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I’m interested in seeing what boils all over the face could mean.  Even just one boil—I’ve heard it could be MRSA, dont know if that is true, but have heard it.  Are boils contagious?  Also, try not to “pop” a boil—can leave a permanent scar (from experience).  some scars fade, others stay forever (from experience).  I have heard groin boils are different somehow, but not sure why…


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hi I have to first say this is the best show ever. I am home for 2 weeks do to having surgery, so I get to watch. I just logged in am not sure what I’m doing, and appollogize if this isn’t where I should be.
I was very interested in this show when I heard that they were going to talk about boils. It was mentioned a few times, but never talked about. I want to know what makes a boil a boil and not a pimple or cyst. You never talked about it.

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

This link is very helpful.


Quilt_for_habbitat_2_medium Wende 1 post

I too was disappointed that they kept saying they were going to talk about boils and then there was nothing.

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

I agree…just watched it and it was over in a couple seconds.


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Yehh.. 148 views on this topic.. people wanna know lol

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

I have a recurring boil in one spot on me (it goes away, another soon comes back in the same spot).  i’d love to find something to stop it from recurring because I will need to get the area lanced.


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Hello everyone. I’m a 50 year old woman who has had a lifetime of problems with boils, cysts and pimples since I hit puberty. I used to get them on my face and would stupidly pop them which did leave big, deep scars. So as melissaw72 stated, DON’T DO THAT! :) Don’t even pop a pimple even if they are small. They scar too. Back when I had these problems on my face, my dermatologist put me on the drug Accutane for 3 months and I’ve never had those problems on my face again. I can’t believe they took that drug off the market as it was the best drug I ever had that completley stopped the boils and pimples on my face. But for many years now, I have had major problems with infected glands in my groin area and I know first hand how painful they can be. I’ve had them drained by a needle, lanced and packed and still they come back. I’ve even let them rupture on there own. My doctors call it cystitis and even I don’t know the difference between a cyst and a boil. To me, they’ve always been the same thing. Anyhow, the best thing I have opted to do now is just to have them surgically removed once they form because I know that no matter what the doctors do to them besides just removing them that they will and do always come back. I’ve already had 1 surgery done on the left side of my groin area where they surgically removed a string of glands in that area and I can happily say that I’ve never had a problem in that area since and its been 5 years now. But, I’ve begun to have problems on the right side now and I’m going to opt for the surgery again. In NO WAY do I want to go thru all that torturous pain again! Many health problems can be attributed to these problems but for me it was being diabetic and can’t fight off infections and infected hairs. I even had a vitamin D defeciency that may have attributed to it. Hope this helps and I too would like to see a segment on the The Doctors show about boils & cysts. :) Hopefully they will be more indepth about it. :) I’ll keep watching. :)

Icon_missing_medium dhummingbird 5 posts

I loved the link you gave melissaw72 and yes it was very helpful. Thank you! :)

Photo_41_medium melissaw72 4593 posts

I’ve also tried Bactroban cream.  BUT totally IMO i hated it.  I had boils on my earlobes, and the DR prescribed Bactroban cream.  I tried it for awhile, saw no results, and figured it was because the cream was wearing off too fast.  So, I stupidly put a little extra on and covered it with a bandaid.  I did that for a few days, but here’s the thing….I put a coating of the cream on my ear and covered with a bandaid.  Got my earlobe nice and soft and it seemed healed.  Left that like that for a couple days, and when I thought things were cleared up, i started rubbing off the cream that was left.  I know this may sound odd, but instead of the boil being healed and the cream wiped off, as I wiped off the cream little “chunks” (not huge pieces, but enough to call them chunks for an earlobe) of my earlobe came off.  BIG pieces of skin.  I ended up losing part of one of my ear lobes, to the point I couldn’t have them pierced anymore (and at that time I loved earrings).  And stil can’t have pierced ears to this day. 

Maybe it wasn’t the cream, but it was the only thing I had used on it.  Im not sure what happened exactly, but it must have gotten the earlobe too soft, and that with the dead cells of the boil, well they just all came off.  Or maybe it was too much medicine in the cream all at once.  I really don’t know.


Christmas_tree_medium Dianemc 1 post

I get boils all the time and happened to stumble onto something that made the boils go away overnight. I had two boils recently that were very painful and that I had for MONTHS! One was quite large, too. I couldn’t go to a doctor as I was uninsured, so I just dealt with it.

However, in the interum, I got a yeast infection from taking an antibiotic. So, I bought some over the counter yeast medicine, the kind that comes with the vaginal cream. For some reason, I decided to rub some of this vaginal cream onto these two boils I had. Unbelievably, both were gone the next day!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I had sufferred with these for MONTHS and overnight they were gone. I know it had something to do with the cream, don’t know why or what it is, but, I know it was the cream that worked to get rid of these.

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