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Yogurt and probiotics

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Profile_medium jilligan135 8 posts

Do all yogurts have probiotics? That was what I thought was true, but the other day when I had a root canal, my endodontist said to take Activia to offset the GI problems I might have with the strong antibiotic he prescribed. He said that Activia was the only yogurt with probiotics.

Lindadec252010_455_medium dogmama 472 posts

Jilligan135, I don’t have that answer for you. My dictionary from 1977 obviously is out of date because it doesn’t even have the word “probiatics” in it!! I eat Chobani Greek , plain,non-fat, yogurt or Fage all natural, nonfat Greek yogurt. They each have 23 gr protein and only 9 gr of sugar, compaired to many that have loads of sugar. I have not heard/read on here that only Activia is okay. Maybe the Drs. Board will answer that for you. They’ve probably answered that before in some thread that is buried, however. All I can say is, watch the amount of sugar that is added to any product you eat!!

Icon_missing_medium abogada83 33 posts

In the portion that discusses probiotics, the book says, “yogurt, any type, including greek style, sugar-free fruit flavored; plain; and low-fat (6 oz = 1 serving).”  I actually happen to have a container of Activia with me, and it says that it has prebiotics.  Here is a link discussing the difference:  http://www.jacksongi.com/prebiotics-vs-probiotics/whats-the-difference/.

My understanding is that all yogurt has probiotics, but only Activia has prebiotics…it’s bascially a type of fiber that makes you go to the bathroom easier…thus why they say it helps with “regularity” whereas other yogurts don’t advertise that.

Hope this helps!

Icon_missing_medium JGSNYC 2 posts

I can’t remember who posted about the plain yogurt having sugar but I have also been having a hard time finding any sugar free fruit flavored yogurt so a friend told me to get plain and mix in some cinnamon and artificlal sweetener.  So I bit the bullet and went back to yet ANOTHER store and found Dannon Plain Yogurt.  The thought of plain yogurt just makes my stomach turn (sorry yogurt lovers) but I grabbed one and for the heck of it, checked the sugar grams which was 12 g.  Right next to that was La Yogurt  Light – Probiiotic 0% fat in Vanilla.  So  I checked that label, and it’s got 11g of sugar.  LESS than the plain!  I got back to my office and put the cinnamon in because I had it all ready to add to the plain, and it’s delicious. No artificial sweetener needed.  I was considering buying the probiotic supplement because I was finding it hard to get these things down but now I am so happy! 

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4592 posts

Sugar free means NO SUGAR ADDED (see nutritional label).  All yogurt will have some sugar in it because it is made from milk.  Yes, there are more yogurts than activia that has probiotics.  It will say on the container “live and active cultures” somewhere, even maybe in ingredients.  I used Dannon Light and Fit.


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