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As I was flipping through the channels today I came across this show right at the moment it was asking the question “Are plus size dance clubs a good idea?”  I have to say I was offended at this even being a topic.  I have  been a big woman all my life.  Always keeping in perspective my health above all else.  I have been to many fat dances and bashes where plus size people, and those who love us, come from all over the country and world come together to dance and party.  

I absolutely do NOT think fat clubs are a bad idea.  Going to regular clubs as a fat women I get scowls, dirty looks, terrible service and often never have someone to dance with.  Leaving me with this feeling of self loathing and feeling sorry for myself.  So going to a bar, club or event where I am surrounded by men and women who understand me in that one aspect of my life, makes a world of difference in how I can and do feel about myself.  

Im so glad the hot young male doctor pointed out how many calories an hour of dancing you can burn.  People want us to lose weight and be fit, why can’t we have a place to do it that we are comfortable in?  

If you want to get to the nitty gritty of clubs and if they are healthy for just anyone lets look at these ideas.  Clubs often promote lots of drinking.  But we don’t think bars full of skinny people drinking themselves silly all night as a bad thing.  Promoting alcoholism, even if not directly, we all know it does.  

As a fat women ( and yes using fat as a descriptive term is ok just like saying someone is skinny is ok) I am tired of seeing shows that just put fat people down.   Some of the fat people I know are emotional eaters.  So lets look at it like this.  If you try to make fat people feel bad about being fat, all its going to do is either A) make them eat more out of emotional eating for feeling sorry for themselves   B) go on some fad diet that we all know, as a fact, they don’t work or C) do both only to perpetuate the cycle. And here is something for you to think about, maybe some people really just DONT CARE if they are fat and like eating as they please and being how they are.  Not everyone wants to fit into a perfect size 4 mold. 

If people have such problems with how we eat today, we should be putting more pressure on the food companies like McDonalds, KFC, Burger King.  The people who give out double cheese burgers for 1 dollar and act like its a good meal.  People these days want and crave easy, simple, fast an cheap.  Which only leads to a fast food drive thru, or a box of pasta bought at the store for 89 cents that holds no nutritional value.  

Back to my original statement, yes, fat girl dance clubs are a great idea.  They promote an environment for fat women and men to go, feel great, dance and have fun.  We can’t forget that to be truly healthy we need to have a healthy mind as well as body.  So the first place we start is NOT getting down on fat people just for being fat.  People are allowed to live how they want.  Not all fat people have or will get diabetes, not all fat people are slobs and or are stupid, not all fat people are lazy and inactive.  You can be fit and fat.  You can exercise, eat healthy and still be fat.  

We need to stop these stereotypes and just treat fat people as normal human beings.  Your not suppose to judge people by race, sexual preference, gender, age or religion.  But apparently we can still make fun of people just because they have more body fat then others.  I find this sad and hope that this show will just focus on positive changes in peoples lives rather than making them feel bad for how they are.  Or at the very least just let people figure out what makes them happy and let them do it. Who are we to say we know what’s best for others?  


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I don’t know if you saw the rest of the segment, but overall, the doctors felt that having a club for “plus size” people was a great idea and they also mentioned that people of ANY size were welcome, not just plus-size. When Travis was mentioning how many calories were burned dancing (950 per hour!) the panel said that lots of plus-size people aren’t comfortable GOING to a place where they CAN dance and burn off those calories, so they simply stay home and eat more! So having a club they could feel at ease in was a great idea! They also stated that they knew that some people are never going to be “rail-thin” and that some studies believe that it is better to be “big and active” than to be “thin and sedentary”.

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