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105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

I’m not sure if any of you have talked about this and if you have I’m sorry if I’m duplicating questions.
I have been drinking the warm/hot glass of water with 1/2 lemon squeezed into it every morning since the start (11 days now) and have been nautious for about an hour after I drink it every morning. I’ve also been adding a packet of Truvia to it just to be able to drink it because it tastes really bad to me.
Anyone else having that problem? Any comments or suggestions?

Icon_missing_medium dunkashea 62 posts

I have been drinking it with some drops of pure lemon juice in it (didn’t have any fresh lemons when i started this week) & although I can drink it fine, I am just finding it tough to remember all the fluids on the list. Well, not exactly remember them, so much as actually able to drink that much. I start with that, but then have to have my coffee – 1-2 cups – and by then trying to eat breakfast, so now I finish the coffee & have to immediately get started on cup #1 of 3 of the green tea. At this point, I’ve drank 4 things, but only the first cup of hot water counts toward my daily intake , with another 7 of water to go & 2 more cups of green tea, which are negatives. Ugh.
An addition to all of this, I am non-stop putting down a cup to run to the bathroom!

Anyhow, you shouldn’t feel nautious after drinking water. If you can’t do it hot/warm, then just drink it how you like it. This is the first of your 8 cups, so get it into you any way you can, and better yet without feeling sick. He seems to elude to this as more of a suggestion than requirement in the book; as a way to wake up the body & kick in the toxin-removal…I don’t know, but that’s just my take.
It’s not going to make or break your rythm either way. Good luck!

105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

I’m going to try drinking it cold and see if that helps. Thanks for the upbeat suggestions. I will try them

Linda_love-200x500_medium etherial 162 posts

Does making a pitcher of lemonade w/spenda count as your morning lemon water?

Cup_of_coffee_medium aut121 18 posts

I tried to drink hte how water with lemon juice the first couple of days, but I also became nautious after drinking it. I finally gave up and stick to cold water with lemon juice.

105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

Sorry that you’ve gotten nautious too but am glad to hear that I’m not the only one!  Is the cold water and lemon juice working like the hot water does?  Or can you tell?

I told my husband about how rancid it tastes and being nauseated after drinking it and handed it to him this morning so he could taste it and darnit, he liked it!!

Thanks for writing and telling me though!  I think I’ll do the cold water from now on.  I happen to drink my water at restaurants with plenty of lemons squeezed into it.  It’s lemonade and good but not when it’s hot!


Icon_missing_medium 2happyclams 2 posts

I had trouble drinking the water at first, I then found a system that works for me and hopefully will help someone else! I found a 24 oz cup, I fill 1/4 full of crushed ice in the morning with a few drops of lemon juice. (I just can’t drink it hot!) My goal always is to drink the first 24 oz before noon, the second 24 oz before 3:00 (thats when my children get home from school) and then the last 24 oz between 3:00 and bedtime, I am usually finished after supper as I sip on it during supper along with my tea. It works and I have not skipped my 72 oz in the last 3 weeks! My cup has a lid so this is great while running errends. A straw for me helps that water go down easier! 

Also with my tea I just have an 8 oz tumbler full with each meal. I am on day 13 of cycle 2 and I have lost 13 lbs total

105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

What a great idea and thank you so much for posting it.  I think I’ll do the same and then I don’t haver to keep track of how many 8 oz glasses of water that I have had.  Do you add the lemon juice to every 24 oz glass or do you just do it in the first morning glass?

Anyway, thanks for the idea and CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss!  You’re doing a great job!  I am on my first day of cycle 2, aka day 18, and I’ve lost 6 lbs so far..

Icon_missing_medium 2happyclams 2 posts


I just put the lemon in my first cup of water. I also add lemon if I am at a restaurant. I am not hating water anymore….whew what a triumph!

105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

Me too!

4 gingersnapCO 10 posts

Thanks for the suggestions! I was just going to start a post regarding the morning water. Today was my first day and it made me super nauseous. Hopefully I’ll get over it, if not I’ll try these out!

105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

Good Luck!!

I still can’t drink it warm or hot but I drink it cold.


Snarky_medium SnarkyBarky 7 posts

I find the hot lemon water down right nasty. Regularly cold or cool is great. It’s not like you can hold your breath and block the flavor either because it’s the feel of the sourness. Blech. I thought Stevia might help but no, no it didn’t. This is actually the only dislike I have about Cycle 1. Heh.

I notice that when I do have the lemons I get some varying degree of heartburn. No matter what form I am having it in. Thanks acid. So I do have to counter it with some medication.

My Mom though, told me that her Grandmother used to drink hot lemon water all the time and swore by it. I found that interesting.

Oh well!

105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

Well, I was having a really big problem with heartburn until I startedd this diet and drinking the lemon water seems to have helped the heartburn.  I was taking tums several times a day and now I’m only taking tums maybe once every few days to a week.  I still can’t drink it hot though!  icky!!!

Linda_love-200x500_medium etherial 162 posts

Has anyone tried Zantac 75?  It’s great for heartburn and sour stomach.

105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

I’ve never tried it but it seems that since I’ve been on this diet, heartburn is rare for me where I used to live on TUMS!

Linda_love-200x500_medium etherial 162 posts

That’s all I will use.  It’s tiny, quick, and to the point.  I read somewhere that Tums has aluminum in them and may not be a recommended heartburn remedy.  I forgot where, but it was on the news some years ago.  Anyway, good to hear you’re practically cured.  Sounds like it was something in your previous diet.  I know you’re happy you found this program.  Keep up the goodness.


105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

I have no doubt that it’s the diet that has virtually elimited my heartburn.

Icon_missing_medium tkubiak1 21 posts

WOW – reading this post, I just realized I haven’t taken a acid-reducer since I started the diet – use to take them EVERY day before. Yeah – another benefit of the diet!!!

Black-heron_medium phoenix314 1 post

i have hard time first thing in the am w/ lemon juice, so i tried lemon oil its tasteless like fiberone.. it goes well in my tea.. and in the pm i use flax seed oil in my honey tea which helps with my upset stomach of dieting…


105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

I still have a hard time with the lemon water in the morning myself.  I still get nauseated but it’s not as bad as it used to be.

Regarding the heartburn … I was keeping TUMS and over-the-counter acid reducer meds in business before this diet! lol  Now, instead of having to take TUMS at least a dozen times per day, I think I’ve only taken 2 or 3 TUMS in almost a month (I’m in cycle 2)!

100_1611_medium dholman1953 174 posts

I have found the lemon water to be pretty good. I think that it tastes like lemonade and I like that. I have “lost” 3 diabetic, 1 blood pressure, and 1 stomach medication since starting this. This is a great feeling. I have more energy too.

Img_20110116_151724-1_medium armywife010 2 posts

I drink mine cold and haven’t had any problems

105_medium bugleyes 22 posts

congrats dholman1953

Icon_missing_medium Cerseyb 23 posts

Does anyone know if it’s okay to add either Splenda or Truvia to the lemon water? I actually like it that way — tastes like hot lemonade. But if we’re not supposed to use any sweetener, I’m in trouble! Wouldn’t be able to stand it that way.

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