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17 day diet - what's everyone having for breakfast....not liking eggs all the time

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Barbie_medium poochie1963 6 posts

Hello everyone.. Trying my best to really get started on this way of eating.I don’t especially care for eggs in the morning. What is everyone eating for breakfast?

Chicago_021_medium Kimesue 5 posts

My new favorite breakfast is 1 cup of strawberry kefir with 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries – blended into a shakelike drink – awesome :)

Icon_missing_medium bwilson 16 posts

I had yogurt and fruit today; I don’t really care for cold food this time of the year, but it was not bad.

Dsc00390_medium sue102349 10 posts

try eating the yogurt with fruit and sugar free jam or truvia to sweeten.. a tbls of the jam or fixing your eggs into omelets with onions, spinach etc

Small_sock_monkey_medium Wannabe 44 posts

I have plain yougurt with frozen raspberries and a little bit of Sweet N Low mixed in.

Barbie_medium poochie1963 6 posts

why can’t I see the posts ?

Icon_missing_medium pjh4blackdogs 31 posts

poochie 1963 There a number of posts on the vegetarian forum but so far no solution. I am with you as far as the egg issue. ) :

Doc_thumb_medium TheDoctorsBo... 918 posts

@ poochie1963 

Where is it that you are unable to see posts? If you are still having difficulties, please email Tech Support at http://thedoctorstv.com/main/help_form

Picture_3_medium YrnKrazy 3 posts

I make a smoothy with 1 cup acedolpholus milk, 3 frozen strawberries and sweetner. Yum!

Barbie_medium poochie1963 6 posts

thanks everyone! I got some Kefir and frozen yogurt today. I can finally see all of the posts. Not sure what the issue was. I actually don’t mind the egg whites. I’ve fixed them with onion and asparagus..very yummy. Not real fond of turkey bacon but like the turkey sausage I used this morning. Good luck to everyone!

Icon_missing_medium bwilson 16 posts

I’m having trouble finding both the Kefir and the acedolpholus milk. Where di you buy it?

Icon_missing_medium christinefra... 7 posts

Love Kevir with a packet of truvia. Have also had 6 ounces of fatfree yogurt with a cup of frozen blueberries- very filling and delicious!

Icon_missing_medium christinefra... 7 posts

I found Kevir at Publix.

Monica_medium Yellowbird624 1 post

Not sure where you are from, but I found Kefir at my Buehler’s. I understand Krogers has it, too. Look in the organic section in the dairy department.

Icon_missing_medium TamiJo 22 posts

I get up and drink my cup of hot lemon water…..then,I am enjoying the egg whites, half a grapefruit and hot green tea……then I start drinking my water. I do not like to drink a breakfast shake deal or cold breakfast.

Sorry cant help ya with the Kefir……..But our Food Lion has the acedolpholus milk.

April_2010_hedy_medium hedpig 412 posts

i have worked midnights for most of my life so my breakfast is at night..

now that i am retired my eating is just what i feel like eating.. lol.

i have a huge salad with chicken strips and tomatoes

my 2 cups of green tea and water of course.

have my yogurt as breakfast desert


i have to eat egg whites until told by dr i am safe to eat the yolks again.

so not eating them at all yet.. bought egg beaters— but it just doesn’t seem tasty too gross to me

so i will probaly TRY them one day

i have lost 15 pounds and am very happy with this food plan.

so many choices and the menu is a sample!!!

try fish for breakfast  there is no RULE you have to have eggs for breakfast.

the shakes do not interest me at this time..do not have a blender

and i have no clue what kefir is yet..lol

don’t you all think we have to do what we can to make it work for our indivdual lives/tastes.

as long as we eat the food on the lists for each cycle and nothing else and do our excercise we will be thrilled with the results!


they have that aced …milk in publix. a reg grocery store where i live in tanpa bay 

just call some grocery stores around you and ask if they have these thing

Icon_missing_medium Kathy 2050 14 posts

not liking eggs……what is Kefer??where do you find it also?

April_2010_hedy_medium hedpig 412 posts

sue102349— that sounds good about mixing spinach with eggs 

the plan says i can eat a few eggs a week if i have to watch how many

so will do that, thanks for the reminder!!!!!!!!!!!

i used to eat feta cheese and spinah omlettes all the time…wonder what it would be like with whites?? the YOLK is where the flavor is.

i just can’t help but feel groosed out wondering about what chemicals eggbeaters uses to make their whites taste good..

Icon_missing_medium mcginnmom 17 posts

in what section at publix, so far I have not found it in mine.

Icon_missing_medium bwilson 16 posts

I think you could make an omelet with the egg whites, spinach, and reduced fat feta cheese; there’s another dish in the recipes that uses the reduced fat feta. Actually, this sounds good!

Icon_missing_medium mholburn 15 posts

I usually have yogurt with frozen, mixed berries - I am looking forward to spring/summer when fresh fruit is more plentiful! 

April_2010_hedy_medium hedpig 412 posts

hey they have reduced fat feta?? yippe will have to find it… love it…

mcginnmom—at Publix..it was after the cottage cheese and stuff and  before reg mild and such

just ask someone..that have soy milk and lots of things i never paid attention to.

i need to get a SMALL bottle of stuff to try it first as it cost too much to buy and not use it

i want to try that kefir or whatever it is..lol

am thinking of getting that boss grill thing.so many ways to make cooking easy for me.

omlettes and fish, chicken etc.. with the one i have i can’t take the things out and wash them..

i hate hate to cook so to fix eggs and things i need easy

the ‘forum cops’ removed a product name i posted..

so i will say.. ‘a grill’ i saw advertised, is something i might get to make preparing my food easier..

saw a ad for it and they threw LEFTOVERS in it with eggs for an omlette.. was so easy, cooked it all FAST and what a great idea..

would be great breakfast..only with goodies on our food plan, tho

Icon_missing_medium mcginnmom 17 posts

hedpig you’ll be happy to know that Publix has reduced fat and fat free feta. In ours it’s in the area with the fresh cheeses and Boars Head products, they even have variations with spices etc in them and I’ve tried them-they’re good!

April_2010_hedy_medium hedpig 412 posts

thanks.. will go get it.. and make boring egg whites EXCITING..lol

Img_3341_medium mansfield84 97 posts

i have been switching between veggie omletes and yogart with fruit for breakfast. i do miss my quaker oats but i think i get it back on cycle 2:}

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