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Sugar Free Yogurt - Brand??

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Icon_missing_medium midniteyell01 3 posts

Ok, I can’t find sugar free yogurt.  Has anyone found any?  I don’t want “close,” I want to follow this diet to the letter and the book says “sugar free” yogurt.  I am in a large metroplex and I will be able to find it if I can find a brand.

I NEED to lose this weight!!!  I don’t want to, I need to!

Thanks in advance!

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4592 posts

I’ve read the “Fage Greek yogurt” is ok to use.  Don’t know if it is sugar free, but it is ok to use.


Icon_missing_medium aledamk 3 posts

Dannon light and fit  

Light & Fit® Carb & Sugar Control 4oz. 4-packs

Img_2679_1_1_medium 2lose2gain 54 posts

I looked and looked and couldn’t find “sugar-free” yogurt. I finally found Best Choice yogurt (like a store brand) at Price Chopper. It says Nonfat Plain Yogurt “No Sugar Added”, but it has 15 grams of sugar per serving. This one has no artificial sweetener it it. That’s all I could find in plain. In fruit flavored, I found Blue Bunny Light and it says, 80 calories, 0g fat free, probiotic, 0 sugar added. It does have sucralose and 7g sugar. I had a real hard time with this and didn’t know what to buy. I don’t know if this is right. I will take any ideas as well.

Icon_missing_medium mamabosa 60 posts

The yogurt i’ve been telling everyone about is Kroger brand: CARBmasters.  It is delicious.  maybe 3g of sugar max, loaded with protein, and it comes in tons of different flavors. you get a good sized 6oz container and it doesn’t taste diet, and it’s only 60-80cals or so.  f you have a local Kroger store, or a store that sells kroger products (check the site below, I know Smiths is one in some areas) you should be able to find it there.  I’m on day 14 and have lost 9lbs (and I don’t have a lot to lose) so it’s definitely working for me, since I always have 2 of them a day, one of them at night before bed.



Img_2679_1_1_medium 2lose2gain 54 posts

I don’t have a Kroger’s in my area, nor Smiths…

Icon_missing_medium mamabosa 60 posts

check out this site, there are tons of stores that sell kroger brands… maybe you have one of them:


Icon_missing_medium mamabosa 60 posts

There are many stores nationwide that sell Kroger brands.  you might call and check any of these stores in your area (I found this onthe following site): http://www.thekrogerco.com/




City Market














Fred Meyer

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4592 posts

Unfortunately none of those stores are around here or nearby (I live in Mass.).  If I am wrong someone please correct me!


Img_2679_1_1_medium 2lose2gain 54 posts

Same with me. None of the stores are around me/in my area. I live in Kansas. Most of the stores on the list I have never heard of. I believe it’s coming down to what part of the US you live in. If anyone has any other options, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Weight_scale_medium DoingThis 258 posts

I have a Ralphs and a Smiths a couple of hours away. I hope they have some!

Older_is_good_medium kcazes 171 posts

a couple of HOURS away, DoingThis?? That’s way too far to drive! Any yogurt is going to have sugar in it, because the milk itself has sugar! Lactose, fructose, sucralose are all sugars in some form. So look for ADDED sugar. Find a yogurt with no ADDED sugar; for this read the ingredient list.

Weight_scale_medium DoingThis 258 posts

Yep…2 hours. Sounds crazy but I’m use to it. And having no neighbors is soooooo nice! Thanks for the help!!!

Mommys_close_up_medium tashadrice 1 post

I had the same problem and the first 6 days I used all natural dannon nonfat plain yogurt with active live cultures. It only has to be sugar free if its fruit flavored. Plain is fine and then you can also had unsweetened fruits from the list. You can also take the probiotic supplement just to be extra safe and confident. Hope that helps and good luck to us all.

Icon_missing_medium Valley1 12 posts

There are those that are wanting to stay sugar free, but as far as the diet goes, we do not have to. We are allowed yogurt, any type.

Blackerry_may_-_jan_11_229_medium KeepItSimple 14 posts

READ KCAZES post Jan 12, 2011…she is the only one that seems to understand that yogurt contains sugar naturally (it’s in the milk…yogurt is made from milk)…you are looking for ADDED SUGAR…stay clear of ADDED SUGAR…it’s in the list of INGREDIENTS!

Img_3341_medium mansfield84 97 posts

i have been eating the dannon fat free and have lost 13 pounds on cycle 1. i am not changing  now:}

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4592 posts

I’m eating the same thing and i am not changing either!


Mics_273_medium SchiDoe 50 posts

I started with Lucerne light yogurt thinking it was low-fat. There is sugar in it but no added sugar in the ingredience. it’s working for me… I think but I will try and look for sugar-free low-fat yogurt.

35692_1485725232827_1524783474_31233720_6566329_n_medium kerriebeth21 61 posts

I agree with kcazes. There is sugar IN milk, that is what lactose is. Flip the tub and look at the Ingredients, if it’s just cream, etc, then that’s what you are looking for. If SUGAR is on the list, don’t get it. I use “La Yogurt” Pro-biotic fat free plain. 

Icon_missing_medium mammamia4 32 posts

I’ve just been using source yogurt….I know it’s got splenda in it but I figure that is what he means when he says a non fat, sugar free fruit yogurt. It seems good for me. Another thing you can try is just the plain yogurt and add berries and if you have to sprinkle a little bit if truvia or stevia in it to slighly sweeten it.

Icon_missing_medium realtrufam 1 post

I have Fred Meyer here in Oregon which is owned by Kroger, but they don’t carry CARBmaster yogurt. I’m in cycle 2 of The 17 Day Diet and have lost 20 pounds. Been eating Dannon Lite & Fit yogurt in place of sugar free yogurt and I don’t think it’s hindered my progress at all. Love this new lifestyle change!  

Icon_missing_medium atlanticbeach 3 posts

I am starting this plan tomorrow wirh my daughter in law…Reading everyone input has made me very excited to start


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