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I heard on today’s show about a new procedure for Prostate Cancer. It sounds like “HYFER”. Can anyone tell me the correct spelling.
Roger Miller

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Prostate Cancer Treatment         

High-intensity focused ultrasound, or HIFU, is the latest in prostate cancer treatment. Urologist Dr. Robert Pugach describes the minimally invasive procedure.


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On the show Dec 3rd – I was really disappointed that under the headaches portion you did not also talk about cerebral aneurysm. My father 3 months before his 46th birthday died from this.. only sign severe headache and he was gone (1980). I will never forget that day trying to perform CPR on my father while the ambulance was lost trying to find the home.

My father’s father, my grandfather also died from this at age 64 (1967). He passed out in a hotel room in NYC and was taken to the hospital, they felt they corrected in time, since my grandmother back to the hotel only to call her back an hour later that he had passed.

My father’s sister, my aunt actually ruptured in the ED after being taken there because of not talking correctly. They did the coil surgery, she survived 7 days (age 61). Could say goodbyes, etc. She has two children and the neurosurgeons told her daughter to get MRAs every 5 years. Not much head way since 1980 unfortunately. We are told this is a hereditary thing and since 1990 I have gotten MRAs every 5 years.
My father has just one remaining brother in his 60s and he had an MRA which was fine and they did not recommend to get any more at his age.
They stated in women it is most often found at the time of child birth. I was not aware of this until my third child and needless to say I was scared to death.. but it made me aware of each headache and making sure it did not stay long.

It would have been nice if you would have referenced that during this segment and also under the sudden death.

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