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Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

Seeking Sunshine….I noticed someone made note of the fruits for cycle 1, and 2 fruits specified not to have were bananas and pineapple.  Not sure which page, but I THINK it is because of sugar content.


Img_0507_medium SeekingSunshine 31 posts

Melissa, thank you!  Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think of that!  All I thought in my mind was “yogurt” but didn’t think about the fruit part of it.  THANK YOU so much for pointing that out to me!!  It never even crossed my mind.  You are awesome!

Icon_missing_medium injera 1 post

I discovered greek yogurt by accident a few weeks ago.  I was in a rush & grapped greek yogurt without looking. What a gem to find.  I looked online & found out I could make greek yogurt by straining out the excess whey with cheesecloth.  I let the regular yogurt set in the frig for around 12 hrs.  It result turn out extremely thick.  I sweeten with unprocessed honey & flavor with pure vanilla extract.

Here’s my problem.  After about 2 days the greek yogurt goes from thick to really watery, almost soupy.  Can anyone tell me why this is happening?  I have tried 3 different brands but they all turn soupy.

Thanks in advanced.

17_dd_profile_medium Andrea11365 256 posts

To all of you wondering about “fruit on the bottom” yogurt. Dr. Mike specifically says in the book to AVOID THE ONES WITH FRUIT ON THE BOTTOM…and he is explicit that our yogurt should be sugar free. (It’s somewhere in the beginning of the book before Cycle 1 begins) However, I’m not sure if eating the yogurt with sugar on the bottom will hinder the weight loss or not. I’ve been eating the Plain Greek yogurt and mixing in blueberries, or sometimes just a packet of Truvia. It’s delicious! My favorite Greek yogurt is Fage; I’ve been having the 0% Fat which is very good, but the other day for curiosity, I tried the 2% Fat and THAT IS AWESOME!!!!….. however, it’s pricey, so I’ve been buying Ciobani on sale. I also recently purchased the Dannon Light & Fit; not really sure if it’s allowed on this Program, but I alternate. Dannon Light & Fit came out with a lot of new flavors……two that I tried recently are the Carmel Delight……YUMMMMMMMMM!!!! and today I saw Vanilla Coconut!!! and they were on sale, a 4-pack for $1.67!!!! I could not resist. The Vanilla Coconut is a great flavor also for all of you Dannon Light & Fit fans!!

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

I’ve been eating sugar-free yogurt except the Greek yogurt, and so far my weight has been ok (as long as I take into consideration the extra carbs)—-I work around the extra carbs/sugar in the fruit on the bottom and also dont have it every day.  

I truly think Dannon Lite and Fit is allowed on this program….I looked around awhile back, and other than plain yogurt, Dannon lite and fit was the only sugar free one (at least in the store I was in).  It is really confusing when the book says what kind of yogurt to have….ambiguous because if you read it a certain way ALL yogurt would be ok, which it isn’t.

The vanilla coconut is my absolute favorite!!! I could eat a 4-pk at one sitting!  They also have pear yogurt with chunks of pear in it…very good as well.  Ours is $1.69 for a 4-pk, or 50 cents per each individual container.


Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

injera…maybe the expiration date had passed so they began to separate?  Just a guess.


17_dd_profile_medium Andrea11365 256 posts

Melissa, whereabouts do you live??? Your prices are so much cheaper than mine!!! I live in Queens, NY …. so I’m not surprised!!! $1.67 for the 4-pack of Dannon is the SALE price. I saw them last week and I forgot how much the 4-pk was but I didn’t buy it. For a single Dannon light and fit on SALE is $.79 this week….I am not up on regular prices, because I tend to stock up on sale items and by the time I run out, the sale is on again. LOL!

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

Hi Andrea, I live in Acton, MA.  about 25 minutes NW of Boston.  Depends on the store you go to though around here— I go to the one in the next town over because they are less expensive than Acton.  Acton prices are outrageous, and who would even think the next town over would be about 1/2 the prices for a lot of things.  ie, tunafish in water in Acton is about $1.25/can……where I go it is $.75/can.


17_dd_profile_medium Andrea11365 256 posts

Hi Melissa…….Solid white in water is anywhere from $1 – $1.25 ON SALE here!!! The regular price is $2 and change! NEVER bought it out of a sale in my entire life! …. LOL! When it’s on sale, I usually stock up on a dozen cans.

20110512-img_3181_medium kath00 47 posts

This is an old topic but I just wanted to say that I started having the Chobani yogurt as a smoothie, adding crushed ice, 1 packet of truvia and some vanilla SF syrup.  It is DELICIOUS and not nearly as thick.  I often add fresh berries to it.  Very refreshing and yummy and keeps me really full in the late afternoon.  Sometimes I make the vanilla one and add ice, a shot of decaf espresso and some cinnamon powder.  Also really tasty.  Going to make one now…


The lemon Chobani is my fave and I add lemon juice to it just a tad to give it a bit more oooomph.  DROOL!  Kath

Icon_missing_medium Marcia H 24 posts

Have you tried making your own yogurt in a crock pot.  I have been doing it for several months now.  It is much cheaper than buying and always fresh.  You can strain it through coffee filters or add extra dry milk powder to thicken.  I l;ike the dry milk to add extra calcium.  There are several recipes on this site for homemade yogurt. 

April_2010_hedy_medium hedpig 412 posts

wow marcia.. that i admire of you..

no way would i do all that…..

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