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treating ADHD with Marijuana vs. Ritalin

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100_0216_medium woodlandswoman 1 post

I didn’t catch the name of the doctor in the audience, but in his rebuttal to the doctor treating ADHD patients with Marijuana, he failed to mention that these children who are ‘more prone to addiction’ will have a hard time weaning themselves from Ritalin and may go one to do other drugs that give them a similar high. These uppers would include drugs like cocaine, speed, meth, or other prescription pills such as Adderall. Personally, I regard these uppers much more addictive and dangerous than Marijuana. Like the doctor on the phone said, some 300 patients have died from Ritalin, where as nobody has ever died from Marijuana. 

Icon_missing_medium reaper 2 posts

i agree, pot needs to be reapproched, the only reason they won’t legalize it is like alcohol. they can tax, but they don’t know how to tax pot. usally people that rob or kill are responsed to cocaine or herion or crack, you never hear of a pot addict supporting there habit for pot.. we need to wake up and stop living the 50’s

Icon_missing_medium queen85 1 post

“addiction to pot” is bs you cant be addicted to pot you can be “assicted” to the stronger drugs. Kids that I used to go to school with that took Ritalin and Adderall did end up going and doing harder drugs after the doctors took them off them or when they got out of school and couldnt afford the meds any more the bout street drugs instead. I saw many loose their lives to harder drugs. There were also a few friends that smoked just pot including myself. That had adhd very bad. I only did it for a short time but I did very well in school when I did smoke pot and after I got out of school I quit and now I am very successful and I dont have any need to do any of that. I have been clean for over 6 years now and have no urge to go back to it. I curtainly would not give it to my young child but most definatly if they did more research on it because there is a part of the brain that is special made to except the chemicals that come from pot. there oviously has to be some positive from it. I have been doing natural healing instead of shoving medications down my daughter throat for Austim and she is doing very well. canada is doing very well in treating all different this with pot maybe the us should start talking to them on what they are doing.

052_medium our4th 5 posts

Saying good bye to drugs, does that include ritalin, alcohol and tobacco?

Saying the government can not tax it to keep it illegal is unrealistic. Regulating marijuana like alcohol would send the wrong message to the kids that it is OK to do drugs.

Marijuana remains illegal because the judiciary deprives us of our rights under the color of law. What rights? liberty, property, due process of law, security from unreasonable laws.

Profound_2_inline_fs_medium Zephyria420Rx 3 posts

I cannot belive how uneducated you guys are for being supposed Doctors!! But then again, this doesn’t suprise me at all. Since You doctors only cow-tow to the Pharmacuetical companies anyway, you would of cousre endorse something that is already killing people and only benefiting a small few. I smoke pot for my ADHD and have not found any prescription that actually worked for me like marijuana does. These children are getting the benefit of having a normal life like I can now have. I think more clearly, and slowly, which helps stop the racing thoughts and jitteryness that ADHD causes. I hold a hard working 40 + hr a week job and smoke weed all day! I  smoke marijuana, and if my child were to be diagnosed that is what she would take too if it works for her or him. I am on of the hardest workers you will EVER know! Alcohol and DOCTORS like YOU shoving scripts down their throats is what causes so much addiction and come to thin of it, if doctors got their s*** together and didn’t charge so much, you would be able to actually do your research! Not to mention slash the blackmarket by prescribing it instead of hurting pepole with your FEES so they have to go on the black market to get their meds cause they cost so much. I don’t lie, cheat or steal either for my meds. Pot is the only one by the way. It helps me with every diagnosis that I have ever had. doctors had me on 20 different meds in 2 years for ADHD and depression alone, and none worked except to make me even sadder and gain weight and feel fake. Weed helps me feel NORMAL! IF U GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT< COME SEE ME I’ll beat your DEA brand of education anyday. Its called COMMON SENSE!

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Forums November 11, 2009 - Prescription for Danger treating ADHD with Marijuana vs. Ritalin



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