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Hot Water with Lemon???

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919_medium smartin22 3 posts

I have no problem with the 17-Day Diet EXCEPT for the Hot Water with Lemon first thing in the morning. I love lemon…just not in hot water and just not first thing. Is anyone else having difficulties with this? I wonder how crucial it is to the diet’s success.

Icon_missing_medium Jordan69s 157 posts

He there Smartin22,

It is my humble opinion that you can use cold water instead of hot. I myself discovered the great benefits of water and lemon from reading some raw food books. In addition, I sweet my water lemon drink glass with 3 teaspoons of Maple Syrup (in pure form from the health store, not the ones from supermarkets which is water and sugar with color). Natural Maple Syrup is loaded with terrific minerals that are great for you. Hope this helps you,

Share the health,


Smallerpic_medium mamamin77 149 posts

I couldn’t do the hot water with lemon either! I just drink a glass of water when I wake up before I have my coffee, and have lost 5 lbs the first 3 days, so my opinion is: it may help, but I don’t think it’s crucial.

919_medium smartin22 3 posts

Well, I’m wondering if I could put lemon in some hot green tea with some truvia first thing.

Smallerpic_medium mamamin77 149 posts

Hi smartin22,

I imagine that would be an even better drink than just the hot water with lemon, since you will be getting the lemon which jump starts your metabolism and all the benefits of green tea as well. Best of luck to you!!!

Dsc00420_medium cdennis 5 posts

I have found if you use warm water, not really hot and use a straw it goes down alot easier.

Icon_missing_medium Jordan69s 157 posts

Hey there Smartin,

   Compounds mixes and would work in different ways that if they were separated. Lemon is very powerful and water just helps to drink it. I think it would worth your while to try…. the benefits are incredible!   Just give it a try and let us know if you notice anything.

Share the Health,


Icon_missing_medium Connie Moody 11 posts

It was my understanding that the lemon water is to jumpstart the metabolism and aid in toxin release in the body. I just MADE it work for me, understanding that it would be beneficial to the success of the program

Icon_missing_medium Jordan69s 157 posts

and that is totally the point! Allowing the lemon to jump start the metabolism on its own without mixing it with other compounds :)

You got it just right oktx49!

Icon_missing_medium Connie Moody 11 posts

thanks i am more determined to follow this plan to the letter! even when it is foods or drinks that I do not normally eat or drink. this is IT!

Icon_missing_medium Jordan69s 157 posts

That is the spirit!

Keep posting your progress so we can all learn from your experience… and of course, post away all your questions :)

Steed_family124_medium trist 1 post

I found it refreshing to drink warm drinks especially if your throat is sore. I put a little truvia in with my lemon water, it helps the sourness of the lemon and tastes like lemonade, just a little though or to a taste that you like and I save the rest of the packet for my snack for later in the day.  

Me2-11-07thin_medium KatzHome 21 posts

I’m really liking the hot water with lemon! What I’m having trouble with is the green tea stuff… I tried tea with almond milk and splenda… green tea with lemon…. I got raspberry flavored green tea ~ I’m gonna have to try just plain old green tea…


I’m a coffee drinker… I’m so super enjoying a cup of coffee right now with almond milk and a packet of splenda… not sure if this is allowed in the first cycle… but I’m going to work tonight and need SOME consolation…


I’m really digging on Jordan’s answers… and a mama something or other who’s named Jordan on the All Food thread… cause it really is about the health… yeah, I wanna look good, don’t get me wrong ~ but I want this body WORKING too… working real well ~ so it is about the health.


My favorite drink is Chi Spiced Tea with milk, honey and ginger root ~ when I can drink this again I’m gonna keep on using unsweetened almond milk ~ I like it. Thanks for the health food store mention on honey. There used to be a bee keeper here in Vegas ~ I so LOVED his honey… the government made him shut down… and the honey in the grocery stores tastes horrible to me ~ I’ll bet the health food store honey tastes great!

919_medium smartin22 3 posts

I’ve been drinking the Liptons plain green tea. It’s good with a packet of Truvia. I guess I’ll give the hot water with lemon another shot. Maybe I’ll get used to it. I haven’t tried the almond milk. I’ve been drinking the Light Vanilla Silk which is REALLY good. Thanks for all your input guys! Good luck on the diet. I’ve lost four pounds since Monday.

Icon_missing_medium Jordan69s 157 posts

Hey Katzhome! 

   Well, I really appreciate your comment and I guess we are friends now :) To me my body is my temple and I learned after several years of reading, testing and trying, that I needed to treat my temple as such probably because I am not just looking for long years to enjoy with my family, but I want them to be quality good years all the way!!!  Perhaps that is why I got attracted to the Doctors show, there is so much great information provided in such a pleasurable way, and when I saw this effort I know I wanted to help sharing the health :)   This is the perfect way to help each other avoid temptations, to go back after mistakes, to exchange information and to post results that are conclusive.

   One more thing to keep in mind is that diet is just one piece of the puzzle, there is also exercising, meditation, laughter, goal setting and so many other things that are helpful in keeping you in track an to maintain your body later on….   I am so glad I am part of this group.


020_medium charlene s 43 posts

I have been adding a touch of Splenda to my hot water and lemon and green tea for the last four days….not the Truvia, I hope that is okay!

Me2-11-07thin_medium KatzHome 21 posts

Google Truvia vs. Splenda and see what you think.

I’m using Splenda too, cause that’s what I have… I use 1 packet in a cup of coffee or green tea. I’m trying to use less than the full packet… I like the lemon water like it is.

I don’t really like using artificial sweeteners but I can understand why we’re not supposed to be using sugar on this diet.

Maybe by the time I’ve reached my goal weight I won’t be using any sweetener or maybe I’ll just go back to real sugar ~ just using less of it…

Small_sock_monkey_medium Wannabe 44 posts

I dreaded the thought of hot water with lemon but I’m on day 6 of the diet and it’s not really that bad. I take it with me on my way to the gym and it helps keep me warm.

25591_381014125806_545230806_4334907_4209975_s_medium Beth Getz 4 posts

I found it really hard to do the first couple of mornings especially being a heavy coffee drinker.  But i waited until it was warmer, and then drank it.  A nice hot cup of coffee is always waiting for me when I get done it.  I just got used to it.


Icon_missing_medium Jordan69s 157 posts

Since the
first 17 days is about detoxification, it seems contraintuitive to do that with
man made products. There are natural choices that could help you sweet your
water and lemon, like natural Maple syrup, cinnamon and honey to mention a few.
All these alternative sweeternes at least provides you with a healthy result,
like useful minerals, vitamins and a proven relaxer (cinnamon). Splenda provides
you with no health benefit… so I think for the 17 days of detoxify, it is worth
while to keep it natural.

A few words
regarding Splenda… Splenda is perceived as “natural” because even the FDA’s
press release claiming that “it is made from sugar. Splenda is the trade name
for sucralose, a synthetic compound stumbled upon in 1976 by scientists in
Britain seeking a new pesticide formulation. It is true that the Splenda
molecule is comprised of sucrose (sugar), except that three of the hydroxyl groups in the molecule have been
replaced by three chlorine atoms. So,
is Splenda safe? The truth is no one really know yet, and the test done out
there I do not consider them helpful, since they are done in mice.

In conclusion, I am against Splenda? Not really, but I think
that if you really are looking forward in detoxify your body, you should use any
of the alternative sweeteners I mentioned above.

Hope this information is useful to you!



Icon_missing_medium hassingerlsu 1 post

I just ordered my book and am trying to get some ideas what to buy for when it gets here.  Does the lemon need to be fresh lemon, or can i be from a bottle?


Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4594 posts

I agree that warm lemon water is something that really helps in the diet process and also with constipation.  It’s my opinion, but I was using warm lemon water before the diet started and it helped move things along.  Cold water tended to “shock” my system.


Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4594 posts

3 TBLS of lemon juice = one lemon (says that on the bottle).  I use the lemon juice.  I’ve asked this also and they said both should be fine.


Icon_missing_medium lovemoose 15 posts

I can’t do the hot water with lemon, it makes me gag. I can do cool with lemon so I’ve been doing that. Are we allowed to drink any milk the first 17 days? I usually drink skim milk and would really like to have just a teeny bit!

Icon_missing_medium Jordan69s 157 posts


Lemon from a bottle is just great! I know someone else is going to come later after me and say fresh lemons are best, but in all truth, lemon from bottles are economical and extremely convenient, and I myself have use them for years with great results.

Hope this helps :) 

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