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I have a son who is 25 yrs old and he stopped talking to me about 7 months ago because of his girlfriend.  He moved out of my house 7 months ago with his girlfriend when he bought his first house.  He had only started dating her and he hasn’t had but a couple of girlfriends in his life.  Well my youngest son who is 22 yrs old and disabled was moving in with him too and my husband and I had to drop off a bed of his that he wasn’t using at the time so we went ahead and put it in my son’s gargage.  Well my son went nuts because we were puting the bed in his garage and started yelling at me and being very rude at his mom.  So I ran out the door crying and called his girlfriend a bitch which I knew I shouldn’t have but I know she has been trying to turn him against me.  I went to my car and all of a sudden his girlfriend got in my car and start yelling at me.  I told her to get out of my car and she wouldn’t, so I got out of my car and went over and push her away from my car.  Well she ran in the house screaming that I hit her in the face.  She is a complusive liar and has my son sucked in believing her.  I have written letters to him to get him to talk to me and said I was sorry calling her a bitch and my husband has even gone over to his house to talk to him but now he is lying like her and making up things I never did to him as a kid.  His girlfriend got so mad a few weeks ago when my husband was talking to my son that she ran out the door screaming that she is tired of them talking about me and was going to her mom’s house.  She even called my son and told him that she wanted my husband to go home.  She has had her two kids taken from her from her exhusband but she deny’s to everyone that she even has any kids.  I know she has kids because my son had told me when he still lived at home.  This whole situation has got me so upset and I don’t know what else to do.  My son won’t even talk to my youngest son now since he moved back in with me because he says he said bad thing about his girlfriend, according to his girlfriend, but my youngest son never even talked to her when his brother wasn’t there at the house.  Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?  How can I do a background check without spending too much money?  I am afraid for my sons life living with that pshyco.  Thanks for any input.  Kathy

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