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Restylane hyarulonic acid cream

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Icon_missing_medium dawnearly 1 post

I am very interested in the face cream. I have been looking on line to purchase a jar but became very confused because of all the different brand names. Which one is the best to order? Where would I go to purchase some until the newer cream comes out in 6 months.

thank you


Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1472 posts

You can find information from today’s show on the SHOW SYNOPSIS page.  To get there go up to EPISODES, choose TODAY’S SHOW.  On that page next to the Video box you will see SHOW SYNOPSIS along with other links related to the show.  


For older shows choose THIS WEEK, or ARCHIVES from the drop down menu.

Icon_missing_medium Dermal FXwit... 9 posts

Hi Lynda, the product is Dermal FX. You can find more information at The cream Dr. Ablon was talking about is available now, the product Day and Night cream uses INParT to penetrate the skin with the dermal fillers hyaluronic acid and collagen. If you have any questions, visit the site.

Melissa_morris_head_shot_3_medium fourmorrisfour 1 post

There is no information listed on where to purchase the cream that is available now. Can you please direct me where to purchase. I have already followed the directions given earlier and there was nothing.

Thank you,

Dscf0182_medium Asciacca 1 post

I’ve used the product that utilizes InPart Technology…it’s called Dermal FX… I buy it at
Good Luck,

Icon_missing_medium adstudent 1 post

The products with the INParT technology can be purchased at



Icon_missing_medium michele119 1 post

I looked up the show synopsis on the website and still couldn’t find the name of the product or the store where it may be bought. Did you dawnearly?

Icon_missing_medium themonk 1 post

Has anyone used the creams?

Icon_missing_medium jchilds1212 2 posts

I am also interested in the face cream Topical Restylane. I am unable to find any information on how to purchase the product. Went to Dr Glynis Ablon’s website and the Ablon Skin Institute website but there was no information on the cream or how to purchase it. Can anyone tell me how I can purchase the product?


Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1472 posts

The product is DERMAL FX and can be found at .  


You can read the synopsis of the show and find other links on our Show Synopsis, Related Resources, or Special Thanks pages. To locate the one you’re looking for, go to EPISODES at the top of the page and select either Today’s Show, Shows this Week, or Archives for previous shows. Locate the show and click on the picture, then select Show Synopsis, Related Resources, and/or Special Thanks.

Icon_missing_medium kobekoko 2 posts

I was wondering if it is beneficial to just use the eye serum? If so is there a “show” special for just the eye cream?



Icon_missing_medium Dermal FXwit... 9 posts

Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for looking into our product line! It is benefcial to use the eye serum, since it uses INParT to deliver hyaluronic acid and collagen it will diminish wrinkles and improve your skin’s texture. We have the Day and Night Cream, Toner and Cleanser on special because it’s an awesome skin care regimen. Cleansing and toning are essential to helathy skin, they prepare the skin for the Day and Night Cream and with the special we’re running you get them for free.

There isn’s a special on the eye serum but sign up for our newsletter, facebook, twitter or blog- these are all great places to hear about upcoming offers.

Icon_missing_medium jchilds1212 2 posts

The dermal fx does not sound like the same product that Dr Glynis Ablon was talking about on the doctors feb 23. I heard her day that it was a topical restylane. Are you sure you are talking about the same product?


Moderatoricon_medium TheDoctorsBo... 1472 posts

Per the synopsis page….

“The Dermal FX cream is considered a cosmetic breakthrough because of the delivery mechanism it uses to shuttle the Restalyne into the skin.”

Icon_missing_medium fabskin261 1 post

I remember this a few years ago. Is this the same product?

DPM Therapeutics Launch Dermalfx on The Shopping Channel
TORONTO, Aug. 7 /CNW/ – DPM Therapeutic Corp. would like to announce that
their Demalfx system of skin care products that utilize the company’s patented
Ionic Nano Particle Technology (INParT)™ is being launched on The Shopping
Channel(TSC) airing on August 7th, 2007 at 11.00am, 3.00pm and 7.00pm.
Company founders Debi Mattatall and Pankaj Modi, M.D., Ph.D., M.S.,stated
“We are very excited to launch our Dermal fx system of skin care products
through TSC. This distribution strategy will provide a powerful platform to
introduce and leverage our brand.”
About DPM Therapeutics Corp.
DPM Therpeutics Corp. (DPM) was formed in January 2005 by founders Debi
Mattatall and Pankaj Modi, M.D., Ph.D., M.S., with the mission to provide an
injection-free, painless, transdermal delivery formulation of Botulinum Toxin
Type-A (Botox) and Hyaluronic Acid(HA). This proprietary technology has been
clinically proven to work in human subjects. This Botox stabilization process
will differentiate DPM from the current Botox injection delivery system,
providing this growing market with a less painful and less costly alternative.
DPM is also applying this delivery system to Dermalfx and other injectable
cosmetics and therapeutics using the company’s patented Ionic Nano Particle
Technology (INParT)™.


Icon_missing_medium kobekoko 2 posts

Can you use the Day and Night cream under the eyes? I am already using a skin care regimen that I need to use up first….But if I can get the special and use the day and night cream under the eyes then I just might get the special. Please advise


Icon_missing_medium Dermal FXwit... 9 posts

Hi Julie,

Dermal FX is the product Dr. Ablon was talking about. She misspoke a little, Restylane is a brand of one of our competitors that uses hylauronic acid as a dermal filler and is injected into the skin. We are not Restylane nor do we use that brand, however, the hylauronic acid we use is just as effective since we have INParT to deliver it through the pores and eliminate wrinkles from the inside out. (Just like an injection would.)

The product on the market (Dermal FX) contains non-cross linked hyaluronic acid. That’s what we gave tothe audience and Dr. Ablon mentioned that it it available now. We are also conducting clinical trials on a cross-linked hylauronic acid that uses the same delivery method (INParT) to topically deliver the HA. In this clinical study, we’ve found that the results of the cross-linked and non-cross linked HA eventually meet which means both products will give the same results, the cross linked just works a little faster. Also, both products when stopped cause the skin to produce HA and collagen, boosting youthfulness. This is a huge breakthrough since no other HA product can claim these results.

Icon_missing_medium Dermal FXwit... 9 posts

Dermal FX is the same skin care line. The topical cream featuring botulinum toxin type-A is still undergoing clinical trials and is not on the market. Both of these products are part of the Transdermal Corp. family of products.

Icon_missing_medium Dermal FXwit... 9 posts

Hi Kobekoko-

Yes, you can definietly use Dermla FX under the eyes. A lot of women have incredible success with our product in that area. Since the skin is so delicate, many times injections are not an option. That’s why Dermal FX is so great. I would specifically recommend the Eye Serum (for severe eye wrinkles) Eye Brightening Stick (for under eye puffiness, dark circles and fines lines, as an aside, this product also works wonders on scars, stretch marks, burns and bug bites, it’s earned the nickname- Magic Stick! I hope this helps!

Icon_missing_medium Sarahb009 1 post

I’ve been using the Dermal FX products for over a year now and I absolutely love the affects it’s has on my skin! I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone. I have ultra sensitive/dry skin and since I’ve been using this line the dark circles under my eyes are gone and my skin is always hydrated feeling very smooth.

Icon_missing_medium babalou 1 post

are these creams safe to use if nursing? if not, what is safe to use to diminish the appearance of stretch marks or bug bites?

Icon_missing_medium Dermal FXwit... 9 posts

Hi Babalou,

Yes, these products are safe to use while nursing, they don’t ever pass into the bloodstream so they won’t affect you nursing. I wouldn’t recommend putting the cream on immediately before nursing but it will be fine if you give it 30min or so to penetrate the skin. It’s not a tasty product :)

Regarding stretch marks- any of out products with hyaluronic acid will help with pigmentation (Day & Night, Gentle Toner, Eye Serum, Neck and Body Cream, Eye Brightening Stick) But our best product for these skin issues is our Eye Brightening Stick- don’t let the name fool you this product works on scars, bug bites, burns, fine lines and under eye circles. The combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen and haloxyl tend to heal these issues quickly and with great results.

You can find all these products at

Icon_missing_medium lm1150 2 posts

This product is garbage.  I cannot believe the Dr.’s would support a product that uses parabens, sodium laurly sulfates, and propylene glycol.  All poison for the body.  google it and see for yourself.

Icon_missing_medium Dermal FXwit... 9 posts

Thanks for your concern lm1150.

SLS and propylene glycol are only dangerous in large quantities (as supported by the FDA and the Material Safety Data Sheet) luckily, these high quantities are not found in Dermal FX products.

Regarding the parabens, there is a wealth of information that both supports and opposes these preservatives which make most products commercially viable. Without them, most products including food items, cosmetics and toiletries would expire within days.

Icon_missing_medium anna2010 1 post

Hi, I hope someone can help me.  I am 31 years old and I bought the eye brightener magic
stick with the cleanser, toner and face cream.  I used the eye brightener only on the skin around my eyes.
After only 2 days of using it I woke up with swollen puffy eyes. I thought it
would go away but it didn’t. Today is the second day and I am going to see a
doctor. I tried putting moisturizer but it burns so I had to wash it off.
The skin feels like its been sun burned or something. Please let me know what
to do to fix this.

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