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Watched the episode today on teens/sex. I have 2 girls, 13 and 10 and I am very open to talking about these topics. I cannot believe what these teens are doing these days. I cannot believe that all the show had on today was girls…where were the boys? They are ultimately the “ones” that are pressuring these sex acts… where are the mothers and fathers of the boys that are so sexually active? As the girls were saying…the boys have contests and ask for oral sex and if they don’t get it they dump the girl? Wow…that is showing absolutely no respect for women… why are not “we” the parents responsible for raising honest, kind, caring young people…both girls and boys! Wake up America… it is so much more easier to talk about sex now a days… please, it is plastered all over the TV and the internet… so start EDUCATING your children to knowing the consequences and risks of engaging in ANY type of sexual act. It is OK to wait until you are married… and if that is so “over the top” for you…then at least TEACH them to use proper protection! With all the diseases that are out there now… you would think it would SCARE teens enough into abstinence. No one is invincible! It CAN happen to anyone! With what you could catch over 20 yrs ago…that was enough for me. And I had respect for myself and a good solid religious upbringing… knowing that I would never put myself into a position of catching a disease or being pregnant at an early age and/or before I was married. It is common sense! And if a guy didn’t understand that…then he wasn’t good enough for me! We need to teach our kids to protect themselves. Sex is a very, very intimate act, and oral sex is even MORE intimate! It is meant for mature ADULTS who are in love, who intend to be together in a monogamous relationship and make a life for themselves, raise a family. It is not something to be taken so lightly… and abused as these teens are doing! They will ruin their lives… if we as parents turn the other cheek and dismiss this behavior! You had these kids…TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for them and raise them to be proper young men and women… teaching them respect, trust, loyalty, kindness, caring, honesty… IT IS ULTIMATELY OUR JOB AS PARENTS!!!

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Forums May 27, 2010 - The Truth about Sex Teens & Sex - girls and BOYS



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