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When do stop using the infant carrier...

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Icon_missing_medium beth25 4 posts

My son is 8.5 months old and he is still in his infant carrier because he is still small, size wise.  Weight wise he’s just over 15lbs.  The problem being, the infant carrier is about 4lbs itself.  It’s starting to take a toll on my back and I don’t know what to do.  I’ve tried carrying it differently, but I’m just not strong enough.  And my back is killing me.  I take tylenol so much because my back hurts.  My necks does this funny popping thing too.  I told my husband that I wanted to move our son into his next size up carseat and he doesn’t think that our son is big enough for it yet.  So, I have been taking the infant carrier out to the car, then taking my son out and putting him in the infant seat in the car.  I feel like I should just change out to the new carseat anyways…


Does anyone have any ideas for exercises for my back or if I should just change the carseats??


Thanks in advance!!


October_203_medium ashleyamt 1 post

I think that the standard is 20lbs. or a year. I would just leave the seat in the car, and pack your son in and out. My best friend purchased a little light weight umbrella stroller and pushed her daughter everywhere in that instead of hauling around the infant seat. She found it easier and less stress on her body.

Picture0008m_medium tncl08 8 posts

I had gotten my daughter a convertible seat when she got to the 17-18lb range. She was too long for her infant carrier by this time. The convertible seats are for babies 5lbs and up. Facing rear until 23-24lbs or 1 year old. But leaving the car seat in the car and using a stroller is so much easier. Umbrella strollers are compact. If you are grocery shopping using a moby wrap, sling, or carrier could help but it may be tiring on your back. 

180_medium Jenellesmommy 17 posts

Most hold up to 22 lbs, I used it in the car till she was about a year but when she was able to sit up on her own I would just carry her in the store with and put her in the cart, and if we weren’t going to the store I would just use a stroller, once they are able to sit up on there own I don’t think it is necessary to use the carrier.

Icon_missing_medium mamimac 3 posts

My son was three months and weighed 15 pounds. He wasn’t ready to sit up more so I had to take him out of the seat and carry just him from the car.

Img_1275_medium wendy2380 5 posts

The standard is 20lbs and 1 year of age according to pediatricians kids have to be 20lbs and 1 year of age before moving to a forward facing car seat and out of the infant carrier

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