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Small boned vs Big boned

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Icon_missing_medium Leslie74 16 posts

If my bones are underneath my fat…how do I know if I’m small boned, med boned or big boned so I can figure out what my ideal weight should be?

3rd_resize_face_only_medium sroggy 159 posts

I believe you go by the size of your hands and wrists, but not sure!

Koala_medium Fancystitch 478 posts

I go by ring size. I wear a size 5 and still weigh 210, so that would deffinitly make me small boned. Bummer, I just don’t think I can get down to 106 pounds, which is what the book says. Most rings in jewelry stores are a size 6, so i figured that would be medium boned, and most bracelets are 7 inches. And depending on how much weight you need to lose, you might not know for awhile.

Dsc_4637_medium glenlorie 2 posts

I have always been told bone size can be best estimated by non-professionals by taking on hand and using just your thumb and pointer finger, wrap them around the opposite wrist and depending on the length between the fingers determines your “bone size.” If your thumb and finger overlap, you are small framed, if they barley meet each other, you are medium framed, and if the don’t touch at all, you are big boned. Does that make sense? I hope this helps!

Icon_missing_medium abusymom 414 posts

glenlorie -When I was at univeristy , years ago, the phys ed department said to that with the middle finger & thumb & to place them just above that small bone in your wrist. My fingers just touch and they said I was between a small and medium bone…

Icon_missing_medium amyjoco 23 posts

Using wrist size to determine if one is small, medium or big boned doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  I make jewelry, ,mostly bracelets.  I can tell you that when I weighed 137 my writst was a whole lot smaller than it does at 165.  One’s wrist sizes as one loses weight, as does ring size.  My wedding rings were fine when I got married in June but now they are about to fall off.

Portlandhead_medium soxmom 104 posts

I am like fancystitch I have a 5 1/2 ring size and am only 5’1". I would need to be 105, but that is not happening. I think our ideal weight is the weight in which we feel awesome. I lost a alot of weight 6 years ago and got to 137…I felt awesome, but wanted to get into that perfect number/BMI. I could not do it and so add the pressures of life and suddenly I was 17 lbs over my starting point. I feel confident that I can go beyond the 137 mark on the 17 day diet, but do not believe I will ever be 105…I just want to get to the highest number that takes me out of the overweight BMI into a normal which around 130…anything else will be extra (I was going to say gravy, but no gravy for me!)

Good luck to all.

17day_diet_girls_so_good_medium Bekki-team D... 136 posts

HMMMMM….that’s such a great question!!!

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