Forums 17 Day Diet 1st week Weight Loss!!!!!! Down 15 lbs.

1st week Weight Loss!!!!!! Down 15 lbs.

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Melissa_medium mmacedo02 21 posts

Ok so im happy to announce that today makes 1 week down and can i get a drum roll please >>>>>>>>>> 15 Pounds !!!!! YAY! im sooo stoked right now. When have i ever lost 15 lbs in 1 week…. NEVER! & im also happy to announce my aunt lost 13 Pounds this week, we are on a roll. I wish everyone a great week ahead and stay strong.

Ravengirl57_adamlambert_and_mit-01_medium ravengirl57 56 posts

Wow, that is incredible!!! I believe you are setting a world’s record for fastest weight loss (heehee). Any secrets to your success?

Melissa_medium mmacedo02 21 posts

You know honestly i just followed what the book says. I know it helped to add in some new things so i went to the recipes people have been posting and i made the chicken soup and wow its awesome. I think its important to add or try something new it keeps it new and not so boring. Thats what i have been doing, nothing special just hangin in there and i want it bad. Good Luck to you!

Epic5_medium laurenhankey 3 posts

my husband and i are both on this and we are at day 7….i am down 10lbs and he is down 9!! We both lost 5 lbs the first 2 days! We are doing what the book says and not cheating! it’s hard but soooo worth it!

Tennessee_trip_156_medium rivsmom 43 posts

can someone tell me how much you weigh in the beginning…I weigh 160 or so.. will i still lose a lot since I am not over 200 lbs? I have the book reading it getting ready to start. Figure after the big SUPERBOWL party….

Melissa_medium mmacedo02 21 posts

EXACTLY!!!! Thats awesome, keep up the great work Laurenhankey!

Ravengirl57_adamlambert_and_mit-01_medium ravengirl57 56 posts

I was 286, so much work to be  done for me. I would LOVE to weigh 160.

Dsc03696_medium dolphin9600 186 posts

Wow, 15 pounds in one week, that is incredible!!! Way to go!

P90x_medium KimC115 31 posts

I started the 17 day diet on Wednesday July 20th, 2011 weighing in at 257lbs. When I stepped on the scale today, Saturday, July 23, 2011 I weighed in at 248 lbs. That’s a loss of 9lbs! I am so excited. I am really interested to see what I weigh on Day 17.

Congratulations mmacedo02 for losing 15lbs!! That’s GREAT!! Keep it up the great work!!

Icon_missing_medium toxiciti 8 posts

Way to go! Keep it up!  Don’t get discourged when your weight stalls the second week as did mine.  It will eventually move if you keep following the diet.  I lost 18lbs in 11 days.  I’m stalling again here on day 13 but will not let it get me down.  I’ll just exercise more and it will have to move.



228605_10150168567881519_510186518_6849902_6926645_n_medium 3sorylime 5 posts

That is so amazing and keeps people like me who start ot doubt it on our feet!… I sometimes feel it’s working and at times i don’t … the First 2 days i lost 5 lbs and i have not weighted my self since. Today is my 7th day and eventhough some pants are feeling better on me, i want more. Eventhough i kow it has to do with my lack of excersice which i plan to take ahead this week, i want o and need to. it just makes me feel better… But im glad to see others great success as well as my bf’s whos on it with me and i see the change in him, he says he sees it in me, but im reluctant to belive it :/ . But lets keep at this that as i keep saying to myself it’s not about just loosing the weight its about its gaining a healthier lifestyle =]

P90x_medium KimC115 31 posts

It’s great to hear so many people are doing well on the 17-day diet. Great job “Toxiciti” on your weightloss of 18 lbs!

“3sorylime”, try not to get discouraged. If your feeling it in your clothes then your losing inches. That’s what helps me keep going when I don’t see the scale move the way I would like it to. Add the exercise and you will soon start to see it come off on the scale. Just remember when you start you exercise, depending on what you do, the scale may not move or you might even see a gain- that’s only due to muscle gain. That’s good. It means you getting stronger! : ) Keep up the good work!

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Forums 17 Day Diet 1st week Weight Loss!!!!!! Down 15 lbs.



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