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I hate cooked vegetables--help!

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Icon_missing_medium jill108 2 posts

I have been steaming my vegetables, but I REALLY do not like the taste. I literally gag when I try to eat them. Here is my question:

Is there anything I can do to the veggies to give them a better flavour?

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4592 posts

Can  you eat them raw?  I like carrots better that way.  I’ve read many people use plain greek yogurt and mix it with one of those Hidden Valley ranch packets to make a dip.  I THINK the packet is high in sodium, so you MIGHT want to drink some extra water to flush the sodium ot of your system.  Also, can you puree a small amount of them and add them to a fruit smoothie (I think recipes are on the recipe thread, or you can make your own).  You probably wont be able to taste the veges, and if you make a smoothie with Greek yogurt, fruit, and truvia (recommended, as opposed to other sweeteners), you’ll be getting your probiotic AND veges in.  Just some thoughts.


Icon_missing_medium jill108 2 posts

Thanks for the ideas!

I’ve been baking carrots with chicken and I find them much better… at least I don’t gag on them! lol

I have never heard of Greek yogourt before, but I will definitely look for it when I go shopping. Thanks for sharing your ideas! :D

Icon_missing_medium TLisa 2 posts

Try roasting your vegtables. Roasted cauliflower, sweet onions, sweet potatoes (cycle 2), are good.

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4592 posts

Roasted red and green peppers are awesome too, on the grill.  Remember the spices and all to give them flavor.


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