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Stabbing Pain in Private Area

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Icon_missing_medium Kenna1007 1 post


I don’t know where this question would go but the problem is embarrassing, so I posted it here. I occassionally get a stabbing pain in my vagina. It literally feels like someone is taking a knife and stabbing up. The pain only lasts for a few seconds but it will stop me in my tracks. What could be causing this? I’ve never been sexually active. I tend to notice it when I am walking between classes, so it’s after I have been sitting for a while. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Thanks!

Photo001_medium feben 2 posts

i have experienced this too. except mine lasted for days and it got so bad that i could not eat or drink or get up. i was bed ridden. i could not walk. it got so severe about every 15 minutes i guess that i would just scream as loud as i could. i’ve never figured out what it was. doctors told me it was a kidney infection. some said i had pid. if you find out let me know.

I_have_the_look_medium labelfree 166 posts

Never in my life did this happen to me and then LAST week after me and my husband well you know we did it and I saw f ing stars so I waited than yesterday I couldnt stand it
went to Ob/Gyn
I am 45 BTW Had 3 kids and also having some SERIOUS other issues which is 3 weeks B4 my period green liquid out of both breasts going on 4 1 year and yes last year got it checked wasnt infection had mammo not cancer went to breast surg
back to pain down there
she gave me internal OHHHHH do you feel things falling?
then this doc said Your bladder feels swollen! WHAT
so I have to go and get like a ton of blood work hormone levels

so who knows what this is ladies I will get back to u! xox S

I_have_the_look_medium labelfree 166 posts

FYI GOING for internal Ultra sound Monday and MAMMO if I can stand this F ING pain Hope I can actually make it thru weekend and my throat is on fire and pain 5 inches above belly button too!

Icon_missing_medium kjones 35 posts

Kenna, what you’re describing could be Round ligament pain. Round ligaments are the pair of ligaments that attach to the uterus around the area of the fallopian tubes. They extend outward to the pelvic wall through the groin area eventually fusing with the labia majora. These ligaments pull the uterus downward and forward providing support to the uterus.

Round ligament pain is usually experienced as sharp or shooting pains on either side of the lower abdominal area. The pain can radiate to the groin area. The pains can be brought on by sudden movement or changing position, such as standing up or even turning around in bed.

The pain or discomfort is caused by the stretching of the round ligaments connected to the uterus. With certain movement the ligaments lengthen and thin out, or even cause them to spasm and they almost snap like a rubber band. Honestly, that ’s what it feels like. Nearby nerves may be aggravated, and this is what causes the painful sensations.

Almost every Pregnant woman experiences these. But non-pregnant women can too. Look up round ligament pain or google it. Read up about it and see if this is possibly what you are experiencing. It’s mainly related to pregnancy but I’ve had them while pregnant and while I haven’t been pregnant. And Feben, not sure about your situation or if this could be what you’re experiencing as well? I have heard of woman having Round Ligament pain for several hours (rare), but not days. Appendicitis? I suppose since you went to the Doctor and they never really found an explanation, you’re in the clear I hope. If it keeps happening, you need to get to the bottom of it. That’s not normal.

And Label, Don’t know about you either? Tell your Hubby no more Hanky Panky since that’s what seems to have started it!

Icon_missing_medium als1982 1 post

I am having sharp deep pains in my girlie area.  It started all of the sudden and hurts when I am standing and walking but not when I am sitting.  It is only located in the “lip” areas and feels like my bones are being crushed.  What is this?  Should I be concerned?  I am not pregnant but I do have a 19 month old.  I had a C-section though.

Icon_missing_medium mekago5 1 post

I had this problem for years… doctor usually found it was a yeast or bacterial infection, so I was pumped full of antibiotics. It would go aways and then return within a few weeks, usually right after my period. I finally found something online after weeks of searching for answers… BORIC ACID! I wasn’t hopeful, but I was willing to try anything. I got a perscription from my doctor for suppositories. Since I started using them, I have not had a single yeast or bacterial infection. If I miss a few days I sometimes get the stabbing pains again, but after using the suppositories for a day or two they go away. I really urge anyone experiencing these pains to try it.


Icon_missing_medium jojo777 1 post

i usually get this problem myself and it dose hurt and is like someone stabbing you up there i get it whilst walking or sitting and it dose stop me in my tracks it only lasts about a couple of minutes i am not pregnant nor have i any children yet i did go to my doctor to see about this problem and he explained to me that it was probaly just a bit of blood stuck that hasn’t come away with your period yet and will probaly do so when you have your cycle again so if you notice little blood clots coming away that just may be it  i dont know if this is true but hope it may help someone out there so please girls dont worry too much untill you see your doctor i have suffered this for about 6 years and i am a healthy person and have not suffered anything else but if it worries you best bet is to see a profeshional dont be embarrised that is what they r there for !!! 

Sev-valentines-nail-art-kiss-tutorial-lgn_medium amg01 1 post

i have the exact same pain like you women have but i havent have my period and im having those pains what do i do

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