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How much is a fruit serving?

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Snowtiger_medium StageMom 2 posts

Ok – I’ve searched the book for this answer, but I can’t find it.  I know an apple is one fruit serving, but what about grapes?   The books says to be “moderate” – but if I could be moderate, I wouldn’t need this diet! lol

565_medium BellaBearGirl 304 posts

lol. I’d say 1 cup would be a serving.

Snowtiger_medium StageMom 2 posts

Thanks for responding – I was beginning to think no one knew :)   I know that traditionally, 1/2 cup is a fruit serving on most diets – but with this one, I don’t know.

Lacey_1_medium smilinpixie 321 posts


•one banana
•six strawberries
•two plums
•fifteen grapes
•one apple
•one peach
•one half cup of orange or other fruit juice
•five broccoli florets
•ten baby carrots
•one roma tomato
•3/4 cup tomato juice
•half of a baked sweet potato
•one ear of corn
•four slices of an onion

Lacey_1_medium smilinpixie 321 posts

and I believe 1/2 cup of blueberries…

Icon_missing_medium Kat44 9 posts

Don’t suppose anyone knows how may prunes would constitute a serving? I love them and just bought a bag to have with my yogurt for breakfast tomorrow. Whole bag is 250g and the packet says 1 serving is 30g which would work out at about 2…and they’re really small so this seems like it would leave me pretty peckish. Answers in grams or number of prunes if possible please…I’m from the UK and have no idea about this cup malarky :oD


Dr30_medium Del57 138 posts

And how about watermelon? I love watermelon!

Icon_missing_medium Kat44 9 posts

Hi Del57…I was just reading the book and in cycle 3 one fruit serving is either one piece of fruit or 115g/4oz chopped fruit (pg 85). I’m only on cycle 1 at the moment and a couple of the recipes say 115g of berries etc so I assume that would be one portion for watermelon too.

…seem like a lot of prunes though!

Anyone else have a clue?

Koala_medium Fancystitch 478 posts

If you looks at the daily menus he has in the book, it is always 1 cup of fresh or frozen berries or grapes and the prunes are the same, it equals out to 30 grapes and 5 to 6 prunes, 6 if they are small and i haven’t had the berries yet. You can’t have the watermelon until C3.

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