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Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt?

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Icon_missing_medium Artgirl87 4 posts

Has anybody else had any luck losing weight eating the Danon Light and Fit yogurts? I know someone that has already lost 22 lbs on this diet and eating this type of yogurt, but I want to see if anybody else has had the same results. I have tried the plain greek chobani with fresh berries, but the acid from the mixture really did a number on my stomach.

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4592 posts

Yes!  This yogurt is a great choice IMO.  I eat it every day.


Icon_missing_medium azdreamer 305 posts

Yes, Light and Fit has active cultures….so is OK on 17dd. I prefer the 4 oz. Dannon Activia Light fruit flavors 99% of the time and spread 2 or 3 out over the day……and have the Light and Fit 6 oz once in a while for variety. (We live in a little town and sometimes only one or the other is on the grocery store shelf…lol).

Icon_missing_medium HDMed 2 posts

Can you have it on Cycle 1? The plain Greek with the sugar free jam tastes so tart? If so, I’m running to the store first thing in the morning – yay :)

Icon_missing_medium azdreamer 305 posts


Yes, the book says you are allowed yogurt with fruit flavors on Cycle 1 – page 41, #9 “if you don’t like yogurt try sugar free fruit flavored yogurt”.

I only ate “Activia Light” (70 calories) 4oz each, however, soon discovered that others on this site were eating Dannon “Light and Fit” (80 calories) 6oz each,  during Cycle 1.   Book says yogurt should be no fat and contain “live cultures” and both of these do have that and both are sweetened with sugar substitutes & fruit but not sugar. 

Please note that the Activia Light (0g fat, 70 calories) and regular Activia (120 calories…with sugar and 2g fat) look a lot alike and it is very easy to pick up the wrong packages by mistake.  I have done it and had to throw them out….so now I am extremely careful at my grocery store they seem to mix them up on the shelves.

I started with raspberry and soon found I like every flavor blueberry, strawberry, peach etc and am on a variety now in Cycle 2, Day12…..and I have lost 12.5 lbs.

PS: My daughter and I argued as to wether it was OK to have a third yogurt as my after supper snack.  She won’t eat anything after supper.   However, I do have another on most evenings about 8:30 (when my husband has ice cream or buttered popcorn).  I do not believe it has hurt my weight loss efforts (as my calories for each day remain low).  It keeps me from eating some other snack food that would be less healthy for me.  I sleep better if I do that, too.

Icon_missing_medium baseballmomof2 1 post

If we use the Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, would that be counted as 1 of our fruits as well as a probiotic?


Icon_missing_medium iamkelly 4 posts

I am also wondering if you guys who are eating the Dannon light and fit fruit flavored yogurt are you eating a fruit with it or just counting that as your fruit???

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4592 posts

For the Dannon light & fit yogurt, I personally would not count what is in the yogurt as a fruit.


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