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cycle 2: question about starchy vegetables and legumes

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I will be starting cycle 2 on Wednesday and have lost 10 1/2 lbs. so far. I may have missed it but I don’t see in the book where it tells you how many daily servings you can have of starchy vegetables or legumes. It says two daily servings of natural starches but there is a list of vegetables called starchy vegetables showing for cycle 2 and it doesn’t specify about them or the legumes. Anyone see this explained in the book and where? Thanks!!

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4595 posts

You are right, they don’t explain it in the book.  However if I had to guess I’d say the starchy veges are just another type of vege, but to limit it to that portion it says (unlike the cleansing veges which are unlimited).  The legumes are in the sample menus as part of recipes.  See C2 17 sample menus p.68.


17_dd_profile_medium Andrea11365 256 posts

@ Chicks1 ….. We are allowed to have 2 servings daily of the “Natural Starches” on Cycle 2; the section on Natural Starches begins at the bottom of Page 65 and continues on Page 66; Grains, Legumes, and Starchy Vegetables all fall under the main category of Natural Starches; we only get to pick any 2 Natural Starches each day and you can mix and match any way you like. But just for example if you have oatmeal for breakfast, and a medium size yam for lunch, you’re done with your natural starches for the day. And, by the way, we cannot eat these Natural Starches after 2 PM. I hope this helped make it clearer for you. Good Luck! I’m starting Cycle 2 tomorrow!

Icon_missing_medium micmac 28 posts

Natural Starches includes Grains, Legumes and Starchy Vegetables. You can have 2 servings every other day (before 2pm) – pg 65-66

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