Cuties_medium mochamommy727 6 posts

I’ve been on the plan for three days and this is extremely helpful! Thank you so much!!

P1010682_medium brandishon 4 posts

This is great! Not trying to be too demanding but do you think their is any way we could get this switch to a PDF document with all of the recipes in a printable format? Just asking because I have printed many of the recipes out and have created a cookbook by phase. If I could get it in alphabetical format that would be great!

100_1970_medium HMKSIS 18 posts

where do I find fat free blue cheese dressing in Cincinnati, OHIO????

044_medium michele8100 1 post

This is great! I have gone through the phases once and was looking for more recipes and I stumbled on this. Thank you so much!

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Please do not post recipes in this topic folder.  Create a new topic, or add it to an existing similar recipe as a variation.   


Thank you for understanding. 

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The only links contained in this list are to other topics on the 17 Day Diet Recipe Board on our own site.  The purpose is  to make finding the recipes a little easier.  You will need to create a new topic for your recipe on that board before it could be added to this list. 

Thank you for understanding. 

Icon_missing_medium Grandmawoohoo 2 posts

After 2 days was down 4 pounds. This seems to easy.

Icon_missing_medium simjs 96 posts

The blog is not showing ALL the Cycle 1 recipes that are on this site — I’ve gone through and made a spreadsheet of the recipe name and link and my list has well over 200 additional that aren’t listed, as well as having C2 and C3 recipes (I’ve sorted it by cycle, for ease in seeing what’s available).  I’m guessing the person who set this up on this website hasn’t been able to update it for one reason or another, so if anyone wants my spreadsheet (note that it’s recipe names, cycle, and links only), just email me at simmie@gmail.com with Recipes in the subject line and I’ll email the file to you — I’m happy to share what I’ve put together with anyone who’s interested.


Hpim2451_medium ottersln 11 posts

Thank you for offering this blog and all the recipes.

Th_grinch_dog_medium chays 1 post

Thank you!!!! I have the book but this makes it much more easier, not to mention fun and exciting!

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