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What i dont understand is why some states pay for methadone treatment for pregnant woomen. My state currently has many state ran methadone clinics. And to top it off, it is free for pregnant women who are addicted. If addiction is such a bad fast growing problem, then why are these clinics legal. My sons father is a recovering addict. He also tried these methadone clinics. These clinics do not help. They give addicts an easy cheap way to get there fix. And many of the people i know of that “get help” from these clinics are now addicted even more so than before the clinic. My sons father recently had another child to which the mother was also attending the methadone clinic. We do not yet know what delays this child will have or how to help her overcome them. Now that women is pregnant with 2nd child while attending the clinic still. why and how is this legal. Shouldnt the state and the clinics be responsible for these babies?

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I totally agree with what you write.   My daugther is a meth attic.  They have clinics in our state too..I tried to get them shut down but they are non profit and cant be touched by the law.   Sad!      

My daughter has giving me two beautiful grand babies hooked on Methadone.   I watched my Grandson be born and it was the saddest and happies moment of my life.  he shook so bad from the methodone…..I dont know what the long term effects will be.  I wish the doctors would of shared that with us.   What happens to these children as the grow and learn????      


Icon_missing_medium durango400 3 posts

I have to say I have an oops…..I meant to WRite my daughter is an addict!!

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durango400….They mentioned on the show today that the babie’s brain doesnt always develop to full capacity, making it harder for them in school, and to learn in general.


Icon_missing_medium tbrown141 6 posts

I just dont get how these places are legal. Really upsets me. There is no help for people with addictions or there babies, none that are free or as cheap as the methadone clinic. Youd think there would be better options for pregnant women. I just cant get over seeing those babies on the show that are hooked on drugs. Lots of prayer for those babies and all the addicted babies out there. And I wish all the addicts well, in hopes that they can pull threw all the issues holding them down. Ive watched addiction first hand and its not only a mental illness but it causes physical as well. But I have seen people come out of it better and stronger. So my prayers go out to you all

Icon_missing_medium tbrown141 6 posts

Just say NO to Methadone Clinics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more free or cheap drugs provided by the government for addicts!!!!!!!! Methadone KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4_eyes_medium help4u 7 posts

Just to let you know, Methadone is NOT FREE OR CHEAP for anyone! I pay $13 a day plus the $20 a day in gas it takes to get there 7 days a week! ( so 1 week costs me, $231!) <that’s more than it costs on the street!> If you are pregnant they want you to spend your money on prenatal care, but you are CHARGING every dose, to which you OWE a lot of money when you deliver. @ $13 a day times 9 months you would owe $3,510 that HAS to be paid back. They let you build up a very high amount of debt and then you pay it back or you are kicked out! I was in a major car accident and I have had 3 knee surgeries and an ankle surgery, which my doctors had me loaded up on Oxycontins and lortabs. after my physical therapy was over I was taken off all my meds at once cold turkey. I was a very sick person and still in pain. Indiana Treatment Center took me in and helped me out tremendously. The Clinics are not just for IV drug users, I was made an addict through the course of Doctors and their man made drugs. And for a totally legit fact from :>> Like any controlled substance<<, there is a risk of abuse. When used as prescribed and under a physician’s care, research and clinical studies suggest that long-term MMT is medically safe (COMPA, 1997). When methadone is taken under medical supervision, long-term maintenance causes no adverse effects to the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, bones, blood, brain, or other vital body organs. Methadone produces no serious side effects, although some patients experience minor symptoms such as constipation, water retention, drowsiness, skin rash, excessive sweating, and changes in libido. Once methadone dosage is adjusted and stabilized or tolerance increases, these symptoms usually subside. To try and take these Clinics from people who truley need them is a very selfish, and misled thing to do. METHADONE DOES NOT KILL, ONLY THE ABUSER CAN KILL THEMSELVES!!! I personally know 5 women who have had babies that are in the Clinic and all the children are fine. The doctors worked with the mothers and the babies, and the babies had to be weened from methadone but at least it wasn’t heroin, and now they are fine. I have been on MMT for 7 years and it has helped me out with my pain and my family! 1 of the children that was born 7 years ago, is now a KEY student at the top of his class and skipped 1st grade. WE ARE WHAT WE MAKE OURSELVES OUT TO BE!

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I understand that if someone was an addict due to accidents or because of a doctor. But there has to be more screening by the clinics. The number of addicts that need the meds is way lower than those who are on it for the fun of it. An we are exactly what we make of it. Except alot of people that have been addicted just plain quit. Methadone is not a rehab or does it make it any better becauuse its legal. Why not go to a real dr. and get help. I feel they should do a complete back ground check of dr.s the patient has seen and the exact reason for needing meds. The only selfish thing is the fact that these clinics say they are to help an addict get off drugs and allthey do is keep the addiction going. And no matter what you say the baby is suffering, so yes the mother that is taking methadone is the selfish one. If they truely want to do whats right, then go thru the withdraws and stay clean. Also in regaurds to those 5 babies born on methadone, they have no long term studies shown on how it affects the baby. I dont see how weining a newborn off drugs is harmless. common sense would tell you that its wrong, that child is ccoming into this world with a problem adults cant even control. Arent we suppose to do what we can to have a healthy baby. Maybe its just me, but I have seen what these clinics do first hand to people. My sons father was an addict for 7yrs and he just quit cold turkey. Also my mom was in a car wreck where she was d.o.a. and thank god she pulled thru do to excellent drs. She has alot of longterm issues that involve extreme pain. she does not take narcotics for it. I feel these clinics make addicts feel justified for their usage. And your right there are SOME people that may need it, but why make it legal for those who are just plain addicts. because those poor babies have no choice, and its not exactly a great way to start a babies life out. My main point is they should be banned, go to a real dr. for help. most people wont go to dr. because they dont prescribe enough or the kind that person wants. Honestly in my opinion if your on methadone and its more than 20mg a day, then what kind of parent would that person be? What Im saying they just have no control of there own life let alone a childs. We may not agree on this, but simply put, if you cant drink while pregnant, or not suppose to smoke, then why the hell is methadone ok. No matter what anyone says I do believe it causes problems. Have you not seen how newborn hooked to methadone acts or how much physical pain their in. Now imagine that withdraw symptoms you described and give that pain to a newborn. If its too much for an adult it has got to be 100x’s worse. And if you consider that as no side affects for the child your wrong. They just cant explain how they feel. I feel sorry for all these babies. And pray the mothers can think of their children instead of there physical an mental need for drugs.

4_eyes_medium help4u 7 posts

141, NOT ALL PEOPLE IN THE CLINICS ARE WOMEN!!! Doctors will NOT prescribe methadone because it is “SAID” to be for addiction. Doctors cannot prescribe meds for addiction. I agree with the amount of methadone a person should take should never be over 40mg. I am on 30mg now, I have been up to 150mg and down to 4mg. I have a lot of chronic pain in my knees, ankle, back and neck, from my auto accident, (I was a passenger in a Chrysler Sebring Convertable, when a deer ran out, she swerved at 60mph and we went through a telephone pole and flipped 4 times, we were mangled). I have been through 4 surgeries since then and a lot of meds. When finally getting leveled out at 30mg, I have no pain!!! Methadone has been the only med I have taken that has no euphoria, and I NEVER have to take an extra one. I hate the clinic, believe me! I hate going 7 days a week, I hate going there on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I hate spending right at $1,000 a month, but, I can keep my pain at bay and still have a relationship with my family, to which when the doctors had me on the hard core meds I was always sleepy, and never did anything! Some Doctors are Devils!!!! I wish I could go see a doctor, I have great insurance and they would pay for the methadone, if I could find a doctor, but no doctor is willing to provide me with care because I am 36 years old, all they want to do is put me back on Oxycontin and Lortab, which are the MOST DEADY DRUGS OF ALL!!! If I was 60 years old they would have no problem presribing Methadone, but my age bracket puts me in a “Group” which I feel is Stereotyping!!! I have so much trouble walking cause of pain, if I was to “just quit” I would be in agony. So please remember this 141 not all are women and some people actually need this help , some people can do without it, and for a mother to quit taking methadone after she had been on it for a while because she has just become pregnant would do GREAT HARM to the child. They WILL NOT let you in if you are pregnant and not yet on methadone. To quit Methadone is harder on a person than quiting alcohol to which it would KILL the babies if they stop taking it. They do have something else (Symboxin), which they use to ween people off methadone, and is like a cold to get off of, and if you take any opiate, you become violently ill, bad thing about that, dont cut your hand off or you’re going to be in agony! Not all needs are mental either and if your son quit and is happy he never needed it!!! Some people have real pain!!!!

4_eyes_medium help4u 7 posts

And Yes they have studied what long term effects are for newborn babies. They have been using methadone in the United States for over 40 years, you think they havn’t done any studies??? I will get back to you with more info on babies and methadone so you will understand the facts about methadone before you go ranting about how they need to be shut down. I have dealt with overdoses and death personally but only those people knew what they were doing!!! Please don’t judge the world through 1 persons eyes!!!!

4_eyes_medium help4u 7 posts

There you go here is all the info you need!

Icon_missing_medium tbrown141 6 posts

Im not ranting or judging the world of anyone. It is America an I have an opinion and freedom of speech. And I do understand that some people have real pain. I see a specialist for my back. i have ALOT of issues myself. But you cannot deny that there needs to be a better way for addicts and pregnant women. And yes not only women go to the clinic. this i know. There needs to be background checks and other screening to insure that the patient has real issues. I agree that addicts give people with with real pain a bad name. Suboxone is way better for addicts than methadone. But in reality a true addict wont quit until they decide no drug will help that until they have made the choice. My belief is, why give most addicts an easy way to continue their problem. The clinic just keeps the addiction going. in regards to the mother stopping methadone when they become pregnant. well if it can cause that much issues to stop than it cant be safe to take during pregnancy. I do know alot about this issue. I have a step daughter born on Methadone, my sons father was on life support for 2wks due to overdose. Ive lost 4 friends do to the clinic. As a sober mother and person I see how the clinic has ruined the chances of getting clean in people around me. All Im saying is screen the patients for real pain not treat for addiction. And the dosage that the clinic gives should be more than illegal. They are slowly adding to the problem by enabling addicts. If the state can run these clinics why not find a better way to fix the problem instead of feeding the issue. Suboxone is no cure either. Many addicts shoot this med up also. Im not trying to demeen your issue. Its obvious that you have problems, and thats fine. But what about all those people that go that are just addicts. And the biggest heartbreaker is that these children have no choice in this. Why not force these addicts to use birth control, or the shot so they dont bring a baby into the world on Methadone. I think we could agree on the fact that the last thing an addict needs is a baby. make them decide a baby or their drugs. An I have dealt with all this for 8yrs. And nothing has changed with the clinic except more people attending it. I know people that within 4wks of going to clinic there mg was 135 a day. To me that is unreal. I understand these addicts need help, but for them methadone is not the answer. And my step daughter was underweight and during childbirth the dr didnt think she was going to make it. And that was due to Methadone and only Methadone. So yes maybe some peoople have healthy kids, but not in my circumstance. Now myself and her father are struggling to deal with the mess her mother put her in. Just because she wanted a fix. She was not using heavily when she became pregnant, just a couple vicadone a day. The ob dr didnt test her levels and neither did the clinic. If they would have she wouldnt of been able to go. My main issue is why help an addict be an addict. I totally understand if the person is in the position you are, but get real not many people that go to the clinic are in real pain as you are. Yes they probably experience withdraw pain, which eventually goes away. They need to offer rehab to addicts or anything besides giving them methadone. And on the going to a real dr issue, there are many dr.s that prescribe methadone to people with extreme pain. Only most addicts wont go to dr because they dont give as high of mg as the clinic. Sounds to me like you should research dr.s in surronding areas for a pain management specialis. I know of alot of them in Indiana. And once the dr knows you’ve been going to the clinic and you honestly tell him you dont want the high just pain relief then their more likely to help.And no matter how many facts or documents you come up with, I wont believe that it doesnt affect the fetus. i dont see how it couldnt, if being on any opiates can cause the issues that was on that episode about addiction, then how would methodone not. Smoking cigarettes, pot, and alcohol has an effect on the fetus, how could such a strong drug not. As a parent I wanted what was best for my child. These addicts dont have a clear head to care about themselves let alone be trusted to make the right choices for themselves. I am truely sorry if I offended you, was not my intentions. The only reason I care about this issue is because of my son and step daughter. We are stuck picking up the peices of our daughters life because her mom is still an addict and pregnant again, while on methadone. For a fact i know that this childs life will always be affected by the choice her mom made.To top it off her mother refuses to let us see her because we feel so strongly about all this. Due to her drug use, she has not been able to care for this child properly. As a result of that cps has taken her and givin her back. All I know is I look at that little girl who never had a choice in any of this, and shes suffering because they dont monitor addicts properly and they enable them by even having these clinics. If the clinic can help people with REAL pain thats all good, but only help them. Because alot of addicts die due to methadone and mixing it with other drugs. So why not pressure the state to come up with a better solution for addicts and pregnant women. good luck to you, i sincerely hope you can find a dr. to help, because from personal experiences, the clinic isnt much of a help.

4_eyes_medium help4u 7 posts

I do not feel you are judging or ranting, I feel as if we are having a very mature conversation on a very sensitive subject. A quick lesson on Suboxone, if you get an injury like a broken bone or have to have a tooth pulled or even emergency surgey, you are goin to be in extreme pain. Suboxone makes you severely sick if you take even a mynute amount of opiates or pain meds, just like the pill for alcohol addiction. So there would be no relief at all, for any kind of injury. and I would really take the chance by saying, the doctors would most likely not do an emergency surgery for someone on suboxone. I would feel very bad for the mother giving birth with no pain meds, especially if it had to be a C-section! But for a more sunny side, MMT is not ran to help the addict stay and addict. Addiction is a disease like love is a disease, it is not easy to walk away from something that feels so right, and 80% of addicts ,use, to feel normal not high! MMT is there for that, to make you “Normal” to get you back on track and start getting back to “daily” activities, like going to work or making breakfast. Once an addict becomes dependent on the drug, life being “normal” is over! Everything then becomes focused on the drug, MMT is there to change that, by bringing you in everyday, gets you back in a “moving around” mode, by seeing a counsler once a week, you can get the “drug monkey” off your back that you can’t do with family. After getting up and getting readdy to do something everyday, you become more civilized, and you get out of that being in a dungeon stage of your life, no more sleeping in till2pm and not showering for weeks, MMT gets rid of that! I was rejected when I first entered the clinic, because they said my withdrawl symptoms were not bad enough, and I hear this on a daily basis because the STATE is cracking down hard. If you have anything in your system, even THC, you have no take homes what so ever, even on hollidays, like tommorrow, i will have to be there, because i am a THC smoker. Because that is illegal I have to suffer the consequence. So Now you really think imma druggie, well I really don’t think it is fair that 140 miles to my North, a person with the same stomach problems I have, (I was born with 4 hernias on my stomach, and have dealt with severe nausea and heartburm my whole life), is able to have relief legally with the use of THC! My doctor has me on Protonix, which has a mild ammount of THC, and that helped a little but smoking it helps so much that I am able to eat what I want! So I will have to deal with that, the ones who have other illicit drugs are being thrown out! So it is being monitored very well these days, My clinic, Premier Care of Marion,IN is vey strict, the highest ammount givin by the doctor is 110mg for really tolerant people. A 110 pound woman is likely to be at 25 to 40mg for a good plan, a 260 pound man is likely to be on 60 to 100mg depeding on weight and tolerance is how they prescribe it. To be honost tho, I have been in that clinic for 2 years and I don’t even know what the doctor looks like. My doctor has tried every pain management doctor in Indiana to get 30mg prescribed to me for the last year. I am in an age bracket to where no doctor will see me. And my own doctor said she feels uncomfotable, believe me, after spending $40,000 on methadone in the last 7 years, I would love to have a doctor and I have been trying for 4 years to get one. Heck insurance will pay for it!!! The Government nor the State will stop these clinics, they make too much money, my clinic alone brings in $20,000 A DAY! But from my personal experiances, the clinic saved my life!!! My withdrawl was into 6weeks when I went to the clinic, they said I could of got in the first day. At 6 weeks my withdrawl was getting worse, I was litterly losing 5 pounds every other day, I was told after 3 days I’d be ok, lmfao, those were the worst days of my life!!! MMT got me back on track, getting up early, getting stuff done around the house, i didn’t need to go get another pain pill to get more done, I was high a little, my first year at MMT, but after getting leveled out, I feel no high, no euphoria, no need to take more, no pain, i feel like I did when I was 12 years old, but with additiction comes obssesion, and the urge is always there, but not with MMT, that’s what MMT is for, to take the hardest of the drug users, “the true addicts”, and help them go through life without the urge to “get high”. So if your a heroin or whatever addict and you can’t take care of your children, MMT gets you leveled out and you can go on with your life and do the things you are meant to do, without the urge to get high. So to me that is an awesome system, you can’t blame the system if the people are abusing the system. If your child was sentenced to prison for life for a crime they commited, are you going to blame the judge? Just remember, Addiction is a disease like love is a disease, it’s hard to give up!!!

Icon_missing_medium tbrown141 6 posts

trust me I understand addiction. My bestfriend of 16 yrs was an addict and my old man is a recoverying addict. I deal with the fact he may or may not use everyday. An please in no way am I judging. I was seen at pain management and got booted out for THC. Thats a whole new topic there. I use THC because I too have very bad stomach issues. If I even look at an opiate I vomit. An my gallbladder is only working at 35%. So I use it to be able to maintain my weight which is fairly low. I couldnt afford to not smoke. Now i smoke K2. It helps a little. But when I got kicked out of Pain management I was furious due to the fact I was one of the small percentages that didnt overeat or abuse my meds. I just dont see how these clinics and dr.s cant figure out who the junkies are and who are the real patients. to me its obvious when they are not bathed for a wk, nodding off, drooling, and not to mention the track marks. Come on now. It just sucks that people who really need help are normally the ones that get the shaft. And just a quick helpful hint, have you tried DR. H* in Fort Wayne at Lutheran Hospital. He prescribes people methadone everyday up there. They dont test for thc all the time, but will cut you for it. I dont know if thatl help or not. Hes kinda of a joke to me but alot of people like him. He over precscribed me. Anyways, I personally dont like the clinic for pregnant women. But I guess it a free country, so people do what they do. Its just not right on behalf of the unborn children, in my opinion. They should try to get birht control passed out there with there meds. May help???

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