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Dscf6611_medium TyTysMomma 1 post

My youngest baby is 2 months old. He sleeps through the night, has since he was 3 weeks old. however I let him fall asleep in bed with me and my hubby then put him in his crib. Should I be putting him in his crib and let him cry it out some? or should I stick with the “if its not broke, dont fix it” and stay doing what im doing

Icon_missing_medium mferg75 3 posts

I believe that each family has to do what works for them. My children are 12, 9, and 5 months. All of them have all slept with me. They do eventually get older and learn to fall asleep alone. They grow up so quickly anyway… if things are working for you, enjoy that baby snuggle time!

Icon_missing_medium mlcassid 4 posts

Personally, I put my baby to sleep in her crib from night one, swaddled in a miracle blanket (so she was snug and couldn’t move around). She slept great like that and now she’s 6 months old and still sleeps through the night on her own and naps great. Both my husband and I get the rest we need as well. Before 6 months infants don’t learn from “cry it out” methods, but I let my little one fuss a little bit before going in right away. Usually she would fuss for no more than a few minutes and fall right back to sleep. I think giving them a chance to try it makes sense and it will save your sanity in the long run. My theory was that I’d rather start out with good habits so that I wouldn’t have to fix a sleep issue later on.I heard it takes only around 3 consistent days for babies to recongnize a new habit/method different from their usual routine. But, different things work for different people. I just thought I’d share what we did. :)

Icon_missing_medium CandiCain 16 posts

My daughter slept in our room for about 2 months.  Since she was breastfed, she often fell asleep in the bed next to me.  When we moved her into her room, we started rocking her to sleep.  Some nights, she falls asleep on her own, sometimes we have to rock her to sleep still, but I think you should just play it by ear.  If you can’t stand letting him cry it out, then don’t.  No need to stress yourself out about it.

Icon_missing_medium jmariestacey 2 posts

my almost 7 month old daughter sleeps with us every night. Every night we battle the crib. she will be sound asleep and as soon as we place her in her crib she wakes and screams. We have tried everything. Read numerous amounts of books, internet research, asked friends and family how they got their child to sleep on their own. We have swaddled let her cry some. Nothing we have found works. So we try it every night some nights go better than others, one night she actually slept all night in her crib. I just get so stressed out that we have decided to try it not push it every night eventually she will sleep on her own..

The only thing that is getting a back seat is our sex life… or lack their of.. So now I need to figure out how to squeeze that in to with a child that does not sleep… Any Ideas????

8522_1197770752009_1460700513_30526671_7632434_s_medium Asmommy 6 posts

I hate letting my 9 month old cry it out. But that is the only way with her. I was breastfeeding her 4 times a night at 7 months, and felt tired all day. I heard this helpful advice, ‘If you woke up at 3am and someone handed you a milkshake, and the same thing happened the following night, what do you think you would do the third night?’ We decided to let her cry it out. And boy did she. My husband made a bed in the closet so he could sleep without hearing her cry, since he had to work the next day. After 3 nights, she has slept through the night ever since (with a few exceptions). It is hard, but once those tough nights are over, you and your husband are back in business.:)

Icon_missing_medium CandiCain 16 posts

I’ve heard of the gradual parent removal method.  Instead of putting her down and letting her cry, hold her hand or stroke her hair and reassure her that you’ll be there when she wakes up.  Every night, you move further and further away until she starts putting herself to sleep.  But, if that doesn’t work, then don’t push it.  She’ll outgrow it on her own eventually.  Until then, sex in the shower is quite enjoyable ;)

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