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Icon_missing_medium crazydocb 1 post

Tip: Put a small amount of deodorant with an anti-perspirant (sp?) in it under your breasts. I’ve been doing this for years and no longer have this problem. 

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4595 posts

I actually do this too…it’s a good tip!


Icon_missing_medium AllGirl 1 post

there are plenty of options for breast sweat… the bra liner shown is 100% polyester.. so I dont know how that can absorb sweat…

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4595 posts

When I don’t use some deodarant the bottom part of the bra under the breasts it will turn yellow if I sweat (espec in the summer), no matter what it is made out of.  If you have a deodarant or an anti-perspirent that works good for you  IMO it works pretty well.


Momma_medium mserbian 1 post

I know exactly what you mean.. I have tried this and it works!!! sign into in this website they have what they call Freash Breast… order it and try it’s not expsensive!!! I use the fresh breast and my husband who is a truck driver uses Fresh Balls…Hope this helps you.:)

Icon_missing_medium kdonof 1 post

I suffer from this too!  The best thing to use is Desitin diaper ointment.  This keeps the area from getting irritated and does not wear off during the day.  If you do get a breakout it cures it in a couple hours.  Works well in any area where skin rubs skin.

Me_medium Cuteanpsycho 1 post

I have heard that using deodorant under your breasts can actually lead to a yeast infection of the skin. So I have always been reluctant to try that. I use a bra liner called Pambras. It’s made of cotton and absorbs really well, which helps my bras not get that discoloration from the sweat too, so they last longer. Plus, they help the underwire not bother my skin.  You can find ‘em here and they aren’t expensive at all. I personally like to by them because they donate a portion of sales to help support a cure for breast cancer, that’s a bonus in my book! Hope this info helps out!

Icon_missing_medium granto4 1 post

I actually use the Wick’em bra liner that was on the show and it really works!  Yes, the outside is of polyester, but its the same stuff that wicking athletic wear is made out of to keep the big bucks sports people dry.  (If its good enough for them, its good enough for me!) I used to have rashes that turned into big sores – yuck, I know – but since I wear the liner every day I haven’t had any trouble at all. if you go to their website it tell all about it – they were also on the TODAY show so they must be good to get on there. They donate to breast cancer and that’s important to me too. Oh and I’ve had mine for over 6 months now. I keep washing and they still look new.

Icon_missing_medium ashleylynfrank 1 post

Anti-Perspirant is not good for women, especially right next to the breasts. I HIGHLY recommend “Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner”! It came out on the market last year and it was on Fox 5 News Nationwide. It’s Disposable, Natural, Biodegradable, and really comfortable!! Check out . Much better than the other products on the market~!

Icon_missing_medium beth goldman 1 post

I found that using My Breast friend cooling pads work great. They cool under the bustline for almost the whole day. The coolest helps to avoid sweating. Almost everything else out in the market absorbs the moisture which these cooling pads stop the moisture and my bra stays dry and i also avoid rashes along my bustline. I found them on

Ts_picture_medium ronkris6401 1 post

I use a product called Huppo.  The website is  Huppo is a time released product and is designed to be placed directly into the cup of a bra, or the fly pocket of a men’s brief.   I love this product because it keeps me dry and lasts all day without the mess of traditional powder based products.  Don’t be alarmed that the box says powder pocket for men.  I tried some of my husband’s and then told my girlfriends about it too.  This is a product for men and women.  You will not be dissappointed. 

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